Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Tablet with 32GB of Storage

In this article, we will be discussing how much Storage is enough for a tablet. Is 32 GB Good for a tablet? Let’s find out.

Every human being using technology requires different features in their gadgets. Every person has different demands according to his or her work, preferences, data, or hobbies. Choosing a tablet is indeed a difficult task as a vast variety of amazing tablets is on the market.

How Much Tablet Storage Do You Need?

How Much Tablet Storage Do You Need

In this modern era, every person is in need of a gadget with more robust features than before, the inventors are busy introducing more and more new things but yet most buyers do not know how much storage is enough for a specific gadget.

The need for storage in a specified gadget is still under argument as every person demands a different storage feature depending on his need. Some people buy a tablet or mobile with less storage then after some time they get into trouble due to completion of storage and still their data is left so they use any other medium to store their data, in this regard users don’t find the perfect storage for them despite spending a handsome amount of money.

If a person is a businessman, his needs will be different. He will require a completely different type to store his business-related data and save it in a secret and safe place. On the contrary, a housewife will require a different storage size. She will require a less advanced gadget having less memory because she doesn’t have to store a large amount of data.

Is 32 GB enough for a tablet?

When a person is going to buy a tablet, many things should be kept in mind as the model of the tablet, the processor, and most importantly, the storage of the tablet because short storage tablets can lead you to have restricted work and cause problems for you.

How much storage is enough for a person is still a question that is answered by many people with many answers but in my opinion, the storage capacity of your tablet should depend on your needs. If we take it generally, on a massive scale 32 GB storage is good for a tablet.

There are many small things that occupy the space in the tablet, for example, the applications, the data, documents, and other things. So keeping this thing in mind, the answer will be that a tablet having 32 GB storage is enough as it allows you to download numerous applications from Google Play or store and allow you to have safe documentation with Google Drive, and allows to have a backup through Google photos, so collectively if you are a student, a housewife or a person fond of games then a 32GB tablet would work for you.

Which tablet is right for me?

Which tablet is right for me

Now coming towards the most individual question, that is which tablet will suit you. Honestly, we do not have a one-liner answer. One needs to do a needed analysis to get a  sound answer to this question. Otherwise, there is no meaning in wasting time and money.

Before buying a tablet, you should decide for which purposes you are buying this specific tablet, either for studying, fun, games, or business purposes. There is a wide variety of tablets on the market. Choosing the right one with the best price is indeed a difficult task. When buying a tablet, iPads are the obvious option, but if you want to go for android, you will get a variety of options as androids are cheaper than iPads.

The best choice for a tablet will indeed be the IPads, with prices ranging from $569 to $599.

The second-best option in Microsoft Windows will be Microsoft Surface Pro 8 prices ranging from $1099 to $1499.

The best tablet available on android is the Samsung Galaxy S7 prices ranging from $719 to $849.

Can I upgrade my tablet storage?

The question being asked here is whether a tablet’s memory can be increased or not, so the answer to this question is YES. The storage of any tablet can be increased by adding an SD card to it. If we add any of the memory chips or SD Card it will be considered as an extra or external memory that can be removed from the tablet at any time. To increase the storage of the tablet following steps can also be done:

  • Go to setting and then storage.
  • Uninstall all the apps that you Don’t need
  • Copy media files to a cloud storage provider.
  • Clear your download folder.
  •  Deleting all the non-required data leads to an increase in the storage of the

tablet. If someone wants more storage, then the person can use an SD card, but one thing should be kept in mind the data saved on SD Card is not saved on the tablet. Once the card is removed all the data is gone.

Conclusion :

So the thing concluded from the given discussion is that buying a tablet for any purpose

requires a good knowledge of the available options, the purpose of buying, and the features required by a person who is buying the tablet.


Is 32 GB storage enough for a kid’s tablet?

Yes, 32 GB of storage data is more than enough for a kid’s tablet as kids have nothing to do with the tablet except playing games or having screen time which means seeing the poems or taking online classes. The kid is not supposed to have business data which makes 32 GB storage enough for a kid.

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