15 vs 17 Inche Laptop For Programing , Gaming & Student (Comparison)

Deciding between a 15 and 17-inch laptop screen can be a difficult decision. It often comes down to what you want to use the laptop for.

Generally, A 15-inch laptop offer a more portable and lightweight option, making them great for travel, students, and those on the go. They are also less expensive than 17-inch laptops.

Meanwhile, 17-inch laptops are better for gaming and working on larger projects, as they provide more screen space.

Yet, they are heavier and more cumbersome to carry. It’s all about your preferences and lifestyle, so choose the laptop that makes the most sense for you!

Comparison of 15 inches and 17-inches Laptops

Comparison of 15 inches and 17-inches Laptops

Different people have different needs when it comes to laptops. Gamers and creative professionals need more powerful laptops with bigger screens, like 15 or 17 inches, so they can use advanced features and play games smoothly.

Videographers, engineers, and animators also need powerful laptops, but they want them to be portable. A good option for them is a 15-inch laptop like the Dell XPS 15, which is lightweight and costs around $1,000.

If 17-inch laptops are too big and 13 or 14 inches are too small, 15-inch laptops are a good middle ground. They offer a good balance between performance, screen size, and portability. Laptop manufacturers are making them thinner and lighter while still keeping them powerful.

For people who prefer medium-sized laptops, investing in a 15-inch laptop like the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 or Dell XPS 15 is a great choice. But if you need more power and efficiency, 17-inch laptops are the best option. They have bigger screens, better specifications, and can handle tasks like 3D design, video editing, and gaming.

Despite their impeccable power, 17-inch laptops are not portable and can be challenging to transport due to their large size and weight. There are numerous efficient and powerful 17-inch systems available, including the Gigabyte Aorus 17G, HP ZBook 17 G5, Razer Blade Pro 17, Alienware Area-51m, Lenovo ThinkPad P73, and Asus TUF Gaming FX7705DT, among others.


15 vs 17 Inche Laptop For Programing

In programming, having the right laptop is important for efficiency and portability. Powerful laptops with good RAM and the latest processors are great for compiling code quickly.

Both 15-inch and 17-inch laptops are suitable for programming tasks. The 15-inch is a top choice for programmers. The Dell XPS 15 is a good Laptop for programmers that is packed with powerful components and can handle complex tasks, making it ideal for programmers and game developers.


Many gamers prefer 17-inch laptops because they provide a larger screen size without the need for an external monitor. The wider screen allows for better visibility and more room for hardware components.

15 vs 17 Inche Laptop For gaming

The 17-inch Laptop also has better heat management, making them suitable for high-performance graphics processors. They offer more space for hardware installation and have higher RAM capacity.

However, they are heavier and bulkier than 15-inch laptops, which can be inconvenient for travelers. Ultimately, the choice of laptop size depends on individual needs and tasks.

College Student

The 17-inch laptops are not considered the best choice for students who solely use basic browsers and word processors. If students want to perform more complex tasks and processes like graphics, programming, and video editing, then a 17-inch screen system is considered an optimal choice. Thus, people buy laptops based on their convenience & preference. While traveling, a 17-inch laptop adjusts on a lap could be quite tough and challenging.

15 vs 17 Inche Laptop For student

Should I get a 15 or 17-inch laptop?

When choosing between a 15-inch and 17-inch laptop, it depends on individual requirements and preferences.

For tasks like video rendering and light gaming, both sizes can work well. However, 15-inch laptops are more portable, making them easy to carry around.

They also tend to be more affordable. On the other hand, 17-inch laptops offer higher configuration options but come with a higher price tag, larger dimensions, and heavier weight.

Which is better 15 inches or 17-inch laptop

It All Depends Upon Your Work, If you’re Gamer You need a big Screen but if You’re Student You need a small Screen laptop that fits in Your bag. Both Laptop performance depends upon on its hardware.


The conclusion drawn from the above discussion is that both screen sizes of laptops have great performance. In this article, a comparison is conducted among 15- & 17-inches laptops.

This is because 15 inches screen laptop is very lighter & easy to carry compared to 17 inches laptop. For programming, 17-inch laptops are considered the best choice. For gaming, 17-inch laptops are more suitable.

The 17-inch laptops have powerful components as compared to 15-inch laptops. The 15-inch laptops are considered the best option for students. They can carry their tasks on it efficiently, and they can take it from one place to another.

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