Surface go Vs MacBook air: Which Brand Better & Why?

Who does not want to choose the best device? Whether for work or entertainment, regardless of your goal, it will still cost you a lot of money, which is pretty fine but choosing the right device matters. Many people are found oblivious when choosing a device for work.

Some would say that Apple is creating the best laptops, so thinking of Microsoft Windows will be wrong.

It is not like both the IOS system and the Windows operating system are best in their own domain. No one can give an absolute decision about any of these. However, the latest macbook air and Surface Go convertible laptop are making a mark, and people are interested in having one of those.

As both these articles were launched almost in the same era, thus it is confusing a lot of people. The specifications and the prices are pretty different. However, both these devices can be used for heavy work.

Surface go Vs MacBook Air :

Surface go Vs MacBook air
Microsoft Surface GoApple MacBook Air
Storage64GB / 128GB/ 256GB256GB
Processor10th Gen Intel Core i3M1 Chip
Screen10.5 Inches (220PPI)13.3 Inches (227PPI)
Battery Life Upto 11 HoursUpto 11 Hours

In this article, we will try to compare these two so that you can invest your money wisely. So to start with, we will compare the price and value.

Price differences

Price plays a very crucial role when one is choosing a device like this. Making The best decision and saving your money is necessary. But when we compare these two potential candidates, their price differences confuse us a bit.

The Microsoft Surface Go will not cost you much and is available within 600 dollars or so. It is highly affordable for anyone who is doing a part-time job. On the other hand, the Apple Macbook Air is around 1000 dollars, which is almost double the price of the Surface Go.

Keep in mind that the apple macbook air is a complete laptop, but the Surface Go is a tablet-like device.

The Body

Now the most obvious part of any device is its body. If you are searching for something durable, then the Apple Macbook Air is made up of aluminum chassis. You will not get any uncovered areas or any other material.

On the other hand, the Surface go 3 comes with a screen backside made up of aluminum and metal. However, some of its sections are covered in polycarbonate, which is not as tough as metal. Thus, the users need to be a bit careful.

The display

One significant difference between the Surface Go laptop and Macbook Air is the display. Unfortunately, the macbook air does not have a touch screen, but the Surface Go comes with a multi-touch screen. It is a very strange and unexpected variation by apple, but you have to bear with it.

The Surface go has a 12 inches display which is enough if you need a device that can do both the laptop and the tablet mode. But those who want a medium-sized and a bit large display can think of macbook air, as it comes with a 13-inch display. The difference between the size of these screens is not much.

RAM and Storage

By considering these features, you can easily understand if they should buy the intel surface go or the apple air macbook. The apple air macbook has 8GB RAM, while the Surface go has 4GB RAM.

Next, the storage is 128GB in Surface go, while the apple macbook air has a 256GB SSD. So those who wish to have a device for the big businesses or cannot help but use heavy software should go for the Apple macbook. On the other hand, freelancers and designers can rely on the 128GB and 4GB RAM.


Apparently, both the devices have similar keyboards. However, as far as the comfort level is concerned, the macbook air comes with a more easy-to-use keyboard.

Processors (CPU)

Like all the Apple Air MacBooks, this one also comes with an M1 chip, an octa-core processor. It comes with neural engines, which give a better display quality. On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Go has the Intel Core i5 10th generation, which is no less than the M1 chip.

Battery life

The battery life of the Surface go is almost 10 hours, and if used carefully, it can go as far as 12 hours. Similarly, the macbook air comes with a 13 hours battery life. Thus, you can easily use it for the entire day.


After reviewing both devices, it is pretty evident that the macbook air is an ideal choice for business work. Still, for regular work, such as personal use and designing different things with average applications, you can go for the Microsoft surface go.

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