How to cancel PlayStation now Subscription , and get a refund

The subscription of Sony provides you access to the wide streaming games catalog. He was very disappointed with titles, which are included in service & thus, they decide to cancel their subscription, but they don’t know how to cancel it.

This article helps you in canceling the subscription to PlayStation Now or also has information on how to get a refund.

It will also describe how individual unsubscribe from the PlayStation. Now directly operating from your PC, PlayStation 4, tablet, and smartphone. Thus, you could efficiently perform this activity from that platform, which is most friendly and comfortable for people. People will not pay anything for unsubscribing and cancel the subscription & individuals continue using this until the natural expiration. In this article, brief instructions are given below. People can follow this and attain their goal & disable the subscription of PlayStation.

How to cancel PlayStation now and get a refund

Process of Unsubscribe from the PlayStation

A convenient feature is implemented by the PlayStation 4 that allows an individual to disable the different subscriptions linked toward the Network account of PlayStation. Before knowing about the procedure of unsubscribing from the PlayStation. You should ensure that console of your device is connected to PSN and the Internet.

For this, you have to go to the toolbar up. This option is available in the console main menu & press the X button, which is available above icon adjustments. RED item is then selected & then button X is pressed on writing the “Check Internet Connection.” If everything is going well, then the next step is to enter “Access to PlayStation Network,” the message will display Successful Operation. The operating system would describe step by step how to perform it. Generally, you only require to access the adjustments, and button X is pressed, which is considered as a controller in article RED, choose the type of connection( LAN or Wi-Fi), Press the pad button X in voice typical & enter the password if you are using a wireless network.

When the connection is properly established, then you only need to go to option toolbar up & button X is pressed. Then choose the Account managements item. Thus, with information about the account, the entire page is scrolled down, button X is pressed, which is present above input “PlayStation subscriptions” & choose the PlayStation now.

After all, this procedure turns off the automatic renewal & then presses yes, on-screen later good will appear. After performing all these steps, you are successfully deactivated subscription to PlayStation.

The procedure of Unsubscribe from the PlayStation Now from the tablets & smartphones

If anyone wants to unsubscribe the PlayStation Now from tablets and smartphones, then you could act via the official application of PlayStation to download & install later. For this, you only require to open App Store or Play Store, lookup the “PlayStation App,” & choose the application icon from search results, and the PlayStation logo is in white color with a blue background. Then click the Ottien/Install item, and if someone is using the iOS, please verify the identity through Touch ID, Apple ID, or Face ID password.

Once PlayStation App is installed, choose the article “Log into PSN,” then enter the email and the password of your account & then click Login. After performing these steps, press the PlayStation icon, which is located in the main screen center & choose the PS Store icon. The “smiley face icon” is then pressed, which is present in the upper right & then choose the Subscription management item. At this stage, only click the “Turn off automatic renewal” blue button & choose the confirmation article.

The procedure to Cancel the PlayStation Now

Sony basically offers the possibility to deactivate the PlayStation Now automatic renewable from the PC. First of all, you require to connect to the PlayStation Store’s official website, then. In the upper right, the option of “to access” is available. Insert the Login ID and the password of your account & then press the Login button, which is in blue color. In this way, you can access the account. After this step, click on the icon of smiley face & choose Subscription management. After this step, the “Turn off automatic renewal” option is clicked & then press the confirmation button. The subscription of PlayStation Now will active till that day when renewable must have properly taken place, this, however, would not be taken & thus you don’t need to pay more money.

How to cancel PlayStation now and get a refund

Following steps are involved in the cancellation of a PlayStation Now subscription:

Step 1

On the home screen of PS4’s, click the controller to show the options bar. On the options bar far right, the “Setting” option is available.

Step 2

Choose “Account Management”

Choose the “Account Management” option, which is present in the setting menu.

Step 3

Choose “Account Information” from a menu of “Account Management,”

Open the option “Account Information.”

Step 4

You must scroll down, and lookup for “PlayStation Subscriptions” & choose it. 

At the bottom, the “PlayStation Subscriptions” option is available.

Step 5

Choose the “PlayStation subscriptions” that you need to cancel properly. Then choose “Turn off Auto-Renew.”

I solely have the account of PlayStation Plus, but you could cancel & for both, you could turn off the auto-renew in an exactly similar manner.  Individual subscription will remain to continue until the current billing time end.

“PlayStation Subscription Management” on Web

In the Web Browser:

  • First of all, to the account management sign in
  • From the menu, which is present on the screen left side, choose a Subscription option.
  • Choose “Turn Off Auto-Renew,” which is present next to the subscription you want to cancel.
  • If anyone wants to continue their subscription, you must choose “Turn On Auto-Renew,” this option is chosen before the current subscription renewable date to keep the subscription active.

On PS4, “PS Subscription Management”

  • PS Now, EA Play & PS Plus
    First of all, go to the Settings option, then Account Management, Account Information, and then click on PlayStation Subscriptions.
  • Choose the subscription that somebody wants to cancel properly.
  • The choose “Turn Off Auto-Renew.”

Other Subscriptions

  • First of all, go to the Settings option, then go to Account Management, then go to Account Information and then choose the Service list.
  • From the list, choose the subscription & then choose “Turn Off Auto-Renew.”
  • If someone like to continue their subscription, choose the “Turn On Auto-Renew,” this option is chosen before the current subscription renewable date to keep the subscription active.


For this, go to XMB Menu, then go to the “PlayStation Network,” the go-to Account Management, then go to Transaction Management and then go to Services List.

  • Then choose the current subscription & press the X button.
  • Then choose “Cancel Automatic Renewal” & press the X button.
  • If anyone wants to continue their subscription, you must choose “Restart Automatic Renewal,” this option is chosen before the renewable date by using a similar method.

Request for the Refund for PlayStation now

Request for the Refund

For the refund process, you solely need to fill the contact form available at the   & from the list present in “PlayStation Network & Account section” choose the “refund request.”  It would be best if you had the following things in your hand:

  • You must have an online ID of PSN.
  • You must have Signed in Id.
  • You must know DOB (Date of Birth)
  • You should know about the purchase name that you want to refund.

Your request for a refund will process as soon as possible, but it will take around 72 hours for verification. If someone began to download the game on their console, their request would be declined & they will notify you about this.

Refund requests can be made by using the form. You might desire to refer to the confirmation email about the purchase that you had received when someone made any purchase to complete the form.

If Different Issues Occur

Different unexpected events might happen in several special cases that don’t permit you to deactivate the subscription of PlayStation Now properly. Although such events are infrequent, I think it is essential to describe how to interact with “Sony Help Center.”  In case of any problem, first of all, connect to the support site of official PlayStation & write a short description regarding your problem in the search bar, which is present at the bottom. So, the website will explain what you could do & make people understand the solution, and provide guidelines about how an individual could independently proceed.

To further proceed, “disable ps now” will be written in the search bar & choose the device icon that you are basically using it. At that step, the entire page is scrolled down & choose the “PlayStation Now subscription & cancellation.” This portal will give you more guidelines regarding the deactivation of your subscription. If someone doesn’t turn off PlayStation Now automatic renewable yourself, you should scroll down the entire page & click the “Send us an email” button.  Firstly, by email, people can contact the experts of Sony with the details. Otherwise, you can contact to help center via phone number & service time is available.


The conclusion drawn from the above discussion is that the PlayStation subscription could be efficiently canceled until the renewable date subscription by “Turn off the Auto-Renew setting.” For each subscription, you could look up the renewable dates in the account management section. For a refund, you need to fill the form. You can unsubscribe, cancel, and refund the subscription by following multiple steps efficiently.

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