Lenovo E10 vs Lenovo M10: What’s the difference?

Have you ever wondered why we all are always muddled when it is time to pick a digital device? It is solely because of the numerous models trending in the market. For a layman choosing the right option seems impossible, even though all these devices are indeed made to make our lives easy, but such vast options make it really complex to select one among them.

Such confusion is often seen when people are trying to choose between the Lenovo tablets. Ever since, Lenovo has been manufacturing some amazing digital devices, which are affordable too. It has also been launching new models, so this huge variety often complicates the selection process.

Comparison between Lenovo Tab E10 and Lenovo Tab M10

Comparison between Lenovo Tab E10 and Lenovo Tab M10

In this article, we intend to compare popular and trending Lenovo tablets so that it may become more accessible for the buyer to choose the suitable option for them. We will look into the salient features of each model, and then it will be up to you to conduct a situational analysis to figure out which model will suit you the best.

Here is the comparison between the Lenovo E10 and Lenovo M10’s specifications.

Lenovo Tab E10Lenovo Tab M10
Screen Size:10.1 Inches10.1 inches (149 PPI density)
GPU:PowerVR GE8320
Processor:Quad CoreOcta-core
Chipset:Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 210Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22T (12 nm)
Camera:Selfy 2 MP, Back 5 MP, AFSelfy 5 MP, Back 8 MP, AF
Battery Life:4850 mAh5000mAh
Operating System:Android OreoAndroid 10
Weight:530g420 g
DiscontinuedBuy Now


So the very first thing that impacts the user is the display. It would be really rare if someone might consider any other spec on the first glimpse. So let us start our comparison with the display.

Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2 has 10.1 inches High definition IPS panel display, making it a really cool choice for designers and gamers who tend to move the tablet while playing games or working. This movement will not affect the quality of the game. The almost 70% screen-to-body ratio also makes it a fine choice for those who rely on the screen quality of a tablet. It offers multi-touch too, for those who need to show it to their kids often.

Just like Lenovo E10, it also offers a multi-touch, and the screen size is also 10.1 inches. However, the difference lies in the resolution. It is also an IPS HD panel, but the screen resolution is higher than the previous model. It is 1200×1920, making it a better choice for the designers who cannot compromise on their work quality and need to focus on the details.

Storage size

The second most important thing for a layman in a digital device is storage. No one wants to have a device with little storage, but still, not everyone can afford the larger ones. Let us see what we get in these two tablets.

Lenovo E10 offers a 16GB internal storage, and now, if we think about it, a 16GB storage will be enough for a housewife, a school-going kid, or a grandpa who wishes to watch movies on the tablet or play some simpler games. Besides that, a 16GB storage will be too small to store some heavy data.

Apart from it, the storage is expandable too, and you can go up to 128GB with this tablet, which is enough for anyone who needs to keep a tablet as a side device along with a PC.

On the other hand, the Lenovo M10 offers 32GB and 64 GB storage, making it a suitable choice for university students, editors, and designers. You do not need to worry much about the storage; however, it is only ideal for a few applications, and overloading the device will affect the performance.

As far as the external storage is concerned, you can increase it up to 256GB, which is great for professionals too.

Processors and CPU

The central processing unit of every device would indicate how efficient and fast that model would be. In tablets, there are somewhat different processors than PCs. That is why many people are often seen as unaware of the type of processors they get.

Lenovo E10 comes with a quad-core processor with a 1.1 GHz speed. If we think about it, a quad-core processor would be enough to play simple child games or watch movies. It is the snapdragon 210 androids.

But Lenovo M10 has an octa-core processor. Yes, you read it right. Thus, it would be safe to claim that this tablet is designed for professionals who need to run some heavy applications on their tablets. Additionally, the speed is 1.8GHz, which is rare in android tablets. Therefore, it is a faster choice.


The random access memory would decide how many applications or programs you can run on a tab simultaneously. So let us see how efficient these two tablets are.

Lenovo E10 comes with  2GB RAM. the min you that a 2GB RAM size is the minimum size required to play even the simplest games. It is not much, but still great for the non-professionals.

Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2 is available in 2Gb and 4Gb Ram variants. The Leveno Tab M10 offers a wider and bigger room for efficiency and performance. So if you are someone who needs a tablet that can be used for multiple applications, then you must get this one.

Battery Life

The battery would decide how long your tab will work, as there is no point in keeping a  tablet with you that is always on the verge of dying down.

Lenovo Tab M10 has a 5000Mah battery size, which will last for almost four hours. This is not much, but it is how it is. However, using the internet can decrease working hours.

Lenovo Tab E10 Also has a 4850 Mah battery size. We believe the only difference is that it would not last more than three hours. It is mainly because of the powerful processor and the RAM size.


Cameras are a salient feature of tablets. Let us see what we have with these two famous tablets.

Lenovo Tab M10 Gen 2 has a 5MP primary with a fixed focus and an 8MP Rear. It would be fine for your kids or housewife, who needs a camera only to share the minor details.

Lenovo Tab E10 is Also a 2MP primary camera and a 5MP Rear, but it comes with added features such as a CMOS image sensor along with a fixed focus.

Who should buy which?

To conclude, we would say that anyone who wishes to buy a tablet for their growing kid, just to introduce the digital world to them, must go for the E10. However, if you are into designing or studying at the university level, then the M10 is better for you.

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