How do I play my Xbox on my laptop with HDMI

Playing your Xbox Series X or Xbox One on your tv LCD is a norm, but now people want to move their Xbox to their laptops as well. Now, we have got the gaming laptops, and what use of a gaming laptop when you are not plying your Xbox one games on it?

The making of laptops is a bit different from the televisions; that is why many people face a few issues when connecting the Xbox with the monitor of their laptops. They usually find it challenging to locate the right cables, or the ports to fix the Xbox.

How do I play my Xbox on my laptop with HDMI

How do I play my Xbox on my laptop with HDMI?

In this article, you will get the answer to this very answer; moreover, I will also share and highlight the few tips that can make your Xbox work smooth with your laptop.

Before we head on lets us clear what is HDMI

What are HDMI systems?

HDMI is the abbreviation of a high definition multimedia interface. This port is usually for projecting a more precise and high definition audio and video.

While connecting your Xbox or any other device with your laptop, you will need separate HDMI input and HDMI output tools. People usually do not know this, and ultimately end up ignoring the HDMI facility in their laptop.

HDMI supports all types of modern audio formats, so if it is your XBOX that needs to be connected with the HDMI, then you are on the right track.

However, I would suggest you check the audio type of your Xbox and then cross-check it with this list of audio formats that can be played through HDMI.

HDMI version for your laptop

HDMI systems are available on several devices, but you cannot use every HDMI version for your laptop. For example, if you have a 4K resolution gaming laptop, the most suitable version of HDMI would be HDMI 2.1.

  • For a 1080p resolution laptop, you should use the HDMI 1.4b, HDMI 2.0b, or HDMI 2.1.
  • For a 1440p you should get HDMI 2.0b to HDMI 2.1
  • For 4k and 8k, the HDMI 2.1 version is the only option.

What do you need to connect to your Xbox?

Connect Xbox Series x with HDMI laptop

These are some essential devices without which you cannot start your PlayStation games on your laptop.

  • Xbox Series X or Xbox One
  • Laptop with HDMI input connection
  • HDMI cable

Things to know before starting

The HDMI input vs. output ports

The HDMI input and output ports are not the same, and anybody unaware of it can never use the HDMI connections.

If you examine your tv, you would see that there are several HDMI inputs ports. However, in the case of a laptop, these ports are usually considered as an output source. You can convert and use that output port as an input port.

There are several USB ports on your laptop, and not each one is for the HDMI connection. Many people complain that they are unable to find the HDMI output/input port on their laptops.

Generally, all laptops have a simple structure for the HDMI port, the figure of an HDMI port is quite similar to that port at your TV for DVD connections.

It is a bit big and curved at the center; the HDMI port of your laptop is usually at the left side edge of your laptop. After knowing all this about its appearance, I do not think it will be hard to find the HDMI port of your laptop.

Get gaming laptops to have an HDMI input.

HDMI input ports are not available on all laptops; however, a few great gaming laptops come with the HDMI input. So, buying a gaming latop would be the best option if you wish to connect your Xbox with the laptop.

Buying the HDMI cable

Once you are sure that you have an HDMI input laptop, you should connect your box with your laptop. A secured HDMI connection is only possible if you are using the right connecting device.

Connect Laptop to Xbox Using HDMI cable

In the market, there are a plethora of HDMI devices. For Xbox, I would recommend getting a cable instead of a USB.

There are a few things you should check before buying an HDMI cable.

  • A good quality high-speed HDMI cable must carry 3D signals, especially when you opt for great Xbox games. Not only this, but it must also be able to take a 4k video because many Xbox games are 4K quality games as well.
  • To keep your cable for a more extended period, you should buy a gold-plated cable for your Xbox connection. Other metals are likely to destroy and combust; however, gold plated wires are way safer than the others.
  • Make sure that the cables re angled, otherwise there would be a high risk of cable strain. It will not only result in a cable breakage, but you might also lose your game.
  • Lastly, the HDMI cable for your Xbox and laptop must be compatible with both your devices.

Connecting your Xbox with your laptop

It has to be the most simple and straightforward step of the entire process. You simply need to connect the Xbox with the power supply and then connect it with the laptop, using the HDMI wire and HDMI input port.

Laptop HDMI Port Where You Can Connect Your Xbox

While you are connecting your XBOX with the laptop, make sure that your Xbox was not downloading any game previously, and nothing is being installed.

Turn off the gaming console and disconnect the Xbox from where it was connected initially many times, people have combined their Xbox with their televisions through Xbox applications. Then they try to compare it with the laptop. This way, your Xbox might not start.

Next, get the HDMI cable and connect it with the backside of your XBOX console, after plugging it in try to check if it fits accurately or not, because many times the sole issue of an XBOX not working with a laptop is the loose connection.

Wait a bit before starting.

Once all connections are secured, it is time for you to start the Xbox, I would recommend you wait for a few minutes until the BOX recognizes the new link. After this, you are good to proceed with the next steps.

Suppose the connectivity notification is taking too long. In that case, you should go to the system settings through the main menu of your laptop, then look for display settings of your computer and check if there is any issue regarding new devices.

Your laptop is ready for the game.

Now, when everything is fine, you can simply start your games. Now your laptop’s screen is the alternative screen for your Xbox.

Things to check in your monitor

Even though many people find it very significant to play XBOX games through the laptop screen, several issues can come up only because the laptop monitor was not up to the mark.

The resolution of the monitor plays a crucial role in delivering the right colors and images of your Xbox games. Unlike other play station games, XBOX is an advanced version, and not every monitor is fit for the Xbox games.

The resolution

Nowadays, the standard laptop screen resolution needs to be more than 4k. Otherwise, you will be unable to enjoy the high-class graphics of the Xbox games. Buying a 4k screen resolution is imperative for 100% enjoyment.

Even though many people rely on 1080p resolution for their laptops, the sharpness and clarity would not be as much as in 4k laptops. So, it is better when your screen is clearer to provide you a fantastic vision.

The refresh-rate

If you are playing some online games, then there is a need for a higher refresh rate. Otherwise, the response time of your game would be severely affected.

Thus, even if you are playing an Xbox game, you would not be able to communicate and analyze the situation in your game. The refresh-rate is the most underrated and ignored aspect of any monitor.

However, if you are a keen player, you should keep an eye on them while connecting your Xbox with your laptop. For a standard gaming laptop, the refresh rate is 160Hz.

What to do if your laptop has not got an HDMI port?

Those who have not got a laptop with HDMI ports can do the following things for connecting their XBOX one with their computer.

If in case you are unable to get a laptop with an HDMI input port, you should simply buy an HDMI USB adapter for your laptop. A regular HDMI adapter will cost almost $10 to $12.

You must keep in mind that buying the HDMI adapter is the compatibility of the adapter with the HDMI version in your device.

The last word

The monitor used for playing Xbox box games can drastically change the experience of the game. However, if you have chosen the HDMI connection to play Xbox games, you will have to follow a lot of other things.

Playing on your TV and monitor differs significantly; the right connections with the appropriate devices can take your game to a whole new level. I hope all this information will help you in playing your Xbox on your laptop with HDMI.

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