Best Tablets for Use in Sunlight/Outdoors of 2023

Many people do not consider the brightness range of a tablet, but those who need to work outdoors in the field or usually stay in the daylight for their work know how important it is for them to have a tablet or digital device with higher nits.

Nits are the unit for brightness. Those who do not know much about nits brightness, so before we start, let us give you a brief account of what nits brightness is; nits (unit of brightness) describe how bright can be a device.

It is not a unit declared by the international system; they use the “lumen.” The unit nits are a slang word for the candela per square meter. Thus, it defines two things, the shine of light and the space it impacts.

Best Tablet For Use In Sunlight

When searching for a tablet to use in direct sunlight, the nits need to be higher than 450. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to use the tablet under direct sunlight.

Quick Tips: If you are working outside in daylight, choose a tablet with the highest nits screen. Because you will read things better in direct sunlight when you have a bright screen.

List of Top 9 Tablets for Use in Bright Sunlight [2023]

We have found the best tablets with bright screens that are perfect for those sunny days outside.

Product Details Price
1.Apple Ipad Pro (2022)
  • 1000 Normal , 1600 Peak Nits Bright screen
  • Upto 10 Hours Battery
  • Excellent Quality
  • 1200 Nits Bright screen
  • 12200mAh Battery
  • Good Quality & ridgid use
3.SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  • 592 Nits Bright screen
  • 11200 mAh Battery
  • Super Amoled 120Hz With HDR10+ Screen
4.  Tripletek 9 Pro tablet
  • 1300 Nits Bright screne
  • 12,200 mah Battery
  • Good Quality & Rugged Use
5. Apple iPad Pro tablet
  • 600 Nits Bright screne
  • 10 Hours Battery Life
  • Good Display with Performace
6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • 499 Nits Bright screne
  • 15 Hours Battery Life
  • Good Display with Performace
6. Apple iPad Air
  • 500 Nits Bright screne
  • 8-10 Hours Battery Life
  • Great Performace & Quality Display
7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0
  • 480 Nits Bright screne
  • 8-10 Hours Battery Life
  • Good Performace & Display
8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0
  • 480 Nits Bright screne
  • 5-7 Hours Battery Life
  • Budget Friendly & Good Display
9. Fire HD 10 Tablet
  • 403 Nits Bright screne
  • 13 Hours Battery Life
  • Budget Friendly & normal Display

These tablets not only provide excellent visibility in bright sunlight, but they also offer a range of features and functionalities that will enhance your outdoor experience.

1. Tripletek 9 PRO tablet – Best 1300 Nits Bright Screen.

Get the best tablet for outdoor use with a long-lasting 12,200 mah battery.


  • Bright Screen Display
  • 12,200 Mah Battery
  • Great Build Quality
  • Heavy Duty


  • Expensive
  • Look Bulky

Any outdoor tablet or digital device needs to be with a high-class battery, the longer battery life is necessary for outdoor work, as you will not get enough time to charge the device. I tested This amazing 8 inches Tripletek tablet Which offers a 12,200mah battery life, and the high brightness feature with 1300 nits brightness makes it the perfectly featured tablet to use in sunlight.

The 256GB storage backed with the 12GB RAM makes it a more powerful and admirable device, a perfect one for researchers, who do want to work on a laptop-like device but not a laptop; what can be better than a tablet like this? With such huge storage.

The 4G LTE technology makes it a more reliable digital device, fast enough to connect to the best network services. It is a protected device so that even if you use it at a working site, such as the construction field, it will not get damaged. The covering is made up of titanium which can bear two tons of pressure.

The Hyper-engine octa-core processor guarantees fine speed without any interruptions; you can download the best and latest applications without wasting any time. Furthermore, to enhance the graphic experience, it has an enhanced graphic processor too. With Bluetooth 5.0 and advanced wi-fi compatibility, connectivity is also not an issue.

Although the Tripltek 9 Pro is 70% faster than its Tripletek 8 Pro, here is a quick comparison between them.

Tripletek 9 proTripletek 8
Screen Brightness:1300 nits1200 nits
Display:4K Ready Display Pixels2560 x 1600
Screen Size:8 Inches8 Inches
Camera:48 MP21 MP
OS:Android 12Android 10
Waterproof :IP68IP68
Battery Life:12,200 mAh12,200mAh
  • All-rounder tablet.
  • Amazing display and brightness for outdoor use.
  • Faster Hyper-engine octa-core processor.
  • Enhanced storage.
  • 48 Mega Pixels Camera

2. Apple iPad Pro Best iPad screen for sunlight

Get this large-screen iPad with 600 nits cd/m2 brightness and 265GB storage.


  • With FaceID
  • Great Display
  • Long Battery Life
  • Improved Microphones


  • Costly

I’m a fan of Apple products, and I Use Apple Pro tablets for daylight use without any issues. This is a heavy-duty tablet designed to fulfill the needs of the working bees. You can use this tablet for outdoor ventures, too, as the 600 nits brightness would help you see clearly even when the sun is quite bright outside.

The 265GB storage is also an amazing feature as it will allow the user to keep as much data in it as possible. It would be enough even for the researchers, so a layman who only needs it for regular office work will also find it quite reliable. The A12Z bionic chip processor makes it a swift device to use. 

Another feature that made me droll over it was the audio; unlike the regular iPads, it has four speakers for a better experience. The brightness and other display features are also very amazing; it has a P3 wide color, promotion, and liquid retina display.

You will be surprised to know that the iPad also comes with a high-quality camera, just like a regular average mobile phone. The rear camera has three options, the original main camera is 12 MP, while the other mode is a 10MP ultra-wide camera; lastly, it has the LiDAR scanner to scan the documents.

  • 5 MP front camera.
  • Wi-fi 6.
  • 4k videos.
  • A12 Bionic chip.
  • 12.9 inches display.
  • 10 hours battery life.

3. Samsung Galaxy s7 Tab – Budget outdoors tablet


  • Great Display (Super Amoled, 120Hz)
  • Cool Design with Long Battery
  • Less Price than Ipad Pro
  • Fast Chargning Support


  • Screen smaller Ipad Pro

Get this amazing Samsung Tab with an octa-core processor for fast and swift working and high brightness, making it the best tab to use in sunlight.

It is a potential device to be counted as the best tablet to use in sunlight. If you love reading books in sunlight, this one can help as the brightness is 499 nits, perfect for avid readers. On top of that, it is quite a light article to hold, unlike the heavy-duty tablet, which claims to be the best for reading in sunlight.

The octa-core processor adds in for high-speed functioning; you do not have to worry about the storage; you can add up a micro storage card for up to 1 TB storage when needed; the internal memory, however, is 6/8 GB, with 128GB ROM.

You can make it your go-to laptop when needed as well, connect your favorite keyboard with it, and enjoy. Along with high brightness, the screen resolution is great; it has the 2560X1600 TFT.

  • 11.0 inches screen display.
  • Lightweight.
  • Octa-core processor.
  • 499 nits brightness with a high-resolution display.
  • 1 TB external memory.
  • Dolby ATM audio.
  • Minimal lag S pen. 
  • 13 MP rear cam.

4. New Apple iPad Air – Good Daylight Tablet

Get this super reliable and fast tablet with almost 500 nits brightness.


  • Good Battery Life
  • Good Audio and All Screen Design
  • Great Performance with Fast Wifi Speed
  • With Touch ID Support


  • Selfie Camera is Not Great
  • No FaceID

If you wish to have the best display, then this is the perfect tablet to have; it has a liquid retina display, which will make using it fun. It has the A14 Bionic chip for fast processing; you can have it for a different purpose, and use the heavy software without worrying much about the device’s speed. It is a multi-purpose tablet, and anyone can use it; it is a lightweight tablet that is easy to handle.

The 10 hours battery life is perfect for the busy bees, no need to charge it after every few hours; you can use it throughout the working hours. On top of that, you can fulfill the need for entertainment; it has a 12 MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera. Both these cameras are HDR; this is not it; the 4k video technology will make it even desirable for those who want a tab for all the necessary digital activities.

The ROM is up to 256 GB supporting all heavy-duty applications. You can take handwritten notes with the second-generation Apple pen, making it an exciting tablet for graphic designers. Do not worry; even though it has multiple-touch technology, still the old-school generation will want the keyboard. You can connect the keyboard with this fantastic Apple iPad Air for easy use.      

  • USB C connector.
  • 10.9 inches screen display.
  • Wi-fi 6.
  • Stereo audio.
  • Touch ID.
  • HDR cameras.
  • 64 to 265 GB ROM.
  • A14 Bionic processor.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8Affordable With Good Display

Get the 512GB expanded storage tablet with 480 nits brightness.


  • Perfect Display
  • Great performance
  • Good Build Quality
  • Long Battery Life


  • Cameras Can be Better
  • A Bit Pricey

What do you want the most in a tablet which has to be the best for reading books in bright sunlight? An avid reader will search for the one with maximum brightness; this one has 480 nits brightness making it one of the ideal tablets for those who want to read in sunlight. Furthermore, the display is more like a book; it is a shorter square-like style, with an 8 inches display.

Furthermore, as we believe anyone searching for a tablet to use in the sunlight that is daytime, we would also look for an expanded battery time. Worry not; this amazing Samsung Galaxy 8 tab has a 13-hour-long battery.

Okay, so it has something big; you can store as much data in it as possible. The minimum ROM space in it is 64 GB, but it can be expanded to 512 GB with a micro-SD card too. Making it one of the best tablets you can ever have.

You can attend all the necessary online meetings with this advanced Samsung Galaxy 8 tablet with its 8 MP front camera; the picture and video quality are perfect, so you do not need to worry. A lightweight tablet is the best for those who need to hold it for hours to read data.   

  • 64 GB internal memory.
  • 0.76 pounds.
  • Quad 2.0 GHz.
  • 512 GB external memory.
  • 8 inches screen.
  • 12 MP rear camera.
  • 13 hours of battery life with a lithium battery.

People asked Questions about tablet use under sunlight:

Which tablet is best for reading in sunlight?

To further help you find the best tablet for reading in sunlight, we have short-listed the three best tablets. Well, the best one will be the tripltek tablet as it has 1200 nits brightness, marking it as the highest brightness range.

The second one is the Apple iPad Pro; it has 600 nits offering a bright 10.2 inches widescreen so that you can read your favorite books while sitting in the sunlight or watch your favorite movie without any annoyance, even in daylight.

The last tablet which can be the best to use in sunlight is the Samsung Galaxy tab S7; it has an 11 inches screen with 499 nits brightness and 2560×1600 pixel resolution. All these features make it a potential choice for the best tablet to read in sunlight.  

What’s The Way to find the best tablet to use in sunlight

Well, so far, you were only introduced to the best tablet for reading in sunlight, but this is not enough. You also need to know the main features you should check to find the best tablet to use under the sun. 

When you are out to buy an ideal tablet for reading in the sun, you ought to think a bit differently. Unlike the regular buy, who does not want a tablet for any reading but only to play games, you need to consider a few more features to get a satisfactory device. Worry not; we will accompany you on this journey to spend your money on the best tablet to use in outdoor spaces.

The brightness of the tablet.

Whenever you try to read under the sun during the daytime a regular device with low brightness will make it difficult for you to use that device. You might need a shade to get the best result. If you do not want to waste time finding shade or a darker spot to use the tablet, then search for higher brightness capability. The higher the brightness, the better it is; you can get tablets with brightness as high as 1200 nits and as low as 400 nits. Unfortunately, not many sellers have mentioned the brightness range for the tablets and other devices; if you don’t find one, consider the reviews or ask the seller first.

The ROM.

The read-only memory is an essential feature for any digital device. You cannot claim a tablet the best tablet, not even to use for outdoor spaces. The RAM should be more than 3 GB, and it will make it easier for the processor to perform and give you a reliable speed.


The processor of a tablet will decide the speed. A slow tablet can be very annoying; imagine downloading an e-book and waiting for hours; it will be worse. The best tablet will be the one with the advanced generations and processors. The quad-core processor for the android systems and the bionic processors for apple is fine.

The battery life.

As anyone searching for the best tablet for reading books in sunlight, or to use during the day, would expect a longer battery life, it is crucial to check the battery capacity first. A tablet with more than 10 hours of battery life is fine when you will use it throughout the day. A 10-hour office time is an expected duration for most of us.

Internal and external memory.

The external and internal memory has to be more than 32 GB for any device today; otherwise, the user will be unable to store any data on the tablet. As far as the external storage is concerned, it must also be higher than 256GB.

The display.

The best tablet for reading in sunlight is the one with the best quality display. The first thing for display is the screen size, an average screen size of 8 inches is enough, but it goes with the bigger, the better.

Final verdict

Purchasing the best tablet to use in direct sunlight sounds very easy when you understand the concept of brightness and its unit for digital devices. We have mentioned the six best tablets for outdoor use. To find a valuable article, you should also consider the other necessary features to make a final decision. 

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  1. My experience with the Tripltek 7Pro tablet:
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