How do I know what kind of Ram My laptop Has [Full Details]

How do I know what kind of Ram My laptop HasIt is very important to know what type of RAM individual has installed on their laptop when replacing the modules of RAM or demonstrating if your laptop meets the minimum requirements of your program.  There are multiple ways to seek what type of RAM you have installed on your laptop; some methods offer more information regarding laptops RAM as compare to others. What choice is optimal for you it depends on how much information regarding the laptop you require and your technical proficiency level. Your laptop’s RAM is a very speedy memory for the short-term it uses for executing open files as well as application. If your laptop has more RAM, then you are capable of more tasks at once. There are many methods or ways to determine the type of RAM you have. Before installing any type of software on your laptop, you must ensure that you have the correct or right capacity and type of RAM in your laptop to accommodate the item. If you desire to know the type of RAM of your laptop then you would be glad to find this interesting article. In this article, easy ways will be discussed to know the type of RAM.

About RAM?

Before you know the type of RAM in your laptop, it is important to understand regarding technology. RAM is the abbreviation of Random-Access Memory. RAM is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly. The primary function of RAM is to store various types of information important in running programs on your laptop. RAM solely stores data when the devices are running because it is a temporary memory, not a permanent memory. So, when you shut-down your PC, RAM will lose all type of information that is stored previously.

Types of RAM

Two main types of RAM are found in the market which is DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory) and (Static Random-Access Memory) SRAM. Generally, if your capacity of RAM is larger then your laptop will run faster. If your laptop is running slowly then one of the main causes can be RAM size of your laptop. Users usually think that RAM of the laptop must be greater so that due to this your PC will run fast and effectively. When you purchase the laptop then RAM is one of the main factors due to which you purchase it. There is data transfer speed available in RAM and that also affects RAM efficiency. Two variants exist in this data transfer speed named as DDR and SDR. DDR is the abbreviation of Double Data Rate.

How do I know what kind of Ram My laptop Has (Easy Way)

If you are checking for type of RAM, once you know regarding speed then you are supposed to be seeking for, it is very easy. Open your laptop Task Manager and then go to the Performance tab. From the column on the left side choose memory and look at the top right. All the information regarding RAM will be displayed such as type o RAM, size, etc. In the screenshot that is given below, you can see that laptop is executing DDR3.

On all laptops, PCs, and computers RAM is different so that the DDR3 chip on your laptop can be different from another laptop. On the particular chip that is installed in your laptop, the speed it offers.  By using driver updates you can’t transform DDR3 into DDR4. By using software, you are not capable to increase the RAM speed. For multiple systems, DDR3 is mostly enough for most, if not for a particular requirement. You solely require more, faster, or better RAM such as DDR4 for multiple purposes such as for gaming, animation work, or 3D modeling.

Ram Details of Laptop

Two built-in ways that window features to check or examine your RAM: system information window and DXDIAG. These tools provide different information related to your laptop RAM, this information is very basic, as it solely provides you information regarding the memory of RAM you have, not what kind of RAM modules are installed in your laptop. There are multiple ways to determine the kind of RAM your laptop has. Following are the methods:

How do I know what kind of Ram My laptop Has by Using Microsoft System Information:

This method is one of the easiest and effective ways you can know about your system RAM. This built-it tool permits you to collect some important information regarding your system. Following are the few steps you have to follow to know about your laptop RAM:

  • On your keyboard press Windows Key_ R. This must display the Run dialog box.
  • Then type without quotes “msinfo32.exe” then press Enter
  • Find the RAM. This must provide you the detail you require.

How to know what kind of RAM my laptop by Using Task Manager:

How to know what kind of RAM my laptop by Using Task Manager

If you want to know about the type of RAM and other information you can also use Task Manager. Follow the specific steps that are given below:

  • By using keyboard press Ctrl+Shift_Esc. By pressing this Task Manager will open
  • There are multiple tabs are present on Task Manager, you will click on the performance tab
  • Then you select the left-pane menu then click on Memory. At that point information regarding RAM is available. You can see the required information regarding the system.

Control Panel can also Use for Determining Information:

Control Panel can also Use for Ram Checking

By using the Control Panel, you can collect any type of information regarding your system. This method is one of the effective and efficient methods.  Control Panel can be used to diagnose any issue in your OS. The following are the steps you can use to know about your RAM type.

  • Firstly, press Windows Keys along with S on your keyboard.
  • Type Control Panel and then press enter.
  • Click View by, which is available at the top-left corner.
  • From the drop-down list choose a category.
  • Choose System and Security, then choose System. You must be able to see the RAM size which is installed in your system.

Image Here

Software for RAM Checker

CPU-Z is an effective and efficient RAM checker tool for laptops. This tool is available free to download and utilize for Windows 10. From various sites you can download this software, usually, it is downloaded from CPUID’s site and then installing this RAM checker then launching it, after performing all this click on the Memory tab to get the detail of your system’s which also include information regarding specifications of RAM. In this way, you will come to know about your laptop RAM type and other related information.

How do I determine which type of RAM my laptop use with CPU-Z

CPU-Z software not solely list the RAM type of your laptop such as DDR4 or DDR3, this software also provides information about size, speed, number of operating channels, DRAM frequency, NB frequency, it is ranging from command rate of RAM’s to its cycle time of row-refresh. Additionally, this software provides detail on your laptop processor number and name, its cache levels and codename, and the real-time measurement of every memory frequency and memory core’s internal frequency.

Image Here

Your laptop can be accessed by various programs that provide you more detailed information related to installed RAM as compare to DXDIAG and provide detailed information regarding the window as well.  Different software is used for this purpose such as CPU-, hwinfo, and AIDA64 all these software offers you detailed and useful information related not solely to your installed RAM but this software provides information about your hardware too. This software plays a great role in determining the type of RAM installed on the laptop.

How do I determine which type of RAM my laptop use with Information Window

  • The information window is available named DXDIAG.
  • On your keyboard press Window-C, it will display the power user menu
  • Choose Run
  • Then type DXDIAG and hit Enter
  • Click on Yes button when the prompt displays
  • Look for the heading of Memory. The figure is displayed that is information regarding the memory of RAM that is installed in your system.

System Information

  • On your keyboard press Window-X, after this power user menu is displayed
  • Choose System
  • Seek RAM (installed memory) under the heading of the System. The memory information is displayed on the screen. You can see the type of RAM and other related information.

Technical Specification

Manufacturer’s websites are available, you can access them online You can see your laptop model and another type of information such as RAM type, size, etc. Different websites are available such as LapSpec and NotebookCheck for viewing purposes. After you seek the technical specifications, see the heading of Memory and RAM for further details and specifications regarding RAM.

Final Verdict :

If you desire to know the type of RAM of your laptop then you would be glad to find this interesting article. So, from this article, it is concluded that there are multiple ways to check the RAM installed on Windows 10. If you have sufficient capacity of RAM and still your laptop performance is not so efficient then you may have corrupted or outdated drivers. Thus, we recommend that you must update or repair your drivers instantly. You can update your laptop drivers by using various reliable tools such as Auslogics Driver Updater. Various steps you have to perform to update your drivers.  Different methods discussed in this article are very effective and efficient. Each method provides you useful and helpful information regarding the type of RAM, size, speed, and many more.

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