How To Know The Pin Size Of a Laptop Charger? (Simple Way)

Are you planning to buy a used laptop? Well, beware because no matter how good the device is and how bad you want to. There might be several issues related to the use of that device.

For example, if someone has bought a laptop from another country, then chances are that the external devices and cables of the same model might be different. Many people do not know this, but some countries have very different charger plugs and cable designs. So there are chances that such things can happen, especially when buying a second-hand laptop.

Most of the time, people complain that they did not get the necessary charger for the laptop, and they end up buying the wrong charger.

Another scenario that can lead to the purchase of the wrong charger would be buying the charger through an online shop. In many online shopping incidents, people end up buying the wrong thing, particularly when it is linked with tech items.

The obvious reason for it is not knowing the right pin size of the laptop charger. Well, it can happen, therefore, the manufacturing companies try to keep everything a standard for the locals. So if you happen to buy a new laptop, but you do not know the pin size, then it is high time you must read this article.

Make your Mind

First of all, we would like you to accept the fact that the charger pin varies only by some centimeters. Therefore, it is very important for anyone who is trying to measure the size of the charging port, or pin, to get the right equipment. It can be anything, from a vernier caliper to a screw gauge, you can get whatever device is the most useful.

Simple Way to Know The Pin Size Of a Laptop Charger:

If you simply search for your laptop model charger on google, you will need to visit any authentic shopping website, after which you will find your charger pin size on the product page.

Let’s Suppose, I need to know the Asus TUF F15 FX506L model charger, I Just Search on google and Find an amazon shopping page, and in the description, I got the charger with the pin size that I need.

Simple Way to Know The Pin Size Of a Laptop Charger

Check Laptop Required Wattage

You should check the information on the back of your laptop regarding the input power required. Therefore, if you buy low-wattage chargers, they will burn after a couple of days. Make sure you buy the correct charger based on the input power of your laptop.

Check Laptop Required Wattage

What do you need to measure to know the pin size?

If you happen to have several chargers at your home or office and want to find out which one will go with your laptop. Then you should measure two types of diameters.

The first one will be the outer diameter. If you observe the charging pin carefully, you will see that it has two rims. The outer rim’s diameter would be the outer diameter. And the inner rim’s diameter is the inner diameter.

Now measuring it is really challenging as it is very tiny, and not many people would have the equipment to measure it precisely.

If you are still confused, then allow me to explain that the pin’s outer cover is the metallic part of the pin. It is the place where you will measure the outer diameter.

Then on the inside of the pin, you will see an inner part, it will be either made up of fiber or plastic. It is the size of the laptop’s charging port in some cases, however, for some advanced laptops, the outer part also gets in.

What is the advanced laptop pin size?

To be honest, there is no particular size for all laptops. Each manufacturer has a different tip size. Currently, there are seven types of tips for laptop pins. This is not it, each type is further divided into a range of outer and inner diameter.

The maximum outer diameter for the X tip type is 7.9mm, and the inner diameter will be 0.9mm. However, the tip length for all the laptops is 12 mm. It is the standard size of the laptop’s charger’s pin.

How to measure the laptop’s charger pin?

Now coming towards the main question, how can you measure it? If you think that it would be easy to measure the laptop charger’s pin size with a measuring tape, then you are wrong.

The best way to measure the pin is with a caliper. You might not get it easily, and many people will need to contact a technician to find the caliper.

If you have the caliper then you are supposed to measure the length and the cross-sectional area of the pin. This way you can measure the diameter.

Ensure that you know how to measure with that equipment because a slight difference can go a long way.

A guide to measuring the diameter with a caliper

To assist you a bit, here is a brief guide about how to measure the size with the help of a caliper.

  • First, you need to check the zero error.
  • To do so, close the teeth of the caliper, if the reading is zero and zero on all sizes then the zero error is removed.
  • Then get the charger.
  • Ensure that the pin is clean and that there is nothing on it.
  • Now hold the pin from the tip area.
  • Place it in the center of the caliper’s teeth.
  • Now tighten the screen of the caliper, and once it is tight.
  • Now take the reading, and ensure that you also note the points on the caliper.


Measuring the size of the charger pin is a hard thing, and not everyone can do this. It can only be measured with the right equipment. It is also very crucial to find the right port.


What if the charger is of the same measurement but still did not charge?

Well, it can happen when the pin is broken, or the charger is not working properly.

What to do to change the polarity of the charger?

You need to change the position of the charger to 180 degrees, and it will start working.

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