Hp Envy – 15t slim Quad Thinnest Laptop: Is It Good for Laptop?

The HP envy 15t Slim laptop is a great choice for anyone who wants a powerful and portable device.
It has a quad-core processor and an impressive GPU that make it perfect for most tasks.

But its not for gaming. However, there are a few drawbacks to consider.h the right knowledge, you can minimize these and maximize your experience with this amazing laptop. So get ready to be blown away by the power of the HP envy 15t Slim and experience the envy!

Hp Envy - 15t slim Quad Laptop Review

Hp Envy – 15t slim Quad Laptop Quick View:

So to give you a proper understanding of this device, let us start considering all the prominent features.


This one comes with a 4th generation intel core i7 processor. It is a quad-core processor, which would be pretty supportive for your work while staying at home. Graphic designers, illustrators, school teachers, and businessmen can rely on this device as the 4th generation quad-core processor.

Graphic processing unit

It is not one of those HP devices which only has the regular HP graphics; instead, it comes with the robust NVIDIA GeForce GT740 processor. It is a 4GB processor, which would be more than enough for a beginner. It would be enough to run different applications for designing, and you can easily edit any video or pictures with precision.

It is not the only thing supporting the colors and display, but the Intel HD graphics 4600 would be a cherry on top.


Getting a laptop in this price range and that too with a 15.6 inches screen is no less than a miracle. Buy Hp has made it possible for you. They are offering this medium-sized screen, ready to support all the designers and online workers.

Along with the screen size, the resolution is also on point, which is 1920x1080p. You will not be disappointed in any way.


Who does not want to have unlimited storage when it comes to business or personal laptops? We all do. Fortunately, this amazing Quad-core laptop has 1TB storage. You can easily store as much data as you want. Making this device an equally great option for all who do not know the amount of data they might be handling. It will be a superb device to start your career with.


It is not a gaming laptop, and as it is designed for the working class, thus an 8GB RAM is enough. It is neither too much nor too less. An 8GB RAM means that you can use different applications quickly, without slowing down.

The Multi-Touch Support

If you have kids with you or want a device that you can share with your kid, this would be a good choice. It can support ten touches at a time. This multi-touch support enhances the efficiency and speed of your work. Moreover, for a designer, the multi-touch feature is no less than a blessing. Another feature that makes it our favorite is the backlit keyboard enabling the users to use it anytime and anywhere.


You do not need to worry about any kind of connections, as this laptop has all one would need. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, a LAN connection, and an audio combo.

Is HP Envy 15T slim Quad good Laptop

Is HP Envy 15T slim Quad good Laptop?

Overall, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for someone who wants an all-rounder laptop. It can fulfill all the advanced and contemporary digital tasks, be it related to work or education. Investing in this device would be a worthwhile decision.

Final words

The HP 15t Slim is a fantastic choice for anyone who has started working or wants to level up from the beginner level. It is a regular multi-purpose laptop with a great GPU and touch screen. It has all you would need in an advanced laptop.

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