9 Best Laptops For VFX work (2023) – Budget Picks

Visual effects are the game changers for anyone producing content for the digital world. Video editors and VFX workers are always in demand. However, only a few are struggling hard to reach the top of this career.

If you are among one of those, then it is imperative for you to get a reliable device; otherwise, excelling in it will be a dream only. You need an impressive Graphic card with almost 8GB capacity, a fine display, a big 16GB RAM, and ample storage. These are the prerequisites for the best Laptop for VFX work, but these are only for professionals.

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An expert does not Recommend a laptop for Vfx-related work because, when rendering, it requires too much power and releases too much heat, which may cause your Laptop to burn. A PC is a better and Cheap option for VFX work, but a laptop is a good option for learning VFX or Animation.

Top 9 laptops for VFX work

In this article, we have Find 10 laptops with High end GPU that can be chosen for Learning VFX animation. It is necessary for each buyer to read reviews before purchasing to get the best Laptop for VFX work.

1. Razer Blade 15 Advanced Laptop

“There is no doubt that this is the best laptop for VFX work, but its only weakness is its battery life and price”


  • Comes with a large screen and amazing display.
  • Ergonomic keyboard for easy work.
  • 11th generation octa-core processor for swift and fast working.
  • Solid state drive storage for greater performance.
  • Amazing graphic setup.
  • Thin Laptop for easy portability.
  • It has a rear webcam too.
  • A multipurpose laptop.


  • Battery life is only 4 hours with full brightness.

If you would say that visual effects can be done on a regular laptop without much struggle, then you are probably at a beginner’s level. Because when one has to give the best, he must choose a device with all the best features too.

The Razer blade 15 advanced gaming laptop has all the necessary features which are required to do professional visual effects. Starting off with the processor, so it is a potential winner here, the Intel Core i7 11th generation would smash the best out of your work without making you waste time. It is indeed a better choice for any gaming laptop intended to be used for work purposes with an octa-core processor.

Along with that, the 32GB RAM will also be enough to run different VFX software together. Before we explain anything, let us not skip the most important feature, which is the best graphic card system. Currently, the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 is among the most robust graphic card systems. It is essential when your main task is to edit and create videos.

Unlike regular laptops, its display is far advanced. The 360Hz full High definition would be more than enough for anyone who wishes to create something digitally. It is not very simple; the Razer blade 15 comes with 4k clarity so that you can work while considering all the details.

One thing which is really appreciable is the cooling system, it is not like the average cooling system, and it will make no noise at all. The vaporized cooling system will make the heat dissipate in no time without disturbing anyone.

Then, the storage, which is indeed necessary when you are constantly working to become the best VFX worker, so here it is also a deal maker, with 1 TB SSD, which is far better than the regular HDD.

Lastly, the spatial audio and 15.6 inches large screen makes it an efficient device, which can not only be used for designing and editing but also to manage your business.

2. Gigabyte AORUS 15p Laptop

“Best laptop with RTX 3080 “


  • Fantastic display quality for all types of multimedia.
  • Multi-purpose laptop, equally great for gamers.
  • 16GB GPU space.
  • Easy to use Windows 10 operating system.
  • Minimum noise generation.
  • Great hardware.


  • The AI system causes some issues, so you might have to turn it off.

Any laptop which would be used for VFX needs to have an amazing GPU. Well, the Gigabyte AORUS is undoubtedly one of its kind. Luckily, it is designed not only for gaming but also for business purposes. The NVIDIA Geforce RTX 16GB GPU setup, along with the amazing AI Nvidia DLSS, would create a wonderful space for anyone who wishes to create the best animation or videos.

Unlike regular laptops, here you get a bonus feature of the max graphic power of 150W, which is essential for both gamers and designers. However, at the same time, you might need a stronger power supply to make this feature work smoothly.

As far as the processor and RAM are concerned, they are just fine, as the 11th generation Intel i7 core with octa-core processors would be a great option for anyone planning to run heavy software.

Then the 32GB RAM also makes it a wonderful choice for any professional; it can also be found or upgraded to 64GB whenever needed. Last but not least, the storage is more than anyone would expect to get in this price range; it is a 1 TB SSD 4th generation drive to keep all your data without any issues.

Other features which support and enhance the performance of the amazing GPU in it are also worth mentioning. The large 15.6 inches screen with IPS and anti-glare display makes it a must choice for any VFX working in the field.

3. MSI GE66 Raider Laptop

“It’s a good laptop with RTX 2070 Super & Core i7-10750H for a good price”


  • Smooth and fast Hexa core processor.
  • Reliable structure and compact chassis for easy use.
  • Eight hours of battery life.
  • IPS antiglare display.
  • Upgradable RAM whenever needed.


  • The fan makes a lot of noise.

Let us start here with the graphics because anyone purchasing this brand would be doing it mainly for graphics. This particular model comes with an Nvidia RTX 2070, which has unique ray tracing technology, providing its users a chance to edit or create minor details professionally. Along with this, its AI support is six times faster than the older versions.

As far as the processor is concerned, it is also a perfect device. The 10th generation intel i7 core would work efficiently to provide its users with all the necessary work potential.

The most amazing feature which makes it stand apart from other laptops is the cooling system. It has a single and effective cooling system for both the CPU and GPU, which would affect the entire setup equally. In some cases, there are separate infrastructures for GPUs, which in turn affect the working of the device.

The screen is of the standard large size, which is 15.6 inches, with IPS and an anti-glare display. You can use this device in the sun equally well, as the brightness level is also on point.

The 8G DDR6 video memory is also a supportive feature for the VFX works.

The RAM size is 32GB, but fortunately, you can upgrade it to 64GB whenever needed. All this is again supported with a 1TB SSD to complete the package for you. It is here to stay with you. If anyone wishes to excel as a VFX and keep the same devices, then he must add this device to the list of best laptops for VFX work. 

4. ASUS TUF F15 Gaming Laptop

“Best for Low Budget with 2TB of Space with GTX 1660Ti.”


  • It has an ergonomic backlit keyboard.
  • Amazing device for beginners.
  • Multi-purpose laptops; can be used by gamers too.
  • PCIe storage for efficiency.
  • 720p webcam.
  • Convenient to use the Windows 10 operating system.


  • GPU could have been better.
  • The display is not anti-glare.

If you are a beginner or someone who still has to do big projects related to visual and digital arts, then this can be your device till you reach a bigger pedestal. The reason why we are not much optimistic about this one for professionals is the GPU; even though it has been created with Nvidia GeForce GTX but for a professional, this GPU setup has to be more than 8GB; here, it is only 6GB. However, you can only use it for the lighter software, which is in use by beginners and people who are still studying the art of VFX.

The screen size is according to your requirements, which is 15.6 inches, which people do not get easily in this price range. One downside which we observed is the brightness level and the anti-glare display, so again it would be a fit for beginners.

The processor is, contrary to all the above-discussed specs, pretty amazing. You get a Hexacore 10th generation intel i7 processor, which will make it easier for the user to work on the heavy software easily. Backing it is the 32GB RAM, so you do not have to worry about your work; it would be similar to the ones doing great in your domain.

Next, the storage is also on point; the 1 TB SSD would be enough to keep all the data in place without any issues, with no need to carry external storage devices when you have them. Lastly, the Bluetooth connectivity, audio, sound, and webcam are pretty great, just the way anyone would like it.

5. Alienware m15 R4 Laptop

“The Alienware M15 is a beast machine for 3D Works.


  • Easy connectivity through wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Greater and better refresh rate.
  • 16MB cache for swift working.
  • Ergonomic keyboard for fast and comfortable work.
  • Attractive design.
  • DLSS feature for better frames per second.


  • Battery life is only two to three hours.
  • You cannot upgrade the RAM.

The best thing would be the refresh rate when one gets to review this device is the display, GPU, and fast refresh rate, which is pretty important when you are to design and edit videos.

It has a 300 Hz refresh rate with 300 nits brightness, making it an overall great display for anyone from the beginner to the professional slot. To enhance this experience, the 15.6 inches large screen has an advanced color gamut, too, creating a wonderful and efficient display for the designers.

Coming towards the speed and efficiency rate; so this will not disappoint you with its octa-core 10th generation intel i7 processor, which is one of the most advanced processors available in the market currently. Another feature that promises fast working is the 16MB cache which is not very common in business laptops.

Then the 1TB PCLe NvMe SSD is compatible with the amazing GPU, which is the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 8G GDDR6, a contemporary hit for many devices. Backing it is the 8GB DDR4 RAM, which will boost the overall performance.

Lastly, the look of the Laptop is pretty attractive. The combination of silver and black makes it a desirable device for those who want to keep a trendy look.

6. OEM lenovo thinkpad E14 Laptop

“VFX-related work is not recommended with This Laptop.”


  • an ergonomic keyboard is comfortable to use.
  • Sensitive touchpad.
  • 10 to 12 hours battery life.
  • 720p webcam.
  • Anti-glare screen.
  • Fast booting.


  • The screen is not a touchscreen.
  • The machine is a bit heavy.

Those who do not want to invest in expensive gaming laptops with powerful GPUs then they must think of these ones, the OEM Lenovo ThinkPad E14 does not have that amazing GPU, but the other features, such as the intel core i7 10th generation processor, would provide the necessary speed.

It is not like the device does not have any advanced GPU or graphic supporting feature; it comes with Intel HD graphics to make it a mediocre device for beginners who are only trying to work as an assistant. We would not recommend this device to anyone professional because the GPU setup is only basic.

Then the RAM is pretty impressive, you might not get this large RAM in such a price range, but here it is a 32GB RAM, which is more than enough for anyone working as a VFX. The fun thing about this device is that it is exactly like the expensive gaming Laptop that the professional VFX would use but without a strong graphic card.

The display is an IPS one, with anti-glare technology so that you can easily use it in the sun or anywhere you want. The 14 inches screen is not very big, but it is better than the 12 or 11 inches screen, which you often see on personal laptops.

A 1TB SSD is a plus; in our observations, anyone who would be working as a beginner or using the lighter software for VFX might not need much storage unless he is loaded with a bulk of work. So, a 1TB storage is more than enough in this package.

The additional features, such as the webcam, audio, sound quality, keyboard, and connectivity, are all provided according to advanced standards.

7. Lenovo Legion 5 with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H

“It has RTX 3050 ti with Ryzen 7, so it is a better choice for VFX work.”


  • IPS display for accuracy.
  • Amazing audio system for gamers.
  • Easy connectivity with all the necessary USB ports.
  • Fast working machine with swift booting.
  • Ergonomically designed Laptop.
  • Ray tracing for color understanding and precision.


  • The battery life is not more than 4 to 5 hours.
  • It is slightly heavy.

It is again a gaming laptop with a strong GPU base, but still, after viewing all its features, we would recommend this one for the lighter VFX tasks and more business work. Starting off with the display and the GPU, this one has the NVidia Geforce RTX 3050 graphic processor; its 16 threads would ensure that the user gets an advanced GPU experience.

Then the 15.6 inches of full high-definition screen is pretty great because one might not feel like working on a smaller screen with tasks where you need a larger area to analyze and create.

Now the RAM and storage are not as promising as a professional would want. However, it is enough for the average VFX student or professional who has just started. It has 16GB RAM combined with the 512 GB NVMe SSD.

To be honest, a 512GB SSD is more than enough for any VFX student who wishes to work and study simultaneously. Then the Octa-core AMD Ryzen

Overall this device is an incredible choice for VFX editors who wish to make more clients and create a greater setup. They might not be able to do the actual work professionally through this device, but they can manage the influx pretty well.

The backlit keyboard is a great addition, as it is comfortable to use and ergonomically designed. Then the 720p resolution webcam makes it a great device for online meetings and sessions. Furthermore, the sound and audio are also according to contemporary standards.

8. Lenovo Legion 5 with AMD Ryzen 7 4800H

“Great laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 4800H & RTX 1660ti”


  • Amazing cooling system with minimum noise.
  • Easy to connect with PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Reliable customer care.
  • Excellent audio.
  • The average battery life is five hours if used for regular work.
  • Lightweight Laptop.


  • The sound system is a disappointment.

It is almost the same as the one reviewed before it. However, the main difference between these two is the processor. The AMD Ryzen 7 4800H is different and a bit slower than the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H; it comes with a 2.9Ghz Frequency, and it is one of the main reasons why people are confused about it when they put it in a gaming laptop.

So, again if you are working like a learner or a VFX student, then it can be one of the best choices for them. It is Afterall an octa-core processor with 16 threads, so it would provide great performance.

The storage is 512GB SSD which is enough for anyone doing VFX editing, and the RAM size is also just on point with 16GB DDR4. Next, as far as the GPU is concerned, it is no less than the others in the Legion series.

It has the Nvidia GTX 1660Ti graphic card set up, which would make it a fine device for games and VFX tasks. You can easily create and edit anything and play games of your choice; it will not cause any issues.

Then to support the 15.6 inches screen, an IPS display with 1080p resolution is also a cherry on top. So overall, purchasing it will not be a regret but an opportunity to explore more.

9. ACER Predator Helios 300 Laptop

“Best Budget-Friendly Laptop with RTX 3060 GPU”


  • An amazing gaming laptop.
  • Impressive cooling system.
  • Easy to use the operating system, i.e., windows 10.
  • IPS display.
  • Crisp and clear display.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Upgradable RAM.


  • Very noisy.
  • The battery is not great.

Those looking for a laptop that can be carried to the workspace, and can be used anywhere for VFX editing and creation, then it can be on their list.

It is designed with the 10th generation core i7 hexacore processor, which would be enough for the average VFX design. Along with the CPU, the GPU is also robust; it comes with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, having 6GB DDR4 capacity. Overall, this combination will not disappoint you.

One feature that makes it a perfect choice for field tasks is the 300 nits brightness. Many people need to shoot videos and then immediately edit them when they are at the shoot. For such situations having a laptop with a greater brightness range would be a blessing.

Now, to wrap this review up, the RAM is 16GB dual-channel memory for efficient working and 512 NVMe SSD storage; fortunately, you can upgrade the RAM whenever needed, so it will not be a bad choice by any means.


VFX animation is the current need of the contemporary world; nothing would look impressive and appealing without proper VFX editing. That is why many creatives who want to make good money need to get the best device to fill this unsaturated space for multimedia and digital arts. The ten laptops discussed here are among the best devices which have all the necessary features required for VFX work.

Frequently asked questions:

Which Laptop is great for VFX?

Telling a product honestly would be wrong, even though we have a few favorites. So to put it simply, it would be better if you go for a laptop with almost 8GB DDR4 GPU and 32GB RAM; it is essential for professional VFX editors.
Our favorites are the razor blade 15 advances for a high-end budget and the Lenovo legion 5 or an affordable range. But PC is always a recommended and Cheap option for VFX work.

Which Laptop is best for VFX students?

As students might not be able to afford a professional laptop, thus, it would be better to go for a laptop having almost the same features but in an affordable range. In our list, the Acer Predator Helios and Lenovo Legion 5 are among the best options for VFX students.

Can a laptop run VFX software?

Yes, undoubtedly, a laptop with a strong processor and GPU can run VFX software pretty easily. Some older versions and windows might not support the advanced VFX software, Therefore, it’s better to have a good PC rather than a laptop.

Can we use a laptop for VFX work?

No, You need a good PC for VFX work if you want to learn VFX or animation. Laptops are good for learning and practicing Only.

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