How to connect Soundcore earbuds to a laptop? (Step by Step Working Method)

Anker Soundcore brand is well-known for producing high-quality audio products. The fine stereo music of these products ignites emotions. Their tagline for Soundcore Anker earbuds, “Real music matters,” is evident enough for their product commitment.

Usually, they offer three major series; Liberty, Life, and Sprit for earbuds. A wide range of versions for these series is available, for example, Life Soundcore Life P2, Liberty 3 pro, Sprit Dot 2, etc. These earbuds are amazing and highly rated by admirers around the globe for the finest stereo music.

SoundCore Earbuds:

These Bluetooth earbuds are a great source of amusement between hectic work routines while connected to laptops at our workplace.

Besides this, these earbuds are very easy to manage and use. We use them to listen to stereo music, enjoy movies, and conduct our online meetings.


However, if a non-techy user experiences connectivity issues with a laptop, then it turns out to be a terrible mess for them. Therefore, I am presenting some essential tips to resolve these connectivity issues.

How does one connect Soundcore earbuds to the laptop?

Although, connecting a Bluetooth device to a laptop seems not to be a big deal.

The most straightforward steps are as follows:

  1. Just open the charging case, the earbuds will power on automatically and be connected to one another through a TWS connection. The breathing white light indicates TWS connection is in process and steady white light shows that TWS connection is established. 
  2. After connecting to TWS, both earbuds are ready for pairing to the laptop. Go to the Bluetooth setting of your laptop, search for the earbuds, and get connected.

However, configuration or connection issues sometimes occur for earbuds, operating systems, or laptops. One main reason is the incompatibility of that laptop or operating system with the Qualcomm TWS namings issue, as discussed in their manual.

Let me unfold it for you. Basically, it is an advanced technology that connects both earbuds separately. One earbud is the Primary (Main), and the other is the Secondary.

Before this technology, the audio devices used A2DP, in which one earbud got all audio signals and sent them to the other one. However, TWS ensues fine audio synchronization on both of them simultaneously, so the listener may not have any interruption.

Can’t connect earbuds To Laptop – How to Fix

The main problem behind ‘unsuccessful connection’ is that one earbud gets connected and the other does not. There are few Soundcore earbuds instructions for this problem.

One of them is as follows:

  • Place the earbuds back in the case.
  • Ensure that these are on charging.
  • Let the case cover open.
  • Just hold for 3 minutes, the case button.
  • Note if the LED indicator of the right earbud starts flashing quickly.
  • If so, then now you may connect the earbuds to the laptop.

If the connecting issue persists, then reset the pairing. You can do it as follows.

  1. Remove the Soundcore earbud from your Bluetooth list and switch off the Bluetooth on your laptop.
  2. Take out an earbud, while the other is in the case. Ensure the one in the case is on charging. (Its LED indicator will be steady white).
  3. Keep pressing and holding the touchpad of the earbud in the case for seven seconds. The LED light will flash three times. (This step reset the information about pairing).
  4. Now revise the above step with another earbud.
  5. After resetting the paring information, put both the earbuds out of the charging case and place them side by side. (In case of successful resetting, the LED indicators of right and left earbuds will flash quickly and slowly respectively).
  6. Now, connect them to your laptop. Hopefully, these will be connected now.

However, if the connection issue persists, then the Bluetooth driver must be removed from the laptop and then reinstalled.

Why does Laptop not connect or detect Soundcore Earbuds:

As discussed above, there may be multiple reasons (not issues) for unsuccessful connections of Soundcore wireless earbuds with laptops. Some of them are as follows.

  • Adoption of TWS technology over traditionally used A2DP technology. (No doubt, TWS has brought high-quality stereo music to us, but the listener must understand its mechanism; both earbuds connect to Bluetooth simultaneously).
  • Incompatibility of Qualcomm True Wireless Primary-Secondary dual pairing names with laptops OS. (Simply resetting the pairing information works for this reason). 
  • Over-written or already saved pairing information.
  • Sometimes, some laptops confuse the earbuds as Headsets or Headphones. This may affect the stereo quality of the earbuds. If the earbuds connect to the laptop and the output is not stereo, they must ensure that the earbuds have been connected as ‘Headphones’.
  • If all the tricks are not working, then there may be an issue with the Bluetooth driver in the laptop. The driver must be reinstalled.

Frequently asked question:

How does one connect Soundcore earbuds to the laptop?

If there is no other connecting issue, go to Devices on your computer, turn on Bluetooth, click on the ‘add Bluetooth’ option, and get connected after scanning.

What are TWS Earbuds?

TWS is a modern Bluetooth technology. The earbuds have been upgraded to be very small, easy to manage, and cordless. It further ensures fine stereo synchronization on both earbuds.

How to pair Soundcore earbuds together?

Put both earbuds out of the case and hold the control area for three seconds until the LED indicator flashes quickly. This indicates the earbuds have been connected together.


Anker Soundcore is a big-name production of high-quality audio devices, including earbuds. Their products ensure stereo quality for the music that sparks emotions. Connecting Soundcore earbuds to the laptop provides you with amusements at your workplace. However, due to some reasons, connection issues may be experienced. A non-techy user may find these issues a serious mess. I have analyzed various reasons for these connection issues and presented the possible steps to fix them.

I hope that this article will be helpful for all readers in connecting the Soundcore earbuds to their laptops.

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