Can you charge a laptop battery externally?

You might never think about charging your laptop’s battery manually, but sometimes, there can come up some strange situations where charging a laptop battery externally would be the only solution.

To your surprise, it is always possible to charge a laptop’s battery externally. As it is rare and one of the least done activities, people generally do not know the method.

Worry not, in this article, and we will explain to you the methods to charge a laptop’s battery externally.

Here we would need to clarify one thing, and that is the concept of external charging. When we say that you need to charge your laptop’s batteries externally, we essentially mean that you will not use the given adapter to charge the batteries. Some external charging outlets will be connected with the laptop or batteries to charge them. So you should not take it as if we would be putting the batteries out somewhere and then charge them.

You can only charge your laptop Battery through the laptop charger, Power Bank , external battery, Solar Charger , Car Charger or USB-C Port.

Otherwise, you require technical knowledge to charge it externally.

A common person can’t do it without proper knowledge.

Why should you charge your laptop’s battery externally

Why should you charge your laptop’s battery externally?

Before we explain to you how you will charge a laptop’s battery externally, it would be better to understand its reasons.

The topmost reason to do this is to charge a battery fully. Sometimes, the adapter or the power supply system in a laptop does not work properly, as a result of which, there is no option left but to charge the battery externally.

Methods to charge a laptop’s battery externally

Methods to charge a Laptop’s battery externally

Here is a list of methods that effectively charge a laptop’s battery manually.

Charging the battery with a USB port

Many laptop users do not know it, but there are two types of USB ports in a laptop. Type A and Type B. Most users do not see the reason for these USB ports.

The USB A ports are designed to charge other devices through the laptop. On the other hand, the USB port B takes power in. So the USB port B would be the connection that will be used to charge the laptop’s battery externally.

Not all USB B ports are designed to charge, so it would be better to read the manual. However, there are USB C-type ports in the latest laptop models. These ports are designed for high-power connections. So you can try USB C connections to charge a battery externally.

How to charge a laptop’s battery externally through USB C port

You should check if the USB port C has an adapter, then and only then it would be capable of charging the laptop’s battery externally.

Now, you should connect one end of the USB port to a power outlet and the other to the laptop. Next, turn on the power outlet, and it will be good enough to charge the laptop’s battery.

Consider external battery chargers

Using external battery chargers would be pretty easy if you have found a great charger. Fortunately, most laptop manufacturing companies are creating these loader chargers. All you need to do is find one to charge your laptop’s battery quickly.

Try power banks

If you’re a frequent traveler who wants to take all the portable devices with him, such as mobile phones or laptops, you must know about power banks. Even though the regular power banks, which are easy to keep, are only designed for mobile phones, a few can be used for laptops too.

If you are thinking of having an alternative option to charge the laptop’s battery externally, it would be better to go for the power banks. They are easily available from nearby electronics shops.

All you need to do is fully charge a power bank and then connect it with your laptop. To avoid any issues, you must know that the selected power bank is compatible with the PC. For your assistant, let us mention the type of power banks available for the laptops.

Currently, there are two types of power banks available in the market. The power banks with USB ports A, and the power banks with USB ports C.

Those searching for a power bank to charge a heavy-duty laptop should consider the latter one, as it is designed for high potential. On the other hand, others must go for the other type A power bank.

Use your friend’s Laptop Charger

This can be one of the most fun ways to charge one’s laptop. If our friend has a similar model or company laptop, then it can be a potential way to charge your laptop’s battery externally.

Feel lucky, if you find out that your friend’s laptop is compatible with your laptop[‘s battery because it is pretty rare. Now, once you and your friend are sure that both the laptop models have the same battery compatibility, then you can replace the batteries and let the functional laptop charge your laptop’s batteries externally.

Try travel adapters for cars

If you wish to charge your laptop while traveling in your car, it will be better to buy suitable charging adapters. So that you can connect the laptop’s batteries with your car’s powerful engine to charge it.

The ideal adapters are universal adapters as they can be connected with almost every laptop or vehicle whenever you want.

Solar power can help

If you do not want to feel stuck anywhere in the world with a dead laptop, we recommend you have a solar-powered charger for the laptop. Currently, you can easily get a  charger that will turn the solar cosmic rays into electricity and can be connected with the AC or DC devices pretty quickly.

To sum up

Do not stress much when you need to charge your laptop’s batteries externally. It is always possible, and you are only supposed to get the right tools and charging devices. Moreover, learn about your laptop and the batteries in it so that you may easily find some possible solutions to tackle emergencies.

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