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9 Best Laptops For Basic Home Use in 2022 – (Experts Pick)

The tech industry manufacturing the best laptops has now encompassed every aspect of our lives. The 2020 pandemic has made it even necessary; now, even a homemaker cannot complete the required tasks unless provided with a good-quality laptop.

Furthermore, learning from home, working from home, and connecting through virtual meetings have searched for the best laptop a need of the hour. You need to read the reviews for the best laptop for home use to find if you are settling for the best product.

Best Laptop For Basic Home Use in 2022

Purchasing a laptop is not an easy task. Consider it a hard nut to crack, as most people who are now bound to work from home do not know much about the technical details, so here we are with the reviews of the nine best laptops for basic home use.

1. HP 15 laptop AMD Ryzen 3

Get the fast-processing laptop with amazing and advanced graphics.

HP 15 laptop AMD Ryzen 3

Enjoy the maximum visual treats with its 6.5mm micro bezel display. Moreover, to enhance the color display so that you must enjoy your favorite movies or video games, it has the best AMD Radeon graphics. You can do any virtual task with its easy-to-operate windows ten system. on top of that, the fast processor AMD Ryzen 3 is undoubtedly a bang for the bucks.

As far as the storage is concerned, so you do not have to worry about it. If you are a new student to software like MATLAB, then considering this article would not be a regret. It has the 8GB DDR4, in case you want to connect some Hard disks to increase the capacity. It works for longer than you have expected, this very product would stay with you for more than seven hours once fully charged, so when you are working from home, the maximum constant working session you may have is almost 4 to 5 hours. The best-rated laptop for home use under $500.

The display resolution is just one point, the 1366×768 pixels. This, along with the advanced graphics, will give you a gaming laptop experience, which is an extraordinary thing for a regular laptop for home use.


  • 7 hours battery life.
  • Windows 10.
  • Comes with two processors.
  • Lightweight, only 4.84 pounds.
  • Eco-friendly produces minimum halogen gases.
  • 5400 RPM.
  • DDR4 RAM.

2. ASUS Vivo book 15 thin laptops

Affordable and elegant design fast processor laptop for the at-home virtual tasks.

ASUS Vivo book 15 thin laptops

If you are looking for something classy and contemporary, then consider this one. It has a sleek design. The specs are amazingly perfect as finding a laptop in this price range is near to impossible. It has a full HD resolution to provide you with an excellent experience; the 4-edge nano display makes it an even better choice; you can have it to watch movies and play video games.

The best feature which I admire a lot is the ergonomic keyboard making it the best laptop for journalists and writers who are often working at home. And Also, Who Needs a laptop for regular use under $400 Budget. It works at a 3.6 GHz enabled by a four-core AMD Ryzen 5 3500 U.

Now here is the bonus feature. Buying it would be an economical purchase with several benefits. It comes with an upgradable RAM; you can change it and increase it from the original 8 GB RAM. Then the 128 GB SSD memory will make it a fast-working laptop to enhance your productivity.

Lastly, the Windows 10S is also a delightful experience, as its user interface is way better than the previous windows. It is lighter than you can imagine, only 3 pounds maybe, on top of that the 0.7 inches sleek design would make it easy to carry and keep the laptop, indeed one of the best laptops to work at home.  


  • Intel Core i3.
  • 128GB SSD storage.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • UHD graphics.
  • Windows 10S.
  • Three pounds weighs.
  • USB 2 and 3 ports.
  • One lithium rechargeable battery.

3. Dell Inspiron 15.6 inches HD laptop

Dell Inspiron 15.6 inches HD laptop

This is what we call a secure purchase. Many home-based workers or homemakers who think they might end up buying the wrong laptop can try this one. It comes with a one-year warranty. Nope, it is not your regular chrome book-sized mini laptop. It is 15.6 inches HD screen. It has an anti-glare screen, which offers safe screen timing. The 1280×720 pixels resolution is the best for movies and video games. Lastly, the graphics co-processor, the Intel UHD graphics, is a cherry on top.

The non-volatile memory is 1 Tb, making this laptop an ideal article for heavy software like MATLAB or other program developing software. On top of that, the RAM is 8GB, so that it must not stop while you work on multiple things simultaneously. The battery works fine; it is a single non-removable battery. Once charged, it can stay up for almost 8 to ten hours which is good enough for normal home use.  


  • Windows 10 home.
  • DDR4 SDRAM computer memory type.
  • Two processors.
  • Intel UHD graphics.
  • Maxx audio pro.
  • Blac color.
  • 4.3 pounds weight.

4. Acer Aspire 5 A515-55-56 VK

Acer Aspire 5

Enjoy the best colors and display angles with the IPS display. Anyone planning to use the laptop at home would consider the display quality; this one comes with an IPS display which is by far one of the advanced display technologies. The 10th generation I5 processor offers swift and fast working, say those who are working from home, can handle multiple programs simultaneously without a hanging laptop.

Not only it works fast, but it expends as little energy as possible. Imagine a 10th generation laptop working for almost 9 hours straight. This is a bit too much for those who know that the powerful processors will suck power. Many people complain about the sound quality of the economical range laptops; this one is not ordinary. It has the Acer true harmony technology for balanced sound quality.

It comes with a USB type C, two ports for the USB 3.1, HDMI for the play stations, etc. Is it not wonderful that you will get a single device to connect all the rest? It operates with windows ten which is now a common and easy-to-use interface for us. So, it is also a bonus.

The 8 GB RAM with a 3.6 GHz memory speed is enough for the fast and smooth working of a 10th generation laptop. It is not only the best quality laptop for home use but also for office work.


  • Comes with three USB ports and an HDMI port.
  • 1920×1080 display.
  • Integrated graphic processor.
  • 256GB flash memory.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • 3.97 pounds.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • Four processors.
  • HD webcam.

5. HP 15.6” HD touchscreen laptop i3

HP 15.6” HD touchscreen laptop i3

Okay, do you have kids at your home? Then you must consider having a multi-touch screen. It is a rare feature but quite helpful for the mothers, making it among the best laptops for home based use.  

All its features, including the i3 processor, are picked for an efficient home use laptop. They did not inculcate heavy programs. However, not in any sense, it is an archaic laptop; it is the 10th generation of the Core i3 processor. As far as the display is concerned, so it is an HD WLED screen with 1366×768 resolution. Furthermore, to enhance this experience, it has the Intel UHD graphics; what else would be better to have a family movie night.

The hard disk size is 128GB, which is a bit small, but if you are looking for a laptop only for regular home use, like watching movies, attending some online sessions, without downloading some heavier programs, then it is fine to invest money in it. The 8GB RAM is a standard that you should expect from every laptop, which claims to be the best laptop under $500 for Home use.


  • 15.6 inches screen size.
  • 1.2 GHz CPU Speed.
  • 4.4 lbs.
  • Operates on Windows 10.
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports.
  • Seven hours battery time.  

6. Fast Dell Latitude E5470 HD business laptop

Fast Dell Latitude E5470 HD business laptop

It is a business laptop pedigree, so if you have it for at home. This dual-core i5 6th generation is a moderately efficient laptop, enough for a home-based worker or running a retail store business. The windows ten pro is also a bonus, as you will have a user-friendly interface. Moreover, much software now, which is upgraded, comes for the windows ten versions.

The 8GB RAM is a standard one, offering fast and swift working, which every business person will appreciate as they value time more than anyone else. The screen is not very big, so you may have to compromise here, it is almost 14.3 inches wide, not it is not all lost, the screen is anti-glare. It comes with a 1GB graphic card for fine-quality pictures and videos. 

The hard disk has 265GB, which is enough for home use. It will work fine for a mommy or a business owner who wants simple and easy-to-use software for data analysis. Next, the battery life is only 5 hours, well, it is not very low, as a businessman’s laptop would not be used for more than 3 hours a day.


  • Three 3.0 USB ports.
  • SC card reader.
  • Intel HD 520 graphics.
  • 1 GB graphic card RAM.
  • 3.9 pounds weight.
  • Windows 10 pro.
  • Five hours battery life, one lithium rechargeable battery.

7. Chuwi hero book pro – Lightweight

Chuwi hero book pro

Are you working from home? And need to use the laptop for more than 7 hours a day? Then this one is the time saver laptop for you. It comes with a powerful battery, the 38Wh, that can stay with you for the next ten hours almost when used at the power-saving mode. The RAM is the same standardized one that is 8GB and enough for the normal at-home virtual tasks.

The processor is different; it has the intel dual core Gemini lake N4000, its base frequency is 1.1 GHz, and the boost speed is 2.6GHz, enough to run some heavy software. The main hard disk storage is 256GB, a very average one, but as it is not to impress an engineer only for someone who wants to have a digital device for home use, it will work fine.

The display is fabulous; the IPS HD display is perfect for movie watching and for someone who wants to do graphic designing on a laptop. Moreover, the decode 4k video smooth technology is also a cherry on top for movies and game lovers. It is indeed a bang for the buck; many people will think it is not a branded laptop, so it may be risky to purchase it. It is not the case, you can have it for home use, and it will be one of the finest laptops for you.


  • Decode 4k video.
  • IPS HD display.
  • Seven connecting ports.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Windows 10s.
  • Large touchpad with extra sensors.
  • 3.06 lbs.
  • 1920X1080 pixels.
  • Intel UHD graphics.

8. Microsoft surface laptop 3

Microsoft surface laptop 3

Intel Pentium core M generation 8 is the processor, which is undoubtedly the best one for the idea pads, and chrome books. A writer or journalist who tends to do research and even a small-scale graphic designer will be comfortable with it.

8Gb RAM and 128GB hard disk space is enough for a writer; I would suggest it for the article or column writers and researchers. The design is very sleek and light; it looks like the best contemporary style laptops.

The CPU speed is 1.2GHz, which is not very much for those who want to do stuff like MATLAB or other engineering programming; however, it is an adequate speed for at-home laptop use, like watching movies and attending live virtual seminars etc.

Another amazing thing is the battery life. If you are a movie or Netflix binge-watching addict, then this is your digital buddy. The powerful batteries can stay charged for as long as 10 hours. The Intel HD graphics 615 is a bang for the bucks. The HD quality videos and games are not going to disappoint you at all.


  • 8GB RAM.
  • 128GB hard disk space.
  • 1.2 GHz CPU speed.
  • 3.4 pounds weight.
  • 10 hours battery life.
  • Operating system windows 10 S.
  • 8TH GENERATION Intel Pentium intel core M.
  • 10.5 inches touch screen with the pen.    

9. Lenovo Idea pad 3

Lenovo Idea pad 3

If you want to level up the processing game, then this is the one idea-pad for you. It has AMD Ryzen 5 3500U mobile processors. On top of that, the Radeon graphics will make it a boosting machine for novice graphic designers. You can have it for home use when pursuing an engineering degree or when engaged with deep or machine learning research.

The 1080 resolution, also known as the FHD, is a peculiar feature necessary for today’s world. Otherwise, you may not be able to the best movies or craft the best designs. It is not a small screen; a 14-inch screen is enough to look for an idea pad.

It has an additional feature, which is a much-needed one in the pandemic times when we must attend several online sessions. It is the shutter for the webcam. As far as the device space is concerned, it has 8GB RAM and 256 GB hard disk space.


  • AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor.
  • 14 inches screen size.
  • Operating system Windows 10.
  • 2.1GHz processor’s speed.
  • 3.3 Pounds weight.
  • One lithium battery.
  • FHD display.

Things to consider before buying the Laptop For Basic Home Use.

When you are particularly looking for something economical yet useful, the purchase and quest for the best laptop is not an easy one. You need to consider the best options. For that purpose, we have given the reviews for the nine best laptops for at-home use. to further enhance the purchasing power and analytical skills, we have given an ultimate buying guide.   

Without considering a few quintessential features that can make any laptop the best laptop, you cannot buy a worthwhile article, especially for home-based use. The following are some features that you must check before paying.

Random Access memory.

The random-access memory is the one that is the most important feature when you are looking for a laptop for home-based work. The RAM’s best range is more than 8GB when you are not looking for a gaming laptop. When working from home, and for the relatively minor virtual tasks such as zoom meetings, lectures, or others, you need a greater RAM for fast working.

The HD displays.

There is no way you will feel comfortable using archaic display technology on a new laptop.  The best ones are with higher resolution so that you may not feel regret about your purchase. Many people think of having a laptop for home-based use to watch videos, seminars and learn from the multi-media, so it is better to have a higher resolution and HD display.

The storage.

The storage is undeniably important. You cannot buy a laptop that will always annoy you to clear up space, this is the year 2021, and storage is almost resolved. For the best laptop for basic home use, you need almost 125GB SSD storage for the laptop. Otherwise, you may need to get an external storage device.

The graphics.

Many people confuse the graphics with the display; these are two different things. However, both these specs will reinforce it; the gaming laptops are expensive as they have graphic cards. These regular laptops do not come with graphic cards, but a few of them that are market competitive have processors for excellent graphics.

Battery life.

Who wants to charge the laptop after every few minutes? No one. Before you purchase a laptop considering it as the best laptop for home-based use, do not forget to check its battery life. The average battery life for a laptop must be seven hours.

Which is the best laptop for basic home use?

So, to figure out which is the best laptop for normal home use, we have come up with two options. One of them is the HP 15 AMD laptop; it has the optimal processors. Then the graphics are amazing, and lastly, it has a wider screen. The next option is the Lenovo Idea pad, as its processors are also perfect for home use, and the storage is also on point. 

Final words:

Buying a laptop for home use can be a bit tricky, as the buyers are mostly those who know very little about the laptop’s technical details. The best and most time-saving way is to read the guides and reviews from a reliable blogger or tech specialist.   

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