15 vs 17 Inche Laptop For Programing , Gaming & Student (Comparison)

If people are searching for a new laptop, it might be tough to decide among 15- & 17-inches laptops. Both laptop screens are famous for gamers & non-gamers alike. Two inches is the difference between both laptop screens. It might not have seemed like a huge difference, but the screen size difference has a huge impact on usability. It can break or make your experience.

Thus, it is essential to consider various aspects of the laptop before buying it. The choice of laptop screen varies from person to person and depends on its usage. If someone wants to buy the laptop & use it at home, not traveling too much with it, then 17 inches laptop is better.

If someone takes his laptop back & forth from one place to another, then 15 inches laptop is considered a better choice. This is because 15 inches screen laptop is very lighter & easy to carry compared to 17 inches laptop. In this article, the comparison is conducted among 15- & 17-inches laptops.

Comparison of 15 inches and 17-inches Laptops

Comparison of 15 inches and 17-inches Laptops

Multiple people need a different type of laptops based on their requirements. Gamers, creative professionals need 15- & 17-inches laptops because they need more powerful components like graphic cards & powerful CPUs that can easily fit in the smaller chassis.

When someone is a videographer, engineer, or professional animator, it’s tough to carry a heavy or large laptop to achieve the performance they need. People can buy a 15-inch laptop like Dell XPS 15; it is lightweight and available at an affordable price of 1,000 dollars.

When the 17 inches laptop are considered too big & 13- & 14-inches laptops are considered too small, 15-inches systems are available to fill the midsize hole. In terms of performance, display & portability, 15-inch systems are considered the top choice because they split different among bulky replacement of desktop and svelte ultra-portables.

Manufacturers of laptops are getting smarter with good design; notebooks are getting slimmer & lighter, making them portable and easier to carry from one place to another. 15-inches laptop is getting very thinner; in multiple cases, these laptops are not sacrificing performance & efficiency with multiple laptops supporting graphics cards, SSDs and powerful processors.

It’s amazing for those who like laptops of middle size to invest in the 15-inch laptops like in Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 and Dell XPS 15. Best & efficient 17-inch laptops are dominant over 13- inch & 15-inch in multiple ways. 17- inch laptops are not solely monstrous in the screen & size of real estate, but these laptops have more significant specifications.

The reason behind this is that they have so many rooms in chassis basically to accommodate the more powerful components & larger screes such as Nvidia’s Max-Q GPUs & contains a more powerful cooling system. The 17-inch laptops are considered the best choice for 3D design, video editing, and gaming, and these laptops are considered the best choice for intensive tasks.

But these laptops are not portable and difficult to carry from one place to others because of their large size and weight. There are multiple best 17-inch systems in terms of efficiency and power. Such s Gigabyte Aorus 17G, HP ZBook 17 G5, Razer Blade Po 17, HP ZBook 17 G5, Alienware Area-51m, Lenovo ThinkPad P73, Asus TUF Gaming FX7705DT, and many more.


Each size of the laptop has its own distinct characteristics. For programming, the best laptops are considered important tools for a developer who wants an efficient and powerful system to work; they also want that system to be portable and carry from one place to another. Individuals don’t require a laptop powerhouse for coding if required to compile the code & test the games.

15 vs 17 Inche Laptop For Programing

For example, if you want laptops with great RAM & they must have the latest multi-core processor. Such types of laptops must also be capable of compiling the entire code more quickly and rapidly. People require that type of laptop, which takes very little time to finish complex tasks. Both 15-inch & 17-inch screen laptops are considered the best systems for programming tasks. Thus, the best laptops support testing & running games, websites, and apps.

The 15-inch screen system provides fast performance. It has an eye-catching and beautiful design. For some individuals, 15-inch laptops are also larger. Dell XPS 15 is not strong sufficient for programming. The latest flagship of Dell’s laptop regards as near as perfect and efficient as you could get, packing several modern components into a light & thin design that grabs the attention of buyers.

Dell’s laptop has a 15.6-inch screen; it comes in high resolution, making it an optimal choice for graphic designers. This laptop is considered best for those who are seeking to buy more efficient and high-performance laptops for different purposes. It’s brought several most powerful and efficient components to the market. In several configurations, it also includes graphic cards. It means it can incredibly compile code quickly and make 15-inch laptops ideal and optimal choice for programmers & its GPU will also support game developers. Perhaps its performance is best. The battery life of this type of laptop is excellent. It means that individuals don’t require to tether toward desk if they desire to work on this efficient & powerful laptop.


Most people prefer 17-inch systems for gaming. The problem of getting a 15-inch system & then people need to buy the external monitor. It is quite tough and time taking to adjust while gaming & all layout organization. In my opinion, I will suggest buying the 17-inch laptop for gaming, which is a good balance & people enjoy while gaming on it.

15 vs 17 Inche Laptop For gaming

Finally, a bigger system will have good & efficient heat management. For gaming, 17-inch systems are considered the optimal choice of multiple people for many reasons, such as people don’t need to buy an external monitor. Wider screen size allows good visibility. Large screen size consists of more rooms or sections for hardware.

The 17-inch screen systems are not only optimal for better visibility, but it also has multiple rooms for hardware cooling required for graphic processors that are of high power. That’s why it’s considered the optimal choice for those gamers who require a graphic processor of high performance & large panels. For installation of hardware, a 17-inch screen system allows more space. The 17-inch monitor has more RAM as compared to a 15-inch monitor.

Similarly, it has multiple powerful features that improve the laptop performance, such as more memory & high speed, etc. Along with 17-inch screen laptops’ benefits, these laptops are heavy & bulky compared to 15-inch laptops. Because of this reason, many users hesitate away from additional screen size. For travelers, these laptops are space-consuming & cumbersome. According to individual needs and depend on tasks, the size of laptops is chosen.

College Student

The 17-inch laptops are not considered the best choice for students who solely use basic browsers and word processors. If students want to perform more complex tasks and processes like graphics, programming, and video editing, then a 17-inch screen system is considered an optimal choice. Thus, people buy laptops based on their convenience & preference. While traveling, a 17-inch laptop adjusts on a lap could be quite tough and challenging.

15 vs 17 Inche Laptop For student

Should I get a 15 or 17-inch laptop?

First of all, people buy a laptop of 15-inch or 17-inch based on their requirements and preferences such as some people wants to buy a laptop for video rendering & light gaming. As we have discussed above some scenarios in which 15-inch and 17-inch laptop fits.

Both laptops have great power to perform the work. People should get 15-inch laptops because it is portable, and people can carry it from one place to others easily and perform their tasks. The 17-inch laptops have a higher and better configuration option; they also have a high price tag & a bigger weight and dimension.

The 15-inch laptops are the optimal choice because of their performance, are better priced, and portable. Both choices are considered good & portable against other screen sizes. But I will choose a 15-inch laptop because of the price and weight. If I need a big screen in the future, I may use the USB (ultra-light portable) screen.

The 17-inch can also perform efficiently to complete the tasks. Both laptop size has amazing features and effectively perform different tasks. Students mostly use 15-inch laptops for studies purpose.

Which is better 15 inches or 17-inch laptop

It All Depends Upon Your Work, If you’re Gamer You need a big Screen but if You’re Student You need a small Screen laptop that fits in Your bag. Both Laptop performance depends upon on its hardware.


The conclusion drawn from the above discussion is that both screen sizes of laptops have great performance. In this article, a comparison is conducted among 15- & 17-inches laptops.

This is because 15 inches screen laptop is very lighter & easy to carry compared to 17 inches laptop. For programming, 17-inch laptops are considered the best choice. For gaming, 17-inch laptops are more suitable.

The 17-inch laptops have powerful components as compared to 15-inch laptops. The 15-inch laptops are considered the best option for students. They can carry their tasks on it efficiently, and they can take it from one place to another.

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