How to increase the wifi speed of a laptop?

There can be different reasons for having a slow wifi speed. Barriers like electronic devices can cause slow speed. The distance between your laptop and the device can also cause slow speed and signals. Moreover, more devices using wifi are also the main reason for slowing down wifi connection speed.

If you face a wifi connection slow down, it is better to contact the internet service provider. Different packages are available for the speed you need.

Let’s discuss how to increase a laptop’s wifi speed.:

Quick Steps to increase wifi speed

You can speed up your laptop’s WiFi by following these steps:

1. Place the wifi device in open area:

Distances and obstacles affect wifi speed. The obstacle that disturbs the connection speed can be a LED. It can distort the connection signals. For the proper signal availability, put the router in an open space where there is no TV. It is because there can be interference if frequency matches. Moreover, don’t put your cordless phones and other electronics that work with signals.

Place the wifi device in open area

You can find the dead spots in your home where you can’t get proper connection signals by using the CloudCheck mobile app. It will also help you know where the wifi signals are best at your home.

2. Use contemporary wifi technologies:

Technologies changes with time and the best way to speed your wireless network uses the latest wifi devices. Wifi 6 (802.11ax) enables faster speeds, greater capacity, and lower latency in PCs, routers, gateways, and mobile phones for homes.

New wireless AC routers provide three times faster speed than wireless-B/G/N models, AC router offers three times faster speed and provides dual-band. The wifi 6 router has data transfer speeds up to three times faster than standard wifi 5.

You would like to choose the latest wifi as you will get a password to prevent interruptions from your neighbors.

3. Limit connected devices: 

Large bandwidth is required to play games, video chats, and video streams. They can cause a slow down of your internet speed. The access for connection can get limited for every device connected to the wifi. Some routers work with QoS that helps you set and control the apps that can access internet bandwidth.

Limit connected devices May Cause slow speed Internet

For example, you have to conduct meetings, and you will prefer video calls and deprioritize downloading files. You can get your files to download later instead of dropping calls.

Please ensure that your router has the latest update. You can update the router manually, as some routers have an update process too. You only need to access the router’s settings for starting an update.

Block ads:

While surfing on the internet, you face ads almost on every webpage. You may don’t mind it; however, your internet connection does. Advertisements slow down your internet connection speed. Install ad-blocking software that will shut down automatic play videos and will free up breathing room for connection.

We recommend Adblock Plus as an ad-blocking plugin as it is free. Some VPNs such as NordVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost also provide services for ad blocks. 

Install Malware Detectors:

Some viruses and malware lurking on laptops put a drag on internet speed. As a general rule, you should have protection software on your computer. Ensure your laptop is scanned with Windows antivirus software, and always turn on your Windows antivirus to protect your laptop from malware and other harmful viruses.

Install a Clear Cache software:

Your browser collects bits of information about you when you visit the website and enter information in the form of cookies. It is for Marketers. They send you data that you might like to buy based on your browsing. To get rid of these cookies, clear the browser’s cache.

Browser cache also cause Slow Speed of Internet , So Clear Your chrome cache

Clear your cache every day so that the accumulated data does not affect the internet connection speed. You can do it manually. However, it is better to download a plug-in. We recommend Clear Cache for chrome to help you do it in just one click.

Final words:

The three main reasons you should know for slow internet connection are the router’s place, technical issue, and the number of devices connected to the wifi device. We hope that these steps will help increase the wifi speed of a laptop. If your wifi speed does not change after applying the solutions, it is recommended to contact your wifi service provider.

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