How to fix the white spot on the Hp laptop screen (4 Easy Ways)

Some HP laptop users have been facing a strange issue of white spots on their screens. Although this issue can be annoying, there are various solutions available to remove the white spots.

How to fix the white spot on the Hp laptop screen

This article will provide all possible solutions to help users get their flawless screen back.

Additionally, HP laptops come with a warranty of one or two years, so users should take advantage of this if possible. If not, users can follow the provided solutions to resolve the issue.

Why are there white spots on the screen?

As it is a pretty strange issue, thus many people still wonder why it happens. So the most common issue which makes the laptop screen go white or with patches is the graphic card issue. Most of the time, the graphic card gets damaged or broken.

If you are using a Hp gaming laptop, then such issues can be pretty common. Another reason for it can be the battery and power supply. If any part of your laptop is not getting an adequate power supply, the screen will show that again. If not screened, then the input devices will not work correctly.

Lastly, the main issue can be the laptop screen itself. If you recall slipping off your laptop onto a hard object, then probably it is that accident that damaged the screen. If you are lucky enough, then replacing the screen can help you in getting your working laptop back.

What causes white spots on the HP laptop screen?

As discussed above, the following things can cause those white spots on the screen of a Hp laptop.

  • A damaged screen can be a cause of such white spots.
  • If the graphic processing unit is not working properly, or it’s too old.
  • The excessive use of laptops.
  • Faulty batteries can affect the screen.
  • Your laptop is affected by a virus.

Solutions to fix the white spot on the HP laptop screen

So here, we will be sharing a few practical methods to tackle the white spot issue in Hp laptops.

Hardware issues

Sometimes, if old and unusable, the hardware can cause this screen issue. Along with it, you never know if something is broken inside your laptop. Thus, before you rush to the technician, we will advise you to analyze the entire laptop body.

Then open the laptop and check all the parts if you can. The display can be most affected if the GPU is not working properly. Sometimes, miscarriage can lead to a damaged GPU. So it will be better to have a look at it.

The easiest way to check if it is related to hardware or not, you can connect the laptop with an external monitor. If you still see some display issue on the external monitor, then there is something wrong with the hardware. If not, then there is something else.

Clean the screen

If you see that your HP laptop has a white spot on some areas of the screen, then you can try cleaning the screen internally. For a novice, doing it will be completely impossible. However, with the help of some experts, they can always clean the screen with a cleaning solution specially designed for laptop screens.

You need to take off the layers of the screen from the laptop. You might need some screwdrivers for that, then take it off, and with the help of cotton, you should clean the screen.

Such white spots occur on the laptop screen sometimes because of dust or dirt particles.

Check for viruses and clean the laptop

Sometimes, a notorious virus or malware attack can damage your laptop’s work progress and efficiency. It is the go-to method to fix different issues in a laptop. Luckily it is the simplest way to find out what is wrong with your laptop.

All you need to do is download a reliable anti-virus. If you cannot find some reliable anti-virus, you can simply go to the settings of your Windows laptop and select troubleshooting.

However, when you scan the laptop, you will come to know that there are a few issues once you have detected and solved those issues. Then you will need to boot the system.

Removing batteries

One strange solution for these white spots on the Hp laptop is removing the battery and checking. All you are supposed to do is remove the batteries. And then let the power cable stay connected to the laptop.

Now press the power button, and turn the laptop on. If you currently do not see the white spot on the screen. Then you should change the battery, as it is the main culprit causing this issue.


Fixing strange issues with the Hp laptop screen might require you to sell the laptop or invest a lot of money. Thus, you need first to understand the problem correctly and then find out the plausible reason. Once you know the reason for such a strange issue, then you will be able to fix it. As it is easy to solve the issue, thus you should first check yourself, instead of rushing to a technician.

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