How to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi (4 Effective Ways)

Using a tablet is slightly different from using a mobile phone and laptop. A tablet is a mixture of both the laptop and mobile phone. A few of its features are similar to the mobile phone, while others are like laptops’ features. So, this blend is sometimes confusing for the user; you know that in a few tablets, you can also insert a sim, is it not that amazing?

How to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi

This article discusses the methods to connect your tablet with an internet connection without Wi-Fi. We all know that we do not have a 24/7 internet connection through Wi-Fi; some people need to rely on other sources.

Still, it is very unusual for many of us; we cannot even imagine a life without an internet connection or Wi-Fi, but what would you do in an emergency connection, say if there is no power and your Wi-Fi is not working. You need to design an important project—no need to worry. We have got you covered with our incredible ideas to connect your tablet with the internet without a WIFI.

4 ways to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi

We explain working methods to get internet on a tablet without wifi, whether you were using Samsung, Asus, Amazon kindle fire, Huawei, or any other company tablet. These methods have worked with almost all types of tablets.

Data connection or mobile phone

get internet on tablet using Data connection

If you are afraid of any such emergency when you cannot connect your tablet with the WIFI connection, always go for the safer type of device. In this regard, the safest option is to have a tablet with a sim card jacket.

Buy a sim card and insert it. You can use the data or mobile network internet connection as an alternative to the Wi-Fi internet connection in a time of need. It is so far the best alternative, mainly because just like the wireless connection through WIFI, it will also be wireless. You will not feel stacked in different kinds of wires; it is the easiest way to connect your tablet with the internet without WIFI.

If you think you need some special kind of sim card, then hold on, and relax. No, you do not need a special sim card for the tablet. The same sim cards for your mobile phones will work for the tablet. All you need to consider is to choose the best mobile operator service, the one with amazing speed so that you should enjoy the same efficient internet connection.

Using a dongle

Using a dongle to get internet

The dongle is a small device that can connect the Ethernet connection with your mobile phone or tablet. There are different kinds of dongles available in the market, which can be connected through a USB connection or connect them through Bluetooth.

No, you do not have to connect it with software or configuration. It is effortless to use. These devices are easy to carry, and you can take them wherever you want; it is also not something that will need extra wires to operate.

Bluetooth tethering

get internet on tablet Using Bluetooth tethering

Bluetooth tethering is a method for emergencies. Imagine you want to use the internet for a project, and there is no internet connection. So, the best solution for it would be internet sharing.

This option is the last resort for those who do not even have a dongle or a sim jacket on their tablets. All you can now do is connect your mobile’s internet with the tablet through a hotspot and Bluetooth.

Luckily, this option is a lifesaver, and almost every device has this feature be it an old or new tablet. So, you can have it to make your things work.

Cable tethering

using Cable tethering to get internet on tablet

Cable tethering is the oldest way to connect a stable internet connection with your tablet. If you have a PC or laptop with a stable internet connection, you can connect your tablet with the PC using a USB or ethernet cable to enjoy the same internet connection; it is the same connection you secured through Bluetooth tethering.

A few advanced tablets might not have it, but the 2019 versions of laptops and tablets have it, so you do not need to worry about it.

4 ways to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi


Connecting to the internet connection without a WIFI sounds really strange, and out of this world, this is why most people do not know the alternatives, in this article, we have mentioned a few effective ways to do this.

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