How to know the screen size of a Laptop without Measuring?

Has someone gifted you a laptop? Or does your dad buy one for you? In such cases, people might not know the size of the screen and a few other specifications. Even if you say that you have checked the properties of the laptop, there will still be a few things that might not be clear. So what can you do to tackle such a situation? Well, think for a second, is it important to know the size of your screen? Or can you do without it?

Well, if you are not into selling your laptop, or connecting another monitor or display with it, then yes, you might not be interested in knowing the screen size. However, if you do, it is necessary that you must know the laptop’s screen size, being a seller or a user.

In this article, we will be sharing with you a few tips regarding how you can learn about the Display size of your laptop and You will Know you know the screen size of a Laptop without Measuring.

Analysing the keyboard

This method might work for experts, those who have been using different laptops. So if there is no number pad on the keyboard, then the screen size is almost 11 to 13 inches. As many 11 to 13 inches laptops do not have a num-pad.

However, the difference between 11 inches and 13 inches would be.; that a 13 inches laptop will have number keys, but not a number pad separately.

If it has a number pad, then it can be 15.6 inches. Then if you feel that there is too much space, and the keys are pretty big, then it can be a 17 inches large screen.

The only issue would be in checking the screen size of your 14 inches laptop. The reason for that is the deceiving number pad. 14 inches laptops look like 15.6 inches laptops, so that you might take it for the larger one.

But to differentiate between 14 inches and 15.6 inches, you must bear in mind that the 15.6 inches laptop will have more space between the number pad and the main keys.

It is not an authentic method, and you might analyze it wrongly, but it is still a favorite one. For those who are unable to find the exact screen size, then you can rely on this method.

Internet can help

If it is urgent, then the only way you can get to know the size of a laptop’s screen is through the internet. You should ask google. Simply put the model number, and search, you will get all the details regarding that model.

Check the display settings

Sometimes you can easily get to know the screen size just by checking the display setting. Select the laptop’s setting, go to display, and then you can easily understand the display details.

In Apple Macbook finding these specifications are slightly easier, but in windows, you will need to check for advanced settings.

Applications and software

You are never stuck today, thanks to the digital world. Several applications with various tools can help you understand the dimensions and size of your laptop’s screen. You can search for some of the best applications, install them, then use the recommended tools, and you are good to go.

The most common applications are display rulers, make sure that you have chosen a reliable application, which only asks for specifications that you already know. Some virtual screen rulers will ask you to share the resolution, while the advanced ones will only give you a tool to measure the screen size.


Just like software and applications, there are a few sites that can be used to find the size of your laptop’s screen. You must try your luck and land on the best site available.

Use some rulers

As a last resort, you can use a measuring tape or any other object which can be utilized to measure the size of the laptop’s screen.

You must measure the size diagonally. LCD sizes are always measured in this way. You must consider the size in inches, and not in centimeters. If you have a measuring tool with centimeters, you should convert it into inches to get the standard measurement.

Take off the screen

You might not want to do it, and we also recommend this for people who are experts. If your laptop has screws on the screen, then you can easily take off the screen. On the back of this cover will be some logos and specifications. There you might also get to know the size of the laptop’s screen.


Measuring the size of your laptop’s screen is not an easy task when you do not know it already or the article box is lost. However, by following these simple methods, you can get an idea.

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