Dell Inspiron 15 5100: Review, still useable in 2023?

In this article, we review Dell Inspiron 15 5100 old model. A Laptop with that specification is still worthwhile in 2021, and which type of people should use this and where you buy from.

Dell Inspiron 15 5100 laptop

The dell Inspiron 15 5100 can be taken as a laptop in need. Many people will never think of using a 2003 model laptop in 2021, they might even question it, but a few things apart from the price will make you think of having it as an alternative laptop for daily simple computing tasks. It is a minimum investment, which will save you from spending extra money.

Dell Inspiron 15 5100 Specification:

NameDell Inspiron 15 5100
Storage40GB – 500GB HDD
Processor1 core intel Pentium 4 2.80Ghz
Display15 Inch
GPUATI Mobility Radeon 7500

This article is to clear out all the confusion regarding the dell Inspiron 15 5100, so be ready to learn some amazing facts about this incredibly reliable laptop. Before we start, let us all understand that an 18-year-old laptop will not have the same specs as the current laptop, so we should not have some high expectations. 

Dell Inspiron 15 5100 Review:  

Dell Inspiron 15 5100 laptop design and specs


The design and the weight of the laptop look very old; well, it should be. It was on top of its game in 2003 and was considered the best laptop design. The laptop’s look is not primitive; the bezel has a silvery shade, which will look quite interesting and updated.

The keyboard is also well-spaced; thus, you do not have to worry about the writing experience. It will be fine and smooth. You will not have to minimize the natural movement of your fingers.


Do not be surprised when I say that it has a one-core Pentium 4 processor. Yes, it is one of the oldest things we could remember from our childhood. It was expected, but the good thing is that the Pentium 4 processor will be a fine processing unit for email sending, writing, and other data entering projects. You do not have to think much about it.


Just like the processor, the RAM of the original Dell Inspiron is not much; its combined RAM divided into two RAM slots is 1 GB, but after the BIOS upgrade, you can get a 2 GB combined RAM. However, the BIOS upgrade for the Dell Inspiron 15 is not simple; you will have to go through two complex upgrades. This BIOS upgrade will cost you around 150 to 200 dollars, which is not much.


The next important thing, which will be essential to evaluate this laptop as a feasible device for the current operations, is the storage. Here also, you do not need to expect much. The original laptop comes with 40GB of storage, which was enough at that time. But with the BIOS upgrade, you can increase this storage capacity to up to 100GB, which is a fine feature for regular everyday tasks.

Not only this, unlike the currently available laptops, the Dell Inspiron 15 comes with DVD storage too. You can store the important data on a CD or run some videos or data. It is a kind of asset for most of us.


What do you expect from an 18-year-old laptop? It will not be able to play the 2021’s games; however, you can play the old games for entertainment. You will be pleased to know that this old laptop comes with a 32MD dedicated VRAM and ATI mobility Radeon 7500 GPU. The good news is, you can use this laptop to play the basic multimedia files, like pictures and videos.

Dell Inspiron 15 5100 is still useable

Price & Availability

Currently, this model is not available in new condition, but you can buy a refurbished or used model from eBay at a decent price.


Old is gold, and the dell Inspiron 15 has proved it; it will prove to be a feasible device for regular work like data entry, writing, and researching. You can earn a few bucks by connecting with the global communities through this laptop. It is one of the cheapest investments for businesses like content writing, blogging, and researching. You can start a setup with these laptops. However, you cannot expect it to work for you without a BIOS upgrade.

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