Surface Pro 4 VS HP specter X 360; Comparison and review

Let’s see Which one is good for you. And It is the Surface Pro 4 vs. HP Spectre x360; both are the best touch-screen laptop in the market.

Even though Hp has made a name in laptop manufacturing, but windows have also established its name through the best-operating systems. The Surface Pro 4 is a very famous laptop plus tablet device ideal for the creators, but at the same time, we have the Hp specterX360, which can also serve the purpose.

Surface Pro 4 VS HP specter X 360

Both these laptops are convertible, so they are causing a lot of confusion for the new buyer. If you are among the trouble buyers who want to get the best convertible laptop, we are here to guide you and have selected these two laptops for comparison. We will consider the main yet necessary features of each of these laptops so that it should be easier for the reader to pick the one ideal for him. Do not forget to do a need analysis prior to the purchase.

Surface Pro 4 VS HP specter X 360 Specs – Comparison

Surface Pro 4HP specter X 360 – 13HP specter X 360 – 14HP specter X 360 – 15
Display12.3 inch13.3 Inch13.5 inch15.6 Inch (4k)
Storage256 GB SSD512 GB SSD512GB SSD512GB SSD
ProcessorIntel Core i5 6300UIntel i7-1065G7Intel Core i7-1165G7Core i7 8565U
GPUIntel HD Graphics 520Intel® UHD Graphics 620Intel Iris Xe GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce MX150
Battery9 hours12 hours11.5 hours6.5 hours
Surface Pro 4 VS HP specter X 360

Weight and screen

The Hp specter X 360 comes in two types: one for the average designer and user, and the other is for those who wish to have a business laptop. The regular version of Hp specter X360 is 13.3 inches, while the second one is 15 inches Display, but that weighs more than the 13 inches, the 15 inches Hp specter will weigh almost 4.43 pounds, which is far more than the 13.3 inches Hp specter X360, it weighs only 2.86 pounds.

On the other hand, the Surface Pro 4 weighs almost 1.73 pounds, but that is without the keyboard though. If we compare the weight for both these convertible laptops, it will be evident that they are of equal weight. If you add the surface pro 4 type cover, it will add weight, and the exact weight of this laptop will become 2.41 pounds, which is not very less than the specter X360.    

However, the screen of the surface pro 4 is slightly smaller, as it is 12.3 inches. So, there is not much to compare or think about; you will not feel much difference in the weight. These features make it a bit difficult to choose one, but developers and programmers should choose the one with a keyboard, as it will be easier for them to work then, and designers can pick the Microsoft surface pro-4. 

Surface Pro 4 VS HP specter X 360 Display

Display and resolution

Not only the screen size but the screen resolution of the Hp specter x360 is better; it offers the 3840×2160 native resolution, while the Microsoft surface pro 4 offers a 2736x 1824. Both these convertible laptops have a touch screen pen for easy usage and drawings, but the Microsoft pen and screen are far better and sensitive than the specter x360 convertible. Therefore, if someone is searching for a business laptop with only a touch of convertible feature, then he might go for the Hp specter x360.

Surface Pro 4 VS HP specter X 360 - 13 storage and Ram compare

Storage and RAM

Can you even think of picking a laptop without thinking about the storage and RAM? It will sound really stupid. The Microsoft surface pro 4 is available in different storage sizes; it can be 1TB, 512GB, to 128GB.

On the other hand, the specterx360 is offering a 256 GB SSD, which is also fine for everyday work and development. The RAM size for specter x360 is 8GB, which is quite fine for simple development, but you should not think of having it for heavy programs and applications. The surface pro 4 is fine in this regard as you get different RAM size options; you can go as high as 16GB RAM, which is pretty great for the designers.

 Surface Pro 4 VS HP specter X 360 14 Processor Compare


An advanced processor will be the safest and the most fun way to use a laptop; you cannot expect an older generation of processors to help you use the latest applications.

The Hp specterx360 has the 10th generation of intel i5, which is quite amazing and reliable, but in comparison, we have the 6th generation of i7, which is quite a difference. If you wish to work on a larger code basis, nothing can be better than the intel i7, but if it is something smaller, then the i5 10th generation can help.

Battery life comparison of Surface Pro 4 VS HP specter X 360

Battery life

The specter x360 comes with a 4912MAH battery, which can be used in a controlled fashion, which means that you can have it for the entire day, the second laptop has a bigger battery, but it will drain even if you limit the usage. It is 5087MAH, which is slightly less than the surface pro-3, but the software modifications will still make it a better version in terms of battery life than the pro 3.


Well, it is time to get to some conclusions. The Microsoft surface pro 4 is a legit laptop for everyday tasks only for the designers, students, and people who want something stylish on a budget.

Still, on the other hand, the specter x360 is a bigger fish, and its price is quite justifiable.

It is a laptop for everybody, be it for high-class programming or designing, being said this, we would also like to mention that the Hp specterx360 is not a fine choice for the bigger coding projects as the i5, even though its 10th generation process will not be as supportive as the intel core i7 processor.

Both these convertible laptops are advanced and have the best features, display, and batteries, but it depends on the use and the requirement of the buyer. The price difference is also not much, so you are only left with the features and your need analysis to make a better choice.

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