How can you put a laptop hard drive in a PC ? (Step by Step Guide)

Data management has always been a tough task, and people tend to wonder a lot about managing it well. It has become a lot easier now, as one can exchange hard drives among laptops and computers. You never know when your laptop stops working and leaves you in chaos.

How can you put a laptop hard drive in a PC?

A person whose work depends on his devices, like a laptop, would need to know about the alternatives. One such alternative to keep your data secure is to connect or put your laptop’s hard drive in your computer.

Simple steps to install the hard drive in PC

You need to consider the following things for this.

  • The model of the hard drive.
  • The mother board of the PC.
  • The type of suitable hard drives for your PC.
  • The compatible adapter for the hard drive.
  • A jumper.
Simple steps to install the hard drive in PC - Infographics

Why should you have the laptop’s hard drive in your PC?

Several reasons will force you to use the laptop’s hard drive on your PC. You might get the following benefits through it.

  • It can help in restoring the lost data.
  • It can increase the storage of the PC if connected through USB connector.

How to use the laptop’s hard disk with the PC?

You need to check a few things before connecting the laptop’s hard drive to the PC. In some cases, the laptop’s hard disk is compatible with the PC’s motherboard, so you do not have to worry much.

Connecting a laptop’s hard disk drive to PC

If you have taken the hard drive of your laptop due to some reason, then you can easily connect it with your PC and use it for various purposes. For instance, you may use it to shift data from your Laptop to the Pc, or you can transfer data from the PC to the laptop’s hard disk.

How to take out a laptop’s hard disk?

The first thing you should do is get the hard drive out of the laptop. It is not very easy. You need to consider a few things before doing it. Otherwise, it might not work, and you will also not be able to reinstall it on the laptop. To avoid any issue, we must describe how one can first take out the hard drive and consider it the first step.

Things to do before removing hard drive

Take out the battery. Remove all kinds of magnets if there are any near you. Otherwise, they will remove the data from the disks.

The tools needed.

Of course, you cannot tear up the laptop. You will have to open it, and for that, you will need a small screwdriver first. You should try the jeweler’s screwdriver as it is minimal, and laptops generally come with tiny screws. Turn every screw at the bottom of the laptop, the cover will come up, and now you can see various small transistors and devices in the laptop.

Remove CD drive and the keyboard

Yes, taking out the hard disk is not very easy. You actually need to open the entire laptop. You should take out everything that is covering the hard disk. It is located mostly at the extreme left of the laptop. You can see it after removing the keyboard.


Using a laptop’s hard disk for the computer system is possible when you use the right hard disks. The perfect one is the 2.5 inches HDD. This is perfect for a PC. You must also check the current and voltage needed, as any HDD requiring lesser current or Voltage will be perfect for the PC.

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