How To Become An Amazon Virtual Assistant Even Without Experience

Today, we will learn how to become an Amazon virtual assistant without any experience.

But First, Imagine you have signed a deal with a supermarket to sell your products. Do you think a customer will be able to find your items if they’re not appropriately placed?

The same happens when your products are not correctly optimized on amazon. Even though there is a search bar, and customers can easily find the desired product, like every other virtual space, here we have an algorithm.

We cannot expect the business owner to manage the products according to the algorithm. On top of that, there are several other virtual tasks on platforms like amazon. Thus, there is a need for a virtual assistant to run a successful business through amazon.

With every passing day, many sellers are signing up for amazon. Who does not want to sell on a global platform? Each seller is bound to hire a team with virtual assistants. So it implies that the need for amazon virtual assistants will increase in the foreseeable future.

What are the responsibilities of an Amazon virtual assistant?

We believe you already know who that is, and that is why you are here, but understanding the services a virtual assistant can provide will give you an idea if you need experience for this job.

The amazon virtual assistant can do the following jobs for an amazon seller.

  • Product listing.
  • Product optimization.
  • Running ads.
  • Customer support.
  • Order processing.
  • Translation.
  • Managing blogs.
  • Managing social media.

These are the top most expected tasks from an amazon virtual assistant. These are the day-to-day activities of a virtual assistant.

How can you find a job as an amazon virtual assistant with no experience?

It takes a lot of courage to offer services in a field that is new to you. Many people get afraid. So the first thing that you require is self-confidence and self-esteem.

Then you need to follow these steps.

Select a niche

The first thing is, do you know the product? Many people have no interest in the product, and out of nowhere, they select a niche to join a businessman selling that. You cannot go like that in virtual spaces.

Here, the urge to know more about the types of products would help you excel. The main way to select a niche is to understand your feelings. If you are a gamer, choosing a businessman who sells joysticks, mouses, or keyboards would work for you.

Also, when applying for a job, the businessman would ask questions related to the niche. So, even if you don’t have the experience, basic knowledge about the products or niche can greatly help impress the seller.

At the core of the interview, the seller would be judging you as someone who loves the niche and wants to know about it. It is the quality that will increase the confidence of the employer.

You can choose multiple niches or a border niche so there must be enough space for you to move as a virtual assistant.

Read about the products.

Then the next thing is reading a good deal about the niche. It would be very beneficial for the following reasons.

You get to learn keywords.

As a virtual assistant would require enlisting products on amazon, but without the correct keyword, optimizing those products is impossible. It is just like SEO.  

Thus, reading about those particular products or niches will help you gather a lot of slang and words that are generally used for them.

You know the FAQs

You must also know the keywords and what the buyers would love to know about the product. It is necessary to learn because you will also deal directly with clients while writing product descriptions. Therefore, it would be fantastic if you knew all the questions before they shot them in.

You understand the employer’s mind.

When you research and read about the niche thoroughly, it will be easy to understand what the employer would be looking for in a virtual assistant.

We recommend following this advice a month before applying for a VA job without experience.

Creating a social media presence

The initial jobs would probably be from Facebook or Linkedin. Thus, without setting up a social media presence, it will be impossible. It will be like a portfolio, explaining what services you will offer and your work method.

Every employer needs a trustworthy person. We would suggest you make a Facebook page defining all your specialties. You can use canvas or other art applications to create thumbnails.

Make a community

Creating a community on Facebook would be great. It will work as a sign of confidence. You can teach others as well while learning yourself.

Also, it will create word of mouth. People will suggest you to each other because of the service you are providing because, let us be honest, the one who helps others probably knows more.

Do service for free

You can offer free services for a week or two; it will also help you win the employer’s confidence. This trick will only help if you have followed the above-discussed tips. Otherwise, you will not perform up to the mark,

Once they realize that you have a knack for it, they get the desired results. You will be hired very quickly for the first paid job.

Join job offering platforms

You would have heard about Upwork, Fiverr, and many such platforms. You can build your profile, offer a set rate, and select jobs. You are allowed to introduce yourself; it will also be a way to impress the employer.

Final words

Getting your first job as a virtual assistant without experience is a big deal. But it would be a leap of faith in yourself and your abilities. Following the suggestions will make it much easier to land the first paid job.

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