Best Laptops with Water Cooling [2023] (World’s First)

The world is a weird place to live in, and each passing day comes up with a strange new thing. Whenever we think about cooling, we always consider moisture and water. However, thinking of water would be nonsense when it is about electronic devices.

Well, it is no longer a thing devoid of sense. Thanks to the latest technology, electronic devices, and laptop coolers are functioning with water.

Do not be surprised. These are packages with an amazing water cooling system. Before we delve into this new world of liquid cooling systems, it would be better first to understand the current and existing cooling systems. In that way, the users will be able to figure out; which type of cooling system is great for them.

The most common cooling systems installed in laptops and PCs are fans and cooling pads. Along with these fans, these laptops also use heat sinks to redirect the heat.   Some people also use external cooling pads to drop the temperatures. All these methods are great if used while considering the need for laptops.

When we say that one has to consider the need, we mean the amount of work taken from a laptop. If you are using a gaming laptop that has a powerful multi-core processor and a GPU, you would need a powerful cooling system; otherwise, the increasing heat will affect the performance of that device.

On the contrary, if you are using a personal laptop with a dual-core processor and a simpler GPU, you might not need a strong cooling system. So, in the end, it depends on your needs.

In this article, we will be discussing the latest laptops with water cooling systems. Some people might wonder if these laptops will have the same efficiency as the latest models available in the market. We will eventually answer all such tech-related queries.

What is a water cooling system for laptops?

Now coming toward the main question, does a cooling water system for laptops actually exist? Yes, they do.

Most of these cooling systems are designed like the car cooling system. These systems are an external device that is connected to your laptops. Only one company so far is offering such limited edition laptops.

These water cooling systems for digital devices are like radiators, you will need to put water in them, and then you will connect these systems with your laptop. Set the fan speed, and let it cool your laptop.

Advantages of water cooling systems for laptops

Our readers may have come here to find out if they should buy these water cooling systems or not. So here we are telling you the main benefits of having these laptops with Liquid cooling systems.

Advantages of water cooling systems for laptops

Increased performance

So the very reason to buy such laptops is increased performance, luckily it is possible with these systems. So you are definitely getting what you want. These water cooling systems can increase the efficiency of your laptops by up to 5 times as they decrease the temperature by 20 degrees. It is massive and very appealing for anyone who is always struggling with a business or gaming laptop that is heated up all the time.

Less heat

While using a laptop, we all have experienced that hot and burning sensation on our thighs. It is mainly because of the poor cooling system. Fortunately, the water cooling system for laptops works fine as they have the best process to cool your laptop. This way the temperature drops up to 20 degrees, and thus, your laptop is fine enough to work.


You cannot skip this prominent advantage. Luckily enough, you do not need to buy the expensive gaming laptops with powerful cooling systems when you can buy an affordable water cooling system for the laptops. These will be almost three to five times cheaper than laptops with powerful cooling systems.

Increased lifetime of your device

If you wish to keep your gaming or work laptop for more than five years, then it is necessary to have an amazing cooling system. Luckily this liquid cooling system can make your device stay longer than expected.

Disadvantages of water cooling systems for laptops

Even though the water cooling systems for laptops are indeed great, there are a few issues too.

Disadvantages of water cooling systems for laptops

Heavier than a Normal laptop

Connecting a water cooling device to your laptop can make it really difficult for you to carry it. A laptop linked with a water cooling system will make it super difficult for you to take it anywhere you want. Such laptops will be more like a PC.

So those thinking of a laptop for field-based work must consider some other devices.

Best laptops with a water cooling system

Unfortunately, at this time, only one company is manufacturing such innovative laptops, and that is Eluktronics. It is a new company specializing in creating creative electronic articles and components. They have recently launched two amazing laptops that are working great with their fantastic water cooling systems for laptops.

Here is a brand that sells laptops with water cooling technology.

About Eluktronics


So before we tell you about those two laptops, it would be better to give you an idea about the manufacturer. So it is a US-based company that sells and resells electronic items. They are mostly famous for their gaming laptops, cooling systems, and many more offers to maintain these devices.

One thing which I really liked about this electronics company is their compassion towards the customers. They have sensed every laptop buyer’s concern, which is why they have created a plan for multi-year warranties. The first year warranty is the basic one, and every buyer would get it by default. However, many people are confused when buying from a company that is lesser known than the rest, therefore, to eliminate that stress they have two and three years warranty programs too. One can subscribe to those policies to ensure a long-lasting device with the company’s support.

Their special liquid propulsion package

The main article that has taken our attention for this discussion is the liquid propulsion package. The water cooling device would keep your device 5 times cooler than a regular laptop. It is pretty affordable, and you will only spend a few bucks like you are buying a simple gadget like a mobile phone holder or a laptop bag. Its affordability is one of the main reasons why a huge chunk of the laptop buying community is considering it as a perfect gadget to cool down their laptops.

MECH-15 G3R – eluktronics – Water Cooling Laptop

MECH-15 G3R - eluktronics - Water Cooling Laptop

If you wish to have a powerful laptop that is being cooled through the liquid cooling system, which can be used both as gaming and a business laptop, you must think about having this one as it has everything you would need.

Let us start this review with the processor, as it will be the make-or-break deal for anyone who wishes for a powerful laptop. This one comes with a Core i9 intel process that has eight cores. Thus, it would ensure that you are getting the best possible speed for your device. You can also think of something lower than core i9 11th/12th generation, as they can also create a laptop with core i7. It all depends on your needs.

The second most prominent and needed feature for a gaming or business laptop will be the graphic card. So do not think much as this device comes with a 16Gb graphic card, especially when you get the core i9. All these graphic cards are from the Nvidia RTX 30 series, enabling its users to get the best graphic quality.

With a fantastic graphic quality, one would also need a reliable display, so this very device has the latest and most robust display quality. It comes with a 15 inches screen, which is pretty enough for business-related tasks, and gaming.

Moreover, it is an anti-glare screen so one can easily use it in daylight. If you have a fieldwork or want to set it outside your office cabin, you may easily do so without worrying about the light glares.

Now coming to the screen quality, it is the QHD display with IPS and 240Hz refresh rate. If this is not an attraction for gamers, then I do not know what it will be.

Next on the list is the operating system. It comes with two types of windows 11. You can either get windows 11 or windows 11 pro. If you ask me, then there is not a big difference between these two operating systems. Both are similar when it comes to gaming.

The last most important feature in any laptop is storage. Just like any advanced laptop, this one also comes with an SSD storage device. For storage also, you can get five different variations. Two are for a 1TB PCIe storage, while the remaining two are for 2TB, while the fifth one is a 512Gb PCIe SSD storage.

These variations enable the user to choose pragmatically. Unlike most of the robust and latest devices, users feel stuck and stressed, as generally, they do not find a 2TB storage useful for them.

So if you are a student who only needs a laptop for school/college work, then 512GB PCIe might be enough for you. Similarly, for a freelancer, then 1TB would be fine for you. As we discuss the storage, how can we forget the random access memory to ace up all the features?

Fortunately for the random access memory(RAM), they have also created five versions, but you would get them with respect to the SSD. It starts from 16GB and goes up to 64GB with a 2TB SSD.

Now coming to the connections, it is operable with a WIFI 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 version, making it a far more advanced device than we have thought. Additionally, it has an amazingly large and sensitive backlit keyboard with anti-hosting technology making it a fine choice for gamers.


  • Amazing outlook.
  • Customizable RGB.
  • Sensitive touchpad.
  • 8 hours of battery life.
  • Comes with all the necessary ports.
  • Amazing sound quality, with dual microphones and a webcam.
  • Comes with up to three years warranty.


  • It is a heavy laptop.

Prometheus XVII – eluktronics – Water Cooling Laptop

Prometheus XVII - eluktronics - Water Cooling Laptop

This very laptop is pretty similar to the one discussed above. However, the main difference lies in the display. This one comes with a larger screen. If you feel that you need a larger screen, choosing this device would be amazing.

Let us start with the different features, apart from the size of the screen, the refresh rate is also different, but the screen resolution is still higher. It has a 165Hz display, which is lower than the one discussed above, but it will be enough for business work and design. The only issue that might occur is for gamers. They would find it difficult to use a laptop with a lower refresh rate, especially when they are into online gaming. Apart from the refresh rate, it has a thin narrow bezel with 17.3 inches large screen.

Another difference is for better business meetings. It comes with one of the finest and most robust webcams. It comes with an IR webcam, thus, ensuring that you can use it properly even in dim light.

Then for the processor, here again, you will get four variations. Three processors are intel core i7, while the last one is core i9. Each one of these is a multi-core processor. Thus, you do not need to worry about the speed, as there will be no compromise on the working efficiency of your device.

For every processor, there comes a powerful GPU. All are RTX 30 series Graphics processing units that would be great for daily business tasks and work.

Then the storage is also available for up to 2TB. One can choose the storage of his choice, depending on the requirements. The fun and reliving part is the advanced versions of SSD devices. These storage devices are PCIe storage devices, making this device an amazing choice for hard workers and busy bees.

As far as the ports are concerned, it comes with a thunderbolt 4.0 port; thus, enabling its users to easily connect this device with various robust devices.

Overall, this product will be an excellent choice for businessmen and freelancers. They can get everything and more through this device.


  • Sturdy making.
  • Large screen with QHD display.
  • Amazing audio system.
  • It comes with all the necessary ports.
  • Large numeric pad.
  • Reliable webcam.
  • Large batteries with almost 6 hours battery life.


  • Refresh rate is a bit low.
  • It is heavy.

How does liquid cooling work in a laptop?

Have you ever seen a refrigerator? If yes, then it would be easier for you to understand the working of liquid cooling systems in a laptop. Before we explain the process, it would be wise to inform you about laptops’ two types of liquid cooling systems.

There can be an internal cooling system or an external one. However, both these systems work on a similar principle.

Both these liquid cooling systems work like a radiator. These liquid-containing tubes are wrapped around the main parts of a laptop, and this moving liquid will take up the heat and lower the temperatures. T is liquid continuously moves inside the tubes to ensure a constant temperature decrease.

Similarly, there is water in an external cooling system for laptops just like a car’s radiator. Along with the water container, there will be some pumps too. These pumps will suck heat from the system, and cool down the laptop.


After reviewing the two available laptops with water cooling systems, we have come to the conclusion that there is no harm in buying such laptops. These are designed for situations where you are bound to use a powerful laptop for a longer period.

However, the only issue with such laptops would be space and weight. If you cannot carry this set-up, it would be better to remove the liquid cooling system. So overall, having such water cooling devices will be a wise decision as you can take them off whenever you need to move, and for those who have created a workstation, a small space on their table would be enough to keep this cooling device.

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