Laptop vs PC vs All in one Desktop: Which One Is Suitable For You

This is a big debate, and many people would say that one should always go for the advanced device. This happened for quite some time, but a decade earlier, companies started to manufacture PCs and desktops that were better than laptops. Before that, people were only interested in buying laptops as it was a general perception that laptops are advanced devices. Therefore, they should be preferred.

In this article, we intend to share a comparison between a Laptop vs PC vs All in one Desktop. Apparently, all three serve the same purpose, but still, there are a few differences that only users and professionals can understand.

So if you are planning to invest in computers, then it is imperative for you to understand the difference between the three general types of computers available in the market.

As we cannot extend this discussion, we have planned to make it short for you. We will share a brief account of each device, from Laptops to overall all-in-one desktop.

What is a Laptops


So the first on the list is the laptop. Today we all know what a laptop is and why you need it. Various types of laptops are available, and each type caters to a special group of laptop users.

The common types of laptops available today are the gaming laptops, which are the most advanced forms of laptops to date, Then we have the business laptops, these also come with advanced features, made while considering the needs of a businessman.

In the end, they create personal laptops. These are the simpler ones, but all three categories are equally expensive with only a slight difference in prices when it comes to price.


  • Portable
  • Easy to Carry
  • No Extra Cables needs
  • Built-in Wifi


  • Costly
  • Sensitivity

What is a PC ?


A PC can be described as a personal computer that does not have a monitor. You get the central processing unit, having all the necessary devices like the RAM, storage devices, GPU, and processors, and connect to a monitor. Such computers are referred to as PCs.


  • Great Performance
  • Heavy Duty
  • Long Life
  • Easily Upgrade
  • best for Gaming and Animation


  • Not Portable
  • Need more Space then Laptop and All in One
  • Too Many Cables

What is All in one desktop computer?

All in one desktop

An all-in-one desktop computer is a full computer. It is fixed, and you get the entire package when you buy it. There is no need to buy anything separately. That is what we call an all-in-one desktop. It is pretty similar to the PC.

As the All in one desktop and PC are quite the same, thus, we will consider the PC and the all in one desktop the same article for this comparison. However, we would tell you the differences and the situations where you will need to consider the differences.


  • Great Design
  • Good Performance then Laptop
  • Energy Efficient than PC
  • Built-in Wifi, Screen, and System
  • Less Cable


  • Expensive
  • Limited Upgradation

Parts and Uses of laptops, PCs, and all-in-ones


Starting off with the processors. So, according to surveys, you might not get a powerful processor in a laptop in the same price range as you would get in a PC or all-in-one desktop. So if you are short on budget and want to get the most powerful processors, it is advisable to choose the PC or the all-in-one desktop.

Now let us think about the people who would need a powerful processor. So the main group that cannot do without a huge processor is the gamers group. If you are into gaming, and cannot use the laptops’ standard processors anymore, then it would be great to go for a PC or all-in-one desktop PC.

Movement and portability

It is one of the stark differences between these three categories. Therefore, if you need to work while doing multiple activities, such as attending classes. Imagine you are a student who needs to attend the class and also submit an assignment within a few hours, and your house is 5 hours away from the campus; then what would you prefer? A PC or a laptop? Obviously, in such situations, only a laptop can help.

Similarly, a field worker who needs to go to different fields for inspection and report creation will need a laptop, as taking a PC or placing a fixed all-in-one desktop on various fields will be nearly impossible.

Easy to assemble

One more thing is the ease of assembling. If you are a girl or a non-tech person who knows little about assembling a PC, it would be better to go for the all-in-one desktop or a laptop. Both these are easier to assemble. In laptops, one does not need to do anything except charge the device, while for the all-in-one desktop, you will only need to plug in the socket, and the device will start working.

So if you don’t want to damage any technical thing or keep the simple devices, you must skip the option of PC.

Additionally, when you use a PC, you will either need a technician to assist you, or you might need to upgrade the fixed devices according to your preference. Doing so is only possible when you have time and you know how to connect the advanced devices to your PC.

Performance and efficiency

It is one of the main features that has made people divert towards PCs and one desktop. As compared to laptops, PCs are more powerful with more advanced features, plus one can upgrade the RAM and storage whenever they wish to. Many advanced laptops are also offering this feature now.

Price range

Those who want to save money and get value for the article should consider having PCs instead of; laptops. In this regard, the all-in-one desktop would be in the middle, and on the cheapest side will be the PC, because you can easily buy a monitor within 100 to 200 bucks. Thus, in total, one will be investing less in a PC as compared to the other two categories.

Choice and preferences

With laptops, you will not get to choose the keyboard, mouse, and processor of your choice. The same goes for the all-in-one desktop. However, when it comes to PCs, one has the freedom to choose.


A laptop, PC, and an all-in-one desktop are great devices. It only depends on the users’ needs and the situations that make any of them better than others. However, the main differences still remain the portability and the price.


Are PCs better than laptops?

Yes, if you do not wish for a portable device, then PCs are the best.

Is it better to have a desktop or a laptop for home use?

It depends on the users. If you want to use a device in various places at your home, then a laptop can help you; otherwise, a PC is the most suitable option.

Are all in one of them better than PCs?

All-in-one desktops are great when you know nothing about connecting PCs.

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