How to connect the ps5 controller to Pc

If somebody likes the new pad of Sony & wants to use the “PS5 Dual Sense controller” on the PC, then relatively easy and simple to do. The controller works basically for both wirelessly & wired if Bluetooth is supported by PC. The PS5 controller can be connected to a PC by Using different Devices. This controller is very comfortable and easy to hold. It’s essential to remember adaptive triggers that won’t be used when an individual is playing on the PC. In this article, it is discussed how the PS5 controller is connected to the PC.

It is also highlighted that how the PS5 controller is connected through Bluetooth or wired. The PS5 controller is used with steam as well as with non-steam games. Different software’s are discussed which are used to build the connection among PS5 controller & PC.

how to connect the ps5 controller to pc

Connecting the Dual-Sense via wired or Bluetooth.


This set-up part is the snap. USB can be used to build the connection between the controller and the PC. For PC, you require the cable USB-C to USB-A. The PS5 controller comes with the one packed.


Bluetooth adapter is required while using the PS5 controller through Bluetooth. When you get connected, then open Bluetooth and the menu of other devices in Windows by pressing the Window key & typing “Bluetooth.”  After doing all this, then click the “Add Bluetooth or another device,” & the first option on the next menu stated “Bluetooth.” PC will begin searching for the available devices.

The PS5 controller holds down the Share button and logo button of PlayStation until the LEDs present around the touchpad start flashing quickly. Rapidly, in Bluetooth devices, a “Wireless controller” must pop-up for the connection. You only need to click on it to complete pairing. Bluetooth adapter is available at a very less price. In Windows, PS5 is now accessible.

Connecting the Dual-Sense via wired or Bluetooth.

It has a DirectInput driver; these drivers are recognized by several games & able to rebind controls. Today, multiple PC games are created around the X-Input driver of Microsoft’s newer Xbox controllers. Thus the PS5 controller will be enough without any help.

How to use the PS5 Dual-Sense controller with Steam

More famous game launcher and a storefront on PC, streamlets people use PS5 controller on PC while running the app, & it is considered the great option when using the Stream’s TV-friendly “Big Picture Mode.”

Firstly, Steam is opened & navigate to the top left. Then click the Steam, then open the Settings. After doing this, open the Controller, and at the end, open the “General Controller Settings.” Dual-Sense is connected either by using a wireless or wired connection.

When the connection is built successfully, then Steam will present that individuals have the generic plugged-in controllers & might prompt people for configuration. If not, select the device & click Define Layout. At this time, you can map various buttons to where you see that these buttons can fit. For instance, the touchpad could be mapped as a button, but ensure that trigger R2 & L2 buttons basically mapped as an analog input.

These are not mapped as a button. When you have completed tweaking different things to individual priority, save & name the different device. Also, ensure that you choose that it’s the PS5 controller.

use the PS5 Dual-Sense controller with Steam

For Dual-Sense, initial support is added by Steam in the beta client, released on 12th November.

Beta client is an easier and simple way to get the PS5 working on your PC if somebody wants to use PS5 in the non-Steam different games. It’s effortless to switch the beta client of Steam, first open the Steam menu, then open the Account & then click the “Change” option, which is available under the “Beta Participation” to opt into a beta client.

People require to update & restart Steam; this is done to download the advanced version. After doing this, the controller is properly working.

To start this, Dual-Sense is connected to the PC through Bluetooth or wire as explained above.

Once the connection is built, open Steam & launch the “Big Picture Mode.”  Afterward, you must see that Dual-Sense is recognized now & listed as the PS5 controller.

Automatically, keybinds are configured by Steam to mimic the “Xbox controller layout,” where Y represents the Triangle button & X button represents the Square button.

How to use the PS5 Dual-Sense controller with Steam

Calibrate can be chosen by you to tweak joystick sensitivity & Preferences to provide the controller name, disable/enable rumble & configure the brightness & color of the LED strip, which is present around the touchpad. At this stage, one essential tip is that make sure PS Configuration Support is properly checked, and this is done because if somebody wants to customize the Dual-Sense layout or the gyro controls.

How to use the Dual-Sense with non-Steam games.

Suppose someone wants to utilize the PS5 in the game that an individual owns on. In the “Epic Games Store,” there is a solution that must work for only regarding anything. It even includes emulators.

The simple way to perform this, bring back the Steam into the picture. One feature named “Add to library” is present in Steam for the Windows executable, which allows an individual to add some more programs in your Stream library & then use the Steam overlay. As shown in the image below, in Steam, click the menu named “Games,” then select “Add a Non-Steam Game to my library.” By making this list of various programs come on PC.

In multiple cases, this must allow an individual to add the games & use the controller with Steam, which acts as an intermediary until people get the fan-made or driver utility such as DS4Windows, designed to make us completely of Dual-Sense.

Connect the PS5 Dual-Sense controller to your PC via USB.

For this connection, you will require to use the USB-C cable to USB-A cable, USB Type-C port is used by Dual-Sense rather than micro USB such as DualShock 4. You only need to plug the wire into both the PC and controller. Automatically Windows must detect it.

If an individual PC is properly equipped with USB-C’s dedicated port, you can also use the USB-C cable to USB-C cable.

Connect the PS5 Dual-Sense controller to your PC via USB.


The conclusion drawn from the above discussion is that DualSense can be used through USB or Bluetooth. A Bluetooth adapter or the motherboard is required. For the connection, Bluetooth and many other devices are opened in Windows OS by pressing the Windows key & typing “Bluetooth.” We have observed that when somebody uses the PS5 controller on their PC, it’s essential to note that adaptive triggers will not be utilized while playing PC games. In this article, it is discussed how the PS5 controller is connected to the PC.

The PS5 controller is used with steam as well as with non-steam games. Different software’s are discussed which are used to build the connection among PS5 controller & PC. Setting up Controller on the Steam. Steam adds initial support for DualSense in the beta client. Some benefits of the PS5 controller are discussed in this article. Beta client is considered the easiest and simplest way to build an effective connection among DualSense & PC.  Furthermore, It is discussed about the connection of PS5 controller through non-steam, Bluetooth, and USB. So different devices are required to connect the PS5 controller to the PC.

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