Hp silver fusion i3 Laptop Review: The Perfect Laptop

The HP Silver Fusion laptop is a great option for budget-minded buyers looking for an affordable yet robust laptop.

It is an all-rounder laptop from HP and perfect for work, entertainment, and business. It provides a great user experience and is sure to make you smile with its performance.

Futhermore, with its pocket-friendly price tag, it’s hard to ignore! So, if you’re looking for a laptop that won’t break the bank but still has the power you need, this one’s for you!

Hp silver fusion i3 Laptop Review

Hp silver fusion i3 Laptop Review

Let us consider all its features one by one. We are only considering those details which are understandable for a layman. So let us start.

Display and screen

Most of us expect that an affordable laptop will not have a large screen, but with Hp silver fusion it is not the case. It has a 15.6 inches screen, which would be enough for all types of tasks. Want to watch a movie? Not an issue when you have a screen this big.

It is not an ordinary screen which si only big, but it also has a WLED display, with an HD SVA bright view.

Lastly, it has the intel UHD graphics too. Thus, there will be no issues related to screen and display.


The processors are also pretty fine. It is the advanced 8th generation intel core-i3 which would be enough to do the regular tasks, including work, data management, online sessions, and fun activities.


Its RAM is not very promising for heavy tasks. It is only 4GB RAM, and anyone who wishes to download or use some big software, will not like it much. However, for movies, entertainment, and other daily activities that are required to be done on a laptop. 

In support of this memory, the HP silver fusion has a 16GB intel Optane memory, it would make many things better for the users. Making this device a lot better than other devices with 4GB RAM.

1 TB storage

The 1 TB storage is more than enough, and one might not expect this for such a laptop. Usually, 1TB is available for gaming or business laptops, but here it is an unexpected feature, enabling its users to store as much data as they want. It would be an unlimited type of data storage.


As it is offering more than the other laptops available in this range, so you might wonder that all of it would affect the battery life. However, here it is a totally opposite case. You get almost 10 hours of battery life, is it not enough for all your tasks and assignments?

One more thing, which can add value to this long battery life, is the fast charging feature.

DVD Writer and Multimedia card Reader

Okay, so as it is pretty uncommon now to have a DVD writer on a laptop. As it is designed for family time and entertainment too, therefore these two amazing additions were a must. You can easily watch all types of movies on this fantastic device.

Connectivity and ports

It offers advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, enabling its users to connect this device to any other device pretty easily. As far as the ports are concerned so it has 2 USB 3.1 ports, one USB 2 port, one HDMI port, and one for the headphones.

Is HP silver fusion i3 good

Is HP silver fusion i3 good?

If you are asking for a student who has to do his assignment, a teacher who needs to give online lectures and check tasks, or for a mother who tends to run some small businesses. Then it is more than what they need. It is large enough to help any older person who might find it difficult to see and work on a smaller screen. The core i3 is also more than enough for regular works.

Overall, it is a fine choice for anyone who is not doing any digital work or has a separate PC at the workplace and wishes to have one more for a home to watch movies or use some other software. Then it is a fine choice.


Hp 15 silver fusion laptop is best for students, teachers, and housewives. However, if someone wishes to have a side laptop then they can have it. It is among the best affordable under 1000 bucks laptops by HP.

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