How to connect AirPods to a Lenovo laptop? (Quick Ways)

Gone are the days when people wished to have hands free, now we all are attracted to new technology. For the audio systems, nowadays we all are inclined and interested in AirPods. It is mainly because the AirPods are wireless, and it enables the users to move freely. Many gamers and businessmen have realized the need for AirPods during the pandemic when they were supposed to work from home. Whatever your reason is to use AirPods, you must know the accurate method to connect the AirPods with your laptop or mobile phone.

It is generally assumed that AirPods are only designed for mobile phones. It is not the case. Fortunately, you can easily connect your AirPods with Lenovo laptops. Like any other laptop, Lenovo has also manufactured advanced ones that are compatible with AirPods. This article will try to explain the simple method to connect apple AirPods with Lenovo laptops.

A Quick Guide:

  • Turn on or off Bluetooth by clicking Start > Settings > Bluetooth & devices.
  • Press and hold the AirPod’s button (A blinking white light indicates that you’re ready to connect)
  • The “Airpods” can be found under the “Add a Device” Section

Note: First, you must have Bluetooth on your Lenovo laptop and Second If your Bluetooth is not working, then you should install the Bluetooth driver to resolve the issue.

Steps to connect Apple Airpods with Lenovo laptop

So to make it understandable, we have classified this simple method into various steps. So the first one is as follows.

Check the bluetooth connection

As AirPods are wireless, thus the only way to connect any wireless device is through Bluetooth. Thus, the first step would be connecting both the laptops and AirPods together. People think that Bluetooth would always be turned on their laptops most of the time. It is not the case for most laptops. So before you start ensure that the Bluetooth is on; otherwise the method would take too long to connect.

If you are unable to find the Bluetooth button, then look on the taskbar, there you will see a system tray. Click on the Bluetooth button to turn it on.

Add the airpods

Before you add this device, you must keep the AirPods and their charger near the laptop. It would be better to keep both the devices close as most of the time the AirPods Bluetooth might not get connected, and as a result, the users think that it is impossible to connect these two together.

Now you must press the Bluetooth button and a window will open up. If you do not want to make it messier, it is recommended to right-click on the Bluetooth button and see an option of “Add device”. Press on the add device option, and the laptop will start searching for the AirPods.

When you press the plus sign, where it says to add a Bluetooth device, you will need to wait for a while. It may take a few minutes for the first time to connect the two devices. Now you will see an option named your AirPods, and it can be an unnamed device if you have not given it a peculiar name. Select the device, and now on the previous window, you will see your AirPods added under the audio devices.

Reasons for why the airpods are not connecting with the lenovo laptop

Because of other bluetooth devices

If you observe that your AirPods are not connecting with your Lenovo laptop, then the chances are that they are already connected with some other devices. So before you try to connect these two, you should check if any Bluetooth device is turned on.

Low or no charge

If the AirPods are not connecting, then zero charges can be another reason for this issue. You must check if the AirPods are fully charged. It is recommended to charge your AirPods to avoid any inconvenience fully.

Solutions to fix this issue

As connecting AirPods to the laptop is not a complex task, thus solutions are also very simple. Here are a few of them that can make your AirPods connect to the Lenovo laptop.

Repair the airpods

If suddenly the AirPods stop working while they are connected with your Lenovo laptop, then the best way would be to unpair the AirPods, and then repair them. Doing so will connect the devices.

Updating the devices

Sometimes, the AirPods might need an upgrade. You should first go to the AirPods setting on your phone and check for any latest updates. Now upgrade the AirPods, and see if it gets connected. It will only happen if you are not frequently checking the updates for the AirPods.

Check settings

If you are a new Airpods user, you might not understand how to connect it. So it will be better to check if you are pressing the right button and the AirPods are in pairing mode.

Bluetooth Driver Update:

Your Bluetooth may not be working sometimes. These issues can be resolved by installing a new driver.

How to connect AirPods to a Lenovo laptop – Conclusion:

Connecting an advanced audio Bluetooth device to your Lenovo laptop makes it pretty easier for you to work. However, it might be a bit hard for the new users, this brief guide will be a great help for them to connect AirPods with a Lenovo laptop.

Frequently asked questions

How to know if the airpods are ready to use for the online meetings on laptop?

Many people complain that if ever they connect AirPods with their laptops, they get confused as they do not know if the device is connected for the online meetings. When you are attending an online meeting on google meet or zoom, you will see a sign with three dots or simply go to settings. There you can check for the audio if it is connected with AirPods.

How to connect airpods to lenovo laptop windows 10?

Connecting AirPods with windows 10 is slightly different than connecting it with other windows. You need to turn on the laptop, and once it is ready to use, click on the windows button.

Then go to settings, and search for the option devices. Here you will see an option for Bluetooth, now turn it on.

Now moving towards the Airpod. Press the power button of the AirPods, and wait. Once you see the power light blinking, it means that the Airpod is ready to use. Now on your laptop’s screen, press the add device option.

Once you click on it, the laptop will start searching for the new Bluetooth device. Connect when the AirPods are visible.

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