Acer Swift 3 vs Surface Laptop go: Find out which is best for you.

There are tens of digital tech companies creating new models every other day. In this increasing competition, it gets really difficult for any buyer to choose a good laptop. It would be even harder for someone who is buying a device for the first time.

If we consider the Microsoft laptops, the first thing that might come to a layman’s mind is’ ‘Microsoft is an old organization, and it must know more about the devices than anyone. However, a pro buyer or laptop user will not think like that. The common thing which would come to his mind is the actual work of Microsoft.

In this article, we intended to share with you a brief comparison between the Acer swift 3 and surface laptop go. These two devices are trending these days for all the right reasons. Before we start the comparison, let us explain the category for both these devices. The Acer Swift 3 and surface laptop go both are ideal for personal and business-related tasks. You can use them for daily tasks. The main and stark difference between these two devices is the processor. It would be the main game-changer.

Acer Swift 3 VS Surface Laptop go

Acer Swift 3 VS Surface Laptop go: Comparison

We will describe each feature of these laptops one by one so that you might get a proper understanding of the reasons. We would also appreciate it if the readers must make a list of needs before reading this comparison.

Acer Swift 3Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
Preview:Acer Swift 3Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
Display:14 Inches12.4 Inches
Processor:AMD Ryzen 7 4700UIntel Core i5
GPU:AMD Radeon graphicsIntel UHD Graphics
Battery Life:Up to 14 HoursUp to 13 Hours
Weight:2.65 lbs2.45 lb


Fortunately, both these laptops come with the same RAM size. You do not need to think much about the RAM. Moreover, the type of RAM is also the same. So there is nothing much to compare. If you wish to have a device that can be used for regular work with regular applications, then the 8GB RAM is a fine choice.


The Microsoft surface laptop go comes with a 128GB SSD storage device. It would be a good choice for a videographer, a student, and a researcher who needs to store a huge amount of data. However, 128GB storage is not too much. Those who plan to use this laptop for a longer period, then they must consider some external hard disk devices too.

Then the Acer swift 3 has 512GB SSD storage, it would be more than enough for a student. However, for a businessman, it is just the right size.

Central processing unit

It is one of the stark differences between these two laptops. The Acer Swift 3 comes with an entirely different CPU. It has the AMD Ryzen 7 4700 U octa-core processor. Which can work as fast as 4.1 GHz, while the other one is the intel core i5.

Now here comes the question of performance. If any of you, seeks a device that is compatible to run a powerful application, like an editing app, or a trading application, then we would recommend the AMD ryzen 7 4700 U octa-core processor; while on the other hand, if the user feels that he will not require so much speed, and the laptop will only be used for the usual work-related tasks, then the core i5 is also more than enough.


Screen size matters for those who are into some sort of designing and editing-related work. So if you are a person who needs a device that can be taken anywhere you want, it should still have a large screen. So that you may easily work, then the Acer swift 3 would be a good choice between the two.

Then the screen resolution is also ideal. That is 1920x1080p. Now coming towards the next article, it comes with a smaller screen, with a 12.4 inches size. Then it has an even smaller pixel number, which is 1536x1020p.

So those who are into some type of editing and graphics-related work should think about Acer swift 3, while those who don’t have any such plan can consider the Microsoft surface go laptop.

Battery life

Ask yourself, how long do you need your personal laptop to work? If your answer is all day, then we are sorry, but choosing the super speedy Acer swift 3 will turn out to be a bad decision. On the other hand, if you wish to have a device that can stay with you for the entire day, then the Surface Laptop will be a good choice as it has a 13 hours battery life.

Operating system

Operating systems matter a lot when you are ready for something new or all your tasks depend on the laptop you use. In this case, the Microsoft surface go comes with windows 10s. While the Acer Swift 3 comes with windows 10. There is no huge difference between the two. However, if you wish to use a device that is more advanced in terms of the operating system then the Microsoft surface go will be a fine option.

Graphics (GPU)

Both these devices come with a different graphic processor. The Acer Swift 3 comes with AMD Radeon graphics, while the Microsoft surface go laptop comes with Intel HD graphics. Both have different features, for designing the AMD Radeon graphics is better, but for the regular tasks, the UHD graphics are also fine. Students will not feel any difference between the two.


In this Acer Swift 3 vs Surface Laptop comparison, We Found out that, the Acer Swift 3 is far better than the Microsoft surface go. Those who wish to keep a laptop for a longer period must consider the Acer swift 3. It would be far better in terms of speed. However, if you are searching for battery life, then Microsoft surface go will be a good choice.

Frequently asked questions

Is Acer swift 3 good for gaming?

Well, it is a fine choice for regular games, but considering it a good choice for professional gaming will be wrong.

Is the Acer swift 3 touchscreen?

No, it does not come with a touchscreen.

Is Acer swift 3 durable?

Yes, it is a fine choice for those who are a little clumsy.

Are surface laptops good?

Surface go laptops are fine for people who are studying or are housewives.

Can we play games on the Surface Laptop?

Yes, but only simpler games.

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