Can you use Laptop RAM on the Desktop? (Complete Guide)

Today it is straightforward to build a Computer. Many people who build new PC or refurbished PCs tend to use RAM and HDD from the laptops even though there are several differences between the PC RAM and the laptop’s RAM if you want a short answer.

Yes, you can use the laptop’s RAM for the desktop PC, but You Must have Ram SODIMM Adapter to do so that.

Can you use Laptop RAM on the Desktop

However, there are a few differences.

What you need to do to install a laptop’s RAM, in your Desktop?

Installing a laptop RAM on your Desktop is not very easy. You need to consider a few things and find if your PC is compatible with the laptop.

Laptop RAM to Desktop RAM adapter (SODIMM)

You can easily buy a laptop RAM to PC RAM adapter. These are to make your laptop’s RAM compatible with your PC. These are available in Many Online stores too. However, one needs to check a few specifications of these adapters to check if they would go with your PC.

SODIMM Ram Adapter

The mother board compatibility

In PC, we have a different motherboard that will not support the SO-DIMMs RAM. The PC RAM is only the DIMM, which is a bit different. If you do not know what type of RAM is being used for the PC, you should use different software such as scanners. It will give you detailed information about the RAM in your PC.

Each motherboard has a limit of RAM sticks. A few motherboards that come with the upgradable PC will come with more than one RAM stick option. One should check if the PC motherboard is allowing any more RAM sticks. If not, then you will need to remove the existing RAM.

Steps to install the RAM

Changing or upgrading RAM is crucial for the proper working of your PC sometimes. For example, if you own an old computer and become slow, you need to change the RAM. However, every layman cannot do it, as they need to take care of some technical sides.

  • The first thing to do, when you have the required RAM sticks is to shut down your computer. Then unplug any kind of power source too.
  • Now remove all types of devices and hardware connected with your PC.
  • Now lay down the CPU, and open the side panel.
  • Here you will see the motherboard of your Computer.
  • Use a screw driver to open the side panel of your Computer.
  • You should ground yourself before touching the PC. Otherwise, the data on the HDD and the RAM might get damaged. You can wear those amazing static wrist bands, that can change your body’s voltage to the same voltage of the computer. Even though, you will not feel any current, but still a slight change can cause a lot of damage.
  • Now identify the RAM. In most CPU, there are almost two to four slots with tabs on both of the sides.
  • It is better to remove the existing RAM first. You should press the side tabs, and the RAM slots will easily come up. You do not need to do much. However, when you feel that it is getting very hard, then you must check the clamps.
  • Now take the laptop’s RAM, and place it in the mother board. You should ensure that the lining of the laptop’s RAM fits perfectly in the PC RAM. Otherwise, it will not work.
  • Now start the computer, and check the status of the RAM. Do not worry if now the specifications are changed.

Difference between the laptop RAM and Desktop

When you plan to exchange the PC RAM with laptop RAM, you should consider the general differences between the two. Thus, you can easily find the Laptop RAM to PC RAM adapter. We have enlisted a few common differences for you.

  • The laptop RAM is always smaller than the PC RAM, you should not worry about the size.
  • Laptop RAM will only have two slots generally, while the PC RAM comes with four.
  • PC RAM is far better and efficient than the laptop RAM, especially for graphic designing and gaming.
  • Laptop RAM is inexpensive, while the PC RAM will cost you a few more bucks.


To upgrade or change the RAM of your PC, you need to ask some experts too, as it is not very easy. It might go wrong with slight mistakes. However, as far as the question is concerned, if you can do it or not, it is possible to use the laptop RAM on your PC.

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