500GB vs 1TB Laptop: What is the best option for you?

So before we start this discussion about whether a 500GB laptop is better or a 1TB, we need to know who you are. Why do you need a PC, and what type of tasks you would be doing.

In this article, we will be highlighting the PC according to its storage so that you people should know which storage size will be the best for you. However, before we start, let us clear one thing. Many people think that having more extensive storage on their PC, which is unwanted, would affect the performance of their PC. There is nothing like that.

You cannot correlate the PC’s efficiency and power to the storage. The only thing that can affect the responsiveness of your PC is the type of storage it has. If it comes with an HDD, it might not be as advanced and fast as the PC with SSD. As far as the size of the storage is concerned, it can be more than you need, and that would not harm your device in any way.

500GB and 1TB Storage

Difference Between a 500GB and 1TB Storage

Well, if you have never studied computers in your whole life, then you should first understand the difference between these two. In computers everything is made up of small tiny units known as bits, a large collection of bits makes a byte, just like milliliters make a liter.

Then just like the scaling units kilo, Mili, micro, Giga, and Tera detonated with “G” and “T” are also units for scales.

Giga means 1000000000 units, and Tera means 1000000000000 units. This means that Terabyte is bigger than GigaBytes, and 500 GB is half of 1TB.


As far as the efficiency of these two storage sizes is concerned, 500GB would be less efficient than 1TB. The sole reason for that is size.

If you wish to use several applications on your PC, and each of those applications will store some data on the PC, then going for a higher storage size will be better.


Another difference between these two storage sizes is the value. You will need to spend more money to get a 1TB storage PC; so whenever you are inclined to buy one ensure that you have a handsome amount in hand.

These were some prominent differences, however, a regular user who is only working on a laptop for personal use would not feel any difference between the two storage sizes.

Which storage size is better for you?

Which storage size is better for you

Now let us examine each case, for a video editor 500GB might be enough, but for a gamer, it can be a second option. Let us get started.

For gamers

Now, gamers are of different levels. Some gamers are only starting and trying to figure out if online gaming is their cup of tea or not. So if you are among that group, then investing in a 1TB storage device PC would not be a nice idea for now. You can get a bigger storage size later.

On the contrary, if there is a gamer who is currently earning through gaming, then he may join the 1TB group. The reason for that is the pressure heavy online games would put on the PC. Those games would occupy more space in your PC, and to support that one should go for a bigger 1TB storage. Most gaming laptops that fall in the expensive group have even 2TB, and the sole reason for that is the large file size of the games that are trending.

Additionally, a gaming PC will have a powerful GPU and large RAM too, so to support all these features the storage needs to be bigger.

For Video editing

If you are planning to use a PC only for online video editing, then 500GB of storage will be more than enough. However, if your PC is used for a longer period, like three to five years, there will be many files to store. So then you may think of a bigger 1TB storage for the PC. Otherwise, the 500GB space will work fine for them. To sum it up, an old and professional video editor should think of 1TB storage, but beginners can rely on 500GB as it would be greater than one would think.

For Web designing

In web designing, you will need several applications, but most of them would run online. Overall, a web designer will not need a huge space on their PC. Therefore, a 500GB storage can be considered fine for a web designer. But one must think about the uses, if you are only thinking about web designing then 500GB is great, however, if there will be some additional tasks, then you may think of a greater storage size.

For Writing

Writers can rely on lesser storage sizes. They do not need huge applications for writing, and even when they do those applications are available online. Thus, for a writer, a 1TB storage will be more than enough, but 500GB will be fine.

For Photo editing

If you are a professional photo editor, then you must be using some great applications. These applications would need a large space. Thus, it will be safe for you to use 1TB storage. On the other hand, if you are a beginner and only do it for fun purposes, then you can have a 500GB storage PC.

Watch movies online

When buying a personal laptop or computer that will only be used for simple tasks like watching a movie or playing a game. Then you should not waste your money on a bigger storage size as 500GB will be more than enough for you.


Streaming can be a toll on your computer, thus, you should think about having a larger storage size. A 1TB storage size will be fine for anyone who is into both gaming and streaming as these two activities are pretty heavy.

Which is better: 1TB or 500GB?

If you are not bound financially, then the 1TB storage size will be the best for you. The only reason why we made people think about their status and type of work before choosing the storage size is the amount they will need to spend for these two storage sizes.
For those who can easily afford larger storage, the 1TB storage will be great. Now you must be wondering why that is, so to explain it, let us give you an example.
Imagine that you are building a cupboard in your room. Wouldn’t you like a bigger cupboard, even though you know you do not need to use that space? The same goes for PC storage.

Is 500GB SSD enough for a laptop?

The SSD storage type is always preferable to the HDD, so getting it would be amazing. Now coming towards the enoughness. Well, it depends on the use, but for an advanced laptop, 500GB will be great.


We cannot have a final word for this question. The answer is subjective, and one should do a needs analysis before buying a storage size.

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