Hp Omen 15 vs. Zephyrus G15: Which laptop wins?

Both Hp and Asus are two great competitors in the digital world of laptops. However, Asus is still leading the gaming world in laptops. If you are thinking of buying a powerful gaming laptop, then it is essential to first compare the latest options available.

To be honest, comparing these two would be a hard thing as many features are pretty similar. The only difference lies in the minute details. Therefore, many buyers are often confused while choosing between these two. Thus, it is essential to get a proper understanding of both these articles so that you might not get the one that does not suit you.

Hp Omen 15 (AMD) vs. Zephyrus G15 (GA503)

Hp Omen 15 (AMD) vs. Zephyrus G15 (GA503): Comparison

One thing, which we always mention, when writing a comparison or review is the need for analysis. Do not go to buy a device without considering your needs.

Let us start the Hp Omen 15 (AMD) vs. Zephyrus G15 (GA503) comparison:

Hp Omen 15Zephyrus G15
Display:15.6 inches (IPS LCD)15.6 inches (IPS LCD)
Refresh Rate:144 Hz144 Hz
RAM:8 – 64GB8 – 48GB
Storage:512GB – 1TB512GB – 1TB
Processor:AMD Ryzen 5 5600HAMD Ryzen 7 5800HS
GPU:Radeon RX Vega 7Radeon RX Vega 8
Battery Life:3.5 Hours8 Hours
Weight:5.4 pounds4.45 Pounds

Processing units

Both are gaming laptops, and fortunately, both these laptops have AMD ryzen processors. However, the HP omen comes with the AMD Ryzen 5 5th generation, while the ROG Zephyrus has the AMD Ryzen 7 5th generation.

The latter one is more powerful and fast as it is an octa-core processor. So if you feel that you would be handling some heavy tasks on your laptop, and it would depend mainly on the processor, then the Zephyrus15 can be your priority.

Then the basic speed is also lower than the AMD Ryzen 7 5th generation. However, we did not see much difference in the turbo speed. While playing games, one might not feel that the HP Omen is a slow gaming laptop. The turbo speed of Hp omen is 4.2Ghz, while Zephyrus is 4.4Ghz.

Display and Screen

The display and the screen panel are the same, and there is not much difference. Both have the same refresh rate, but the response rate is different. The HP omen has a higher refresh rate, while the Zephyrus does not. So here again, Asus Zephyrus is bagging a priority label.

Those who wish to work in bright light should stay aware that the ASUS Zephyrus does not have high brightness. Thus, limiting its use. So, in that case, the Hp omen would be a nice option.

The Graphic Processing Unit

Here you would be greatly confused even though the Zephyrus comes with the NVIDIA 30 series GPU. Still, its base clock is a lot smaller than the Hp Omen. the Hp Omen comes with the NVIDIA 1660 6GB processor, but the ASUS Zephyrus has the NVIDIA 3050 4GB processor.

Additionally, the max speed for both these GPUs differs very slightly. It is so minimal that the user might not feel the difference. Now you must be thinking, what is the difference then? Well, the 30 series of NVIDIA carries additional value features such as ray tracing, which is missing in the NVIDIA 1660 GPU.

One more thing which is of great concern is the memory speed. So here, they claim that HP omen has a memory speed of almost 12 GBps, which can be true, but this approximation does not mean that it will always be 12. On the contrary, the Asus Zephyrus does have a 12GBps speed.

RAM and Storage

These are the same. However, the RAM is upgradable. In Hp Omen, you can go as high as 64GB, but unfortunately, for the Zephyrus, the maximum RAM size is 48GB. The basic RAM for both gaming laptops is 8GB. The storage size is the same, 512GB.


Longer battery life is all we crave in a gaming laptop. No matter how big the battery is, the powerful GPU and CPU would take it away when in turbo mode. However, a larger and more powerful battery is preferable.

So in the Asus Zephyrus, they have given a 90W battery, which is bigger and more powerful than the 70.9Wh battery of the Omen.

One more difference between the two lies in the types of batteries. The Hp omen has a Li-Po battery, while the Zephyrus comes with a Li-Ion battery. If we compare these two, then the studies show that the Li-Po batteries are not very reliable, and they may die out soon. So if you plan to keep the laptop for longer, then the Li-Ion batteries would be better, which means that here again the ASUS Zephyrus would be considered better.

Weight and Dimensions

The weight of a laptop would decide its use. So if you wish to have a lighter laptop, then you must go for the Zephyrus. It is almost one and a half pounds lighter than the Hp Omen. Yes, the Hp laptops are generally heavy, and in this comparison, Asus has succeeded as the better one.

Then the size and the look are also similar. You might not feel much difference while looking at both these laptops with respect to their size.


A gamer can never ignore the keyboards. So in this comparison, the best keyboard is the HP Omen. Yes, even though it does not have the most robust features, for keys and keyboards, the HP company has done some great work. It will be relatively easier for you to use the HP omen than the ASUS Zephyrus. Thanks to the spacing between the keys, sensitivity, and the hotkeys. The Asus Zephyrus also has these features, but only one or two.


If you wish to have numerous USB C ports, then the ASUS Zephyrus should be your choice, as it has two USB C ports. However, it does not come with a display port, and that can be an issue for many gamers.

Final words:

If you are searching for a really powerful gaming laptop, then the ASUS Zephyrus in my opinion is the best. However, for those who wish to keep it nice, a Hp omen keyboard is easier to use. Then another main difference lies in the brightness level, you cannot easily use the ASUS Zephyrus in daylight, but you can easily carry it.

So, in a nutshell, both these devices are great gaming laptops, but it all depends on the user’s needs at the end of the day. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Hp omen 15 worth it?

Yes, it is a fine choice if you are a beginner gamer or someone who does not wish to spend a huge sum.

Is HP omen 15 good for gaming?

Yes, it will be a good choice for gaming; however, without a ray tracing feature, it would be a bit hard to enjoy the game.

Is Zephyrus G15 worth it?

It is totally worth it for all types of gamers, as it comes with the best-added value features.

Does ASUS Zephyrus have a webcam?

Yes, it does have a webcam.

Is the Asus ROG Zephyrus good for gaming?

Yes, it is one of the most powerful gaming laptops with AMD processors.

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