How Can you Charge Your Laptop Without Charger [Multiple Ways]

Laptops are always shipped with a charger. These chargers are typically distinct to their brands and need an AC power source.  If AC power is not available and you require important information that is available on a laptop, you cannot access your data due to a dead battery. So, in this article, we will discuss multiple solutions that can resolve your problem. By using these solutions, you can charge your laptop without having a charger. These solutions enable you to get out of this problem as well as long-term solutions are also discussed.

Multiple Ways to Charge Your Laptop Without Charger

In this article, you will able to learn how to charge your laptop without a charger. This issue is quite a challenge the reason is high technology tools are not developed to be charged in another way but need the original charger. Also, this type of modification needs skill, experience, and technical knowledge. These solutions require an additional item that must be bought. Still, these solutions are not so expensive as compare to buy a new charger.

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External Laptop Battery Charger

The external battery charger is one of the very convenient and effective options. The working of this charger is a little different. If you do not have a charger then take out of the laptop battery and connect this battery to the charger. This solution solely works if the battery from the laptop is removable. If your laptop battery is fixed and cannot be easily removed, then you are not able to use this method to charge your laptop without a laptop charger. The biggest benefit of this solution is rapid charging. When the battery is charged by an external battery charger then put the battery back into your computer and start working.

External Laptop Battery Charger

Manufacturers of laptops like to make more money. Companies are mostly very happy to sell spare parts. If the buyer is concerned regarding requiring extra juice while the buyer is on the roads, having a second battery can act as a lifesaver. To conveniently charge your spare battery, you may require buying an external charger of battery. Such type of devices usually plugs into the wall and are built to plug your battery of laptop directly into this plug. In this way, the main battery of the laptop would be charged and to charge your spare battery by using an external charger. The external charger will also be specific to a certain brand like your primary charger. For your laptop, you must buy the right model.

USB Type-C Battery Pack is Used

USB Type-C Battery Pack is Used

USB Type-C battery pack can be used depending on your laptop model. Whereas other types of USB solely supported one-way power, outbound, and inbound power. USB Type-C battery pack can be used if your laptop has a port of USB Type-C, it is the same as that port which is used for your phone. If you will use this method then mostly laptop runs on 8 to 12 V power, whereas most chargers of USB provide 5 V of power.  If you desire to use your laptop then you will require an 8V power or more. You will require a more powerful power bank or an external battery pack.

Use Your Cell Phone

When a charger of a laptop is not available then you can use a smartphone as a back-up power supply. The battery of the smartphone does not charge your laptop as much. This method has multiple drawbacks. If you completely drain your battery of smartphone then your laptop would only charge for 30 minutes. So, this is not sufficient time to complete your work. If you completely drain the battery of the smartphone then you come with another dead battery. If you are in the car then you can plug your cell phone and recharge it.

To follow this method, you require a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. Your next step is to connect your cell phone to the laptop and then find USB settings of your phone. This setting will be distinct relying on whether your cell phone is iOS or Android. Then you require to choose the supply power option. After all this procedure your cell phone will rapidly drain but your laptop will charge. This solution is the last solution and this method is not an optimal solution for every day.

Use a Universal Adapter

If you don’t have a charger, it is broken or misplaced then a problem arises how to charge your laptop without a charger. In this condition, a universal adapter would be the optimal solution to your issue.  These are DC/AC adapters that consist of multiple interchangeable suggestions and these adapters support a huge brand variety.  On several models, even you can connect to your car which permits you to be truly mobile.Universal Adapter

The working of universal adapters is similar to the original power supply of your laptop.  You can also use your laptop while charging. You will require to be more careful. Do not set the voltage of universal adapter or amperage too high, if you do this then you can overheat your laptop and even this causes your laptop battery to dead or fail. On the market, we have reviewed the optimal universal adapters. With many tips, our selection of universal adapters come, a huge number of distinct power settings are also offered so you can provide the right voltage and amperage.

Use Car Battery

On the road sometimes you spend a lot of time, specifically if your job needs you to drive so much and use your laptop for many hours. So, in this situation, it is difficult to charge your laptop with a charger so there are multiple solutions for this issue. Use a car battery for charging your laptop battery is one of the optimal solutions.

Use Car Battery

The most optimal way to do this is to purchase power inverter. Into cigarette lighter outlet of car’s, such type of devices is plugged. And it could be used to operate an instrument that needs up to 300 watts of power.  This power is not sufficient to execute a power tool but it is sufficient for operating your laptop. The drawback of this solution is that you have a clunky, big power inverter sitting somewhere. The advantage of this method is that it is a beginner-friendly and when you are not working then you can take your laptop in and out of your car.  Most of the devices that are developed for automotive use, these devices have a built-in voltage regulator. Laptops are developed to utilize their native AC adapters and laptops don’t have such features.

Super Batteries

Super battery plays a vital role in charging your laptop when you don’t have a charger. In this solution, the battery is first taken out from the laptop ad then charge it. This is the optimal solution for charging your laptop. Once your laptop battery is completely charged then insert this battery into your laptop and continue working on it. By using this method, your laptop charging will last for around 4 hours. You will also require to be sure that the super battery will efficiently fit your laptop battery. Such type o batteries are rechargeable, but one issue is that these batteries will not work for long after recharging.

Use the Power Bank

There are multiple solutions available for charging your laptop. One of the easiest and convenient ways to charge your laptop without the charger is a power bank. For your laptop, it is a portable battery. You solely to do to connect your laptop to the power bank. About power banks, the optimal things are that you don’t require to be plugged into and out during charging your laptop. Different models of power banks are available and these all power banks are not designed with the similar capacities of charging.  With a USB Type-A power bank, you are capable to charge less powerful laptops. If you desire to charge a laptop that is more powerful such as a mobile workstation, then you require to get a USB C based power bank. These power banks can power other types of USB devices such as tablets or smartphones etc.

Guru’s Verdict

When you are buying a new laptop then make sure that this laptop must have USB-C port. In a few years, Standard-A is replaced by USB-C port. Because it provides more effective facilities. In your work, such purchases will support you. If you face the situation in which your laptop battery is run out and you don’t have a charger to charge it so you can also buy an external charger for the battery.


It is concluded from the above discussion that yes laptops can be charged without a charger. There are multiple solutions available for charging your laptop. A little knowledge is required to use different methods for charging. So, in this article, we have discussed multiple solutions that can resolve your problem.  You should be ensuring that you have selected the right items.  Any type of mistake will lead to disappointment, you might end up with your laptop ruined or broken. Do not prefer USB adapters because these are appropriate for USB devices solely.

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