5 Best Tablet For Teaching Math Online in 2023

Keeping a PC or notebook to teach students online will be pretty inconvenient. Thus the only option left is a good tablet.

Searching for a compatible tablet to teach math online is not difficult, do not consider rocket science. However, being a responsible person, everyone must check a few salient features and suggestions while buying. Otherwise, they will waste their money.

In this article, we have reviewed the five best tablets that can prove to be the ideal device to teach math online. You can select the one that suits you after reading the reviews.

Next, there is a buying guide to make this hunt even more fun for you. Many math teachers do not know which features to check before buying, so to help them, we have compiled a brief guide at the end too. Happy shopping.

Tablet For Teaching Math Online

Top 5 Tablet For Teaching Math Online

We put together a list of tablets that can be used to teach math online. No matter where you are, these tablets are perfect for all situations.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Charges fast and easy to use

Samsung galaxy Tab S7

It is a large screen which you might not get in this range. It is an 11 inches screen, enough for a school or college teacher to use. Next, the display resolution is also on point. It is not like the regular resolution. It is the 2560×1600 TFT.

Next, the RAM is more than you would expect from a regular tablet. It is necessary because a math teacher will need to run different applications simultaneously. It comes with two RAM versions, one with 6GB RAM and one with 8GB RAM.

It is more than enough to use different heavy applications at a time. You might not even get it for your laptop or Chromebook.

Next is the storage. It comes with three storage variants. You can have it in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. You can choose a tablet according to your needs. If you are teaching a higher grade, then buying more excellent storage will be better. However, as the price will vary in that case thus, you can consider external storage as an option too. Therefore, as far as the storage is concerned, a math teacher will not be in any kind of issue. They can easily store as much data as he wants.

One added feature that you all wish to have with every tablet that will be used for teaching online is the stylus pen. It does not come with a regular and older version stylus pen, but an upgraded 9 ms pen latency stylus pen is added for faster work. One does not have to wait for hours to write notes and draw graphs, which is necessary when teaching math.

For faster charging, it comes with a USB C port. Unlike the ordinary tablets that would need hours for complete charging, it comes with a fast-charging feature and can be used quickly for the next 10 hours.

Last but not least is its ability to transform into a PC. Most online teachers might not need a keyboard, but it will be pretty tricky to use the stylus or the touch screen only while making notes. You will need a separate keyboard. And fortunately, this same device can be transformed into a PC whenever required.

In a nutshell, purchasing this tablet would mean faster work without any hanging issues. On top of that, it is efficient for both work and plays.

  • Fast charging and longer battery life.
  • Can be attached with a keyboard.
  • Compatible with the redesigned samsung stylus pen.
  • Larger screen with higher resolution.
  • Available in different RAM and Storage ranges.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Fast connectivity with other Samsung devices. 
  • Does not come with all the necessary ports.

2.  Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite

Best for the hard-working older teachers

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite

One of the Budget Tablet That Can Use for Teaching Math Online.When you are in your old age and bound to use devices like tablets to teach children, you must consider a device like the Samsung S6 lite. It has a slim and sleek metal body which can be carried anywhere you want. Unlike the thick tablets, one will not get tired while holding them for hours. It is a fine choice for the older generation of people who are busy doing some other chores while working on it.

Even though the screen is not as big as the previous tablet, 10 inches is not that bad. It will be an acceptable size to do different digital tasks.

Next, to increase the ease and make it even more efficient, it comes with a stylus, which would stick to the tablet magnetically so that the user does not have to work much. The magnetically connected stylus will work smoothly on the tablet’s screen.

As I said, it is a fine choice for the older generation, and it comes with the AJK dual speakers so that the user should experience good sound. Many old-age math teachers complain that their device does not give off the required sound intensity. It will not be an issue with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

You do not have to get into cable connections while connecting or to share data from your tablet. With the one UI technology, the users can easily connect the tablet with other Samsung devices. Moreover, it is not only about the Samsung device compatibility, and luckily you can engage it with several other devices too at a time. It is only compatible with a few.

It is now coming towards the processors. Unlike the cheap tablets, this one has an octa-core Exynos processor. So that one can easily use it for different tasks.

The RAM is 4 GB which is not very impressive, and you might feel that the tablet is not as fast as you want. However, to make it efficient, you need to work smartly and try to minimize unnecessary tabs.

Next, the storage is available in two variants, 64GB and 128GB. You can choose any of your choices. According to our analysis, 64 GB is enough for a tablet.

Next, the charging and battery are also just the way you will like them. Once fully charged, it can be used for the next 13 hours. So it means that if you are solely using this tablet for teaching, you do not need to charge it every day.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • 13 hours battery life.
  • Crystal clear view.
  • Comes with an S pen.
  • Four months of ad free youtube.
  • 1 TB external storage option.
  • RAM is relatively smaller.

3.   Huawei Media Pad M5 Lite

An affordable choice for pre-school math teacher

Huawei Media Pad M5 Lite

Huawei ClariVU is a famous technology that is available in Huawei’s favorite and advanced mobile phones and devices. Moreover, the display comes with the 1920X1080 p resolution, making it an OK tablet for teaching kids with amazing visuals. Of course, a teacher will not teach kids with visuals if he does not own a device with a fantastic display.

The screen size is also enough, and it is more than 10 inches. You do not need to worry about the screen size or display. Now moving towards the RAM, it is 3 GB equal to your mobile phone. This is the reason why we have categorized this tablet as a fit device for preschool teachers.

With 3 GB RAM, you might not be able to open different types of software. Thus, it can be an issue for you. However, simple applications can be easily used to teach primary or preschoolers.

Another important aspect is 32GB, but it is expandable, and you can quickly increase it up to 256 GB., so it is not an issue. One can use a tablet with lower RAM to teach young students; however, even for preschoolers, you will require a laptop or tablet with high storage space because the amount of data a teacher will have to secure is no less than a professor from high school.

One thing which we often neglect while purchasing tablets is the processor. You do not have to worry in this case. Even though it is a budget-friendly tablet, 

It has a long-lasting battery, and you do not need to download it every other day as the battery life is almost 12 hours. One thing which I did not appreciate much is the time required for charging. It will be fully charged within 3 hours, and that is too much. But if we consider a school teacher’s life, it will not be an issue.

Have you ever come across a tablet with four speakers? Most of the time, people complain that they need to attach external speakers for audible sound. With Huawei M5 lite, the sound is not an issue.

M-pen lite is one of the best features, which will help the teacher to draw different shapes, designs and write some numbers. It is necessary, and fortunately, the Huawei M5 lite has one of the finest stylus pens specially designed for this tablet.

All in all, it is an excellent choice if you do not wish to spend a considerable amount but still want to get a compatible tablet to give online classes. We will not recommend teaching the high school students because the RAM is not very supportive. However, if you are training with simple tools and software, the 3GB RAM will be enough.

  • Longer battery life.
  • Light and slim tablet.
  • Octa core processor.
  • Large storage.
  • Charges are very slow.
  • RAM is pretty small.

4.  Apple Ipad Pro 2021

The best Apple iPad for high school math teachers

Apple Ipad Pro

Using Apple Ipad for teaching math online is also possible, but you must purchase a pen or stylus separately.

So as we already know, the most amazing thing anyone could get in an Apple iPod is the space. Those who are worried will be unable to store the data, which is pretty overwhelming when you are giving online classes to high school students.

It has 2 TB storage, which is more than enough for anyone who would use different software for the online classes. Moreover, to teach high school students, you might also need a few applications to make simulations. Thus, a 2 TB storage is the perfect option for you.

Next to the M1 chip, it is one of the most amazing processors you can ever have. The best thing about the M1 chip is not the processing speed but the ability to give you a unique and vibrant display.

Those teaching higher classes will need an amazing color display, as they might need to read graphs and other simulations. 

On top of it, the 11 inches screen has a fantastic XDR display, which you will not get in any other devices except the apple ones. It has a liquid retina display which is a perfect option if you want to analyze your student’s presentations online correctly, with every detail showing in its true color.

We have the 5G connections too, so some teachers wish to have a laptop or tablet for online classes that can work on 5G. Worry, not Apple pads have your back. You can work as fast as possible as this iPad is compatible with both 5G and 4G.

One thing which many people complain about Apple products is the battery life. The iPhone and MacBooks are pretty bad at that. Conversely, the pads come with a more extended battery.

  • Can be run on both Wi-Fi and SIM.
  • Easy connectivity.
  • 12 MP camera.
  • Best for students and designers.
  • Suitable to work in daylight.
  • Compatible with magic keyboard.
  • You need to buy the pen and keyboard separately.
  • Comes with only simple apps.

5.  Apple iPad Air

Ideal for office work, fast, and responsive.

Apple iPad Air

Let us start with the display. If you are a designer or an art student who cannot compromise on display quality, it can be perfect. It has a 10.9 inches screen which is more than enough for all kinds of work. Next, it comes with the retina display technology, a special characteristic of all the Apple iPads.Moreover, the cherry on top will be the true tone and P3 technology.

Another feature which I like the most is the touch ID, and you can take this anywhere you want without fearing any type of stealing. No one can enter your device without your touch ID.

Even though you will have to buy the pen separately, that would be very compatible with this 2020 Apple iPad Air. One can draw everything you wish and even write on the touch screen. It will be super easy for you to do everyday tasks.

Next, the magic keyboard would make it compatible with content designers and students who need to create presentations or assignments. All in all, it is a perfect device that anyone can use.

The A14 Bionic chip with neural engines makes it a super fast and smooth working device. You do not have to wait for several minutes, even for the minute activities. Along with it, the 64GB storage is more than what you need, and you can store as much data as you want. This is not it, and cloud storage will also be of great help for the users.

  • Comes with amazing audio technology.
  • Battery life up to 9 hours.
  • Fast charging.
  • Easy connectivity with USB C ports.
  • Compatible with both the keyboard and pencil.
  • 4k video recording.
  • Light weight.
  • Camera is a bit too bulging.

Buying Guide : Tablet For Teaching Math Online

Buying Guide : Tablet For Teaching Math Online

 A math teacher needs an efficient and fast tablet that can be used anywhere, anytime, without hassle. As there are many tablets available in the market, thus it can become problematic for a math teacher to select the one who will fulfill all his needs. Therefore, we have come up with a brief buying guide.

Following it will help you discern the best tablet for teaching math. Unlike the art teacher, the math teacher will need several additional connectivity features along with a robust collection of apps. It is not as simple as they make you think.

One must consider these features before buying a tablet to teach mathematics.

The display

A math teacher will have to use different applications to explain graphs and other shapes to the class. So they must have a fantastic display. The screen size should be equal to or greater than at least 9 inches.

Next, the brightness should be more than 300 nits; otherwise, you will not be able to use that device in daylight, which is the primary time you teach. Moreover, the resolution and video recording quality have to be the standard one or better than that.

Keep in mind that if the display is not on point, you cannot enjoy the other features. to ensure that the screen and display are just the way you want.

The storage

The most common issue when you are using a tablet is storage. There are many tablets with only 32 GB storage, and they are only good when you do not have a support device. For example, if a math teacher has a PC or laptop too, buying 32GB of storage would be enough for him to store the data elsewhere.

However, if your tablet is the only device you have, then you should go for at least 64GB of storage. Luckily the Apple iPads are pretty fine in this regard.

Ease of connectivity

When you are teaching with your tab, then you need to have a fast connectivity option. As tabs do not come with the keyboards like a laptop, thus you have to buy them separately to increase efficiency. Any tab incompatible with these external devices or any kind of connectivity issue will not be a suitable device for you.


A school teacher will need to use different software and apps while teaching, especially when they are teaching math. Thus, any device with a lower RAM is incompetent for them.

They must always buy at least a RAM of 3 to 8GB, and it would be the finest one to teach any subject.

In some cases, when you are teaching higher classes, one must ensure that the RAM is higher than usual; otherwise, work speed will be pretty slow.

Frequently asked questions

Which are the best applications to teach math?

As a math teacher, one must know the best applications to teach that subject. In our opinion, the following applications are needed to teach math Online.

  • Samsung notes.
  • OneNote.
  • Noteshelf.
  • Bamboo paper.
  • Squid.

Final words

Finding a tablet that will be the best device for a math teacher is not easy. Mainly because the buyer would be searching with a specific mindset. However, picking out the best is possible if you follow the right steps. Make a checklist of the essential features, then select a suitable device. In our opinion, the best Tabs are the Apple iPads, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 if you are searching for a windows operating system.

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