Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 Laptop Review: Is Still Worth Buying in 2023

Meet the one-of-a-kind laptop with powerful specs, 15.6” touchscreen, and great durability.

When looking for a laptop, there are several brands in mind, among which Dell is the most popular as it offers quality-oriented and durable machines that are dear to clients.

Dell Inspiron i5555 made its mark in 2016, further highlighting it in 2017. Its rating increases with time and is 3.9-4 and fluctuating.

This laptop with fantastic performance factors and an affordable price of under 400 dollars makes it valuable and worthy to purchase in 2022 as well.

These are available on Amazon with Windows 10 and are equipped with numerous beneficial characteristics that one who needs a reliable laptop can go for it by reading this review.

Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 Laptop Review:

Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 Specification:

Storage:500 GB
CPU:2.2 GHz AMD A8-7410 Quad-Core
Display:15.6 Inches
Operating System:Win 10
GPU:Radeon R5


  • Giving enough storage
  • Enabling graphics card
  • Providing a good screen size


  • With HDD
  • You Can’t Play new games on it

A review of the Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 Laptop

Let’s discuss its must-to-know specs for a better understanding of this laptop.

Dell Inspiron i5555 0012


The display is an important factor of the laptop for many people who need to work on it for longer hours. It depends on the user’s needs and what kind of display size he is searching for.

Dell Inspiron i555 provides a display of 15.6 inches, which is a preferable size for normal use and some high-level work like photos and videos.

The technology used in its display is Truelife or LEDbacklit and it supports touchscreen providing a resolution of 1366×768.


Storage plays an important role when we need to buy a laptop as all the data has to be saved for later use in it. This particular laptop gives a fair enough storage to its users which is 500GB.

The type of its hard drive is serial ATA, often known as SATA, which provides a surface for readings and writing. Its RPM (revolutions per minute) is around 5400.


RAM is essential to make your system fast to load and retrieve programs and data as and when required. It has to be speedy enough so that the laptop does not stick often.

The RAM of Dell Inspiron i555 is around 8GB, suitable for multitasking tasks. RAM can be upgraded if needed to enhance it in the future so it’s not a big issue.


The central processing unit, the controller and manager of all the operations being carried out in your laptop, is the core and brain that determines the strength and power.

This laptop supports the 6th Generation of AMD A-Series Quadcore Carrizo A8-7410 APU Processor and has a power of 2.2 GHz, ensuring the beauty of this system relying on its brain.

This makes it a trustworthy machine that you can rely on for your major carry-outs. It is also vital to understand that the growing needs of people need more processing power when talking in terms of technology.

Overall, this Turbo Boost 2.5 GHz with 4 Cores and 4 Threads has a great processing speed.

Graphics Card:

In order to get good and effective performance with high and sharp visuals, the graphic card is a must. Its good quality brings life to the laptop.

Dell Inspiron i555 has a dedicated type of graphics memory along with 4 GB AMD R5 Beema Shared and 1 GB R5 Beema Dedicated.

Its graphic card is referred to as Radeon R5 Graphics with no switchable graphics facility.


The battery power is very crucial when your charging facility is far or when you need to use the system for long hours.

The battery usually lasts until 6 hours, which is good timing for laptops used for carrying out daily activities.

However, if you are looking for laptops that can be used for heavy scheduled work like working with videos, games, and programming software, it might not be sufficient for you.


It is possible to go for upgrades when needed for this Dell piece. Usually, in terms of memory, this particular upgrading is needed and it can be added to a maximum of 16GB.

Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 Drawback


  • The drawbacks of this laptop can be in terms of the speed it is operating at. Laptops are needed to be fast and spontaneous but i555 is not as fast as compared to some of its related series.
  • The weight of 2 to 2.35 kg of this device does not make it portable enough for people. Carrying it from one place to the other with this much weight can be stressful.
  • The battery life as discussed earlier is another drawback of this laptop which makes it less convenient for people who need to work for more than 6 hours and may need constant charging when working on heavy programs.
  • Keeping these drawbacks in mind the price range is also not friendly for people who want several other associated benefits from it.

Therefore, the laptop is a masterpiece in terms of applying a limited load and carrying out daily work. The audience is in favor of systems that are superb in processing, storage, price, memory, and other related specs.

Growing needs and usage relies on the enhanced and HD quality output on the screens as well. There are some important factors as mentioned earlier that need to be worked upon for betterment.

Who should buy this laptop?

As these laptops can cater to workloads of daily needs, it is suitable for businessmen, students who work on various Office tools and prepare their work on a spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

People looking for advanced gaming capabilities and professional work can buy these laptops, but they might not meet their expectations at a certain level.

It therefore totally depends on the type of work to be taken from the laptop you are purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dell Inspiron i5555-0012 :

Are Dell inspiron i5555-0012 Laptop good for gaming?

Yes, they are good for gaming but not perfect for playing heavy games.

As students might look for laptops where apart from studying and watching movies, they can play some games too. These laptops can help you with their good screen size and HD quality but might not work for a professional gamer.

If you are a decent gamer and want to perform regular work, your search is over.

Do Dell inspiron i5555 0012 have graphics cards?

Yes, graphic cards are installed in these laptops and are Radeon R5 Graphics. These cards do not provide impactful visuals and video-streaming capabilities, but they can go for some basic level gaming and stuff.

People can look for other graphic cards when their aim is towards great performance.


Dell Inspiron i5555-0012 overall makes a decent and reliable purchase for people who like their work done on good size displays and on the latest operating systems.

These are worthy for students, household workers, and business-related people to perform various application software tasks.

You can enjoy its touch screen functions along with the processing power when doing multiple tasks on it. Its high storage capabilities make it attractive with the facility of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, and much more.

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