Touchscreen laptops vs non-touchscreen Laptops: Which are better?

No one today can imagine life without a PC, but buyers need to think about several features while buying a laptop. These features can either make your laptop a reliable device or make you waste your money.

In this article, you will be able to understand which laptop should really be purchased, between a touchscreen laptop and a non-touchscreen laptop. Everything depends on your needs and usage.

Even though a touchscreen feels like a luxury feature, there are people who would not like to have a laptop with a touchscreen. There can be several reasons for this feeling, but if you are also confused about whether to get a touchscreen laptop or not, then we are here to help you.

We would not claim a non-touchscreen laptop the best laptop for you, nor would we say that touch screen laptops are ideal. It all depends on the usage and the user.

A touch screen can be a blessing for some people, while it may be a useless feature for others. So it is up to you to find out if you need a touch screen laptop or a non-touchscreen.

What is a touchscreen laptop?

touchscreen laptop

As the name implies, a touchscreen laptop comes with a touch-sensitive screen. Whenever the user touches the screen, the software in the laptop will respond to that touch and command the system accordingly.

There are generally two types of touchscreen laptops. These are the resistive ones and the capacitive ones. The former type would not allow several touches at a time, and the laptop will not respond whenever you touch the screen several times simultaneously, then the screen will not respond. On the other hand, the capacitive screen would be able to respond to several touches at a time.

Uses of touchscreen Laptops

Before understanding, if you would need a touchscreen, it is better to know whether the touchscreen is useful for you or not. Therefore, first, we will explain to you the uses of a touchscreen.

Easy to change the application

If you hurry and want to perform a task as soon as possible on your laptop, you will know how much you would hate to move the mouse. It will feel like centuries. In such situations, if you have a touchscreen laptop, you can quickly shift between applications. It would happen in the blink of your eye, thus helping you save time.

The best alternative for keyboards

 If you are a writer or someone who needs to use keyboards a lot, then you must know how difficult it would get if the keyboard stopped working. In that situation, the only thing for quick relief would be a touchscreen laptop.

Regardless of whether you need a touchscreen or not, you should think of getting a touchscreen laptop if you are relying on the keyboard for your tasks because excessive use of the keyboard can sometimes lead to a mechanical failure of the keyboard.

Small and easy to carry

Fortunately, many touchscreen laptops are made with the intention of portability. They are convertibles, and you can use them as tablets too. So it is only possible through the touchscreen. Those who do not need to use the entire laptop sometimes can consider the laptops with a touchscreen as they would be a fantastic option for them when there is a need for a portable device with all the necessary features.

You do not need a desk

Users will need only their hands to use a laptop with a touchscreen. To use keyboards, they might need a flat surface, but for laptops with touchscreens, there are no limitations for the users.

Easy editing

Graphic designers and editors need to create stuff with great detailing. Doing so on a non-touch keyboard will cause great difficulty. Thus, the only way to do those tasks properly would be through touchscreen laptops.

Amazing display

One unique feature that only touch screens have is a fantastic display. If you compare a touchscreen laptop with a non-touchscreen one, you will come to know that the touchscreen laptop has a higher resolution, and the overall display quality is also great.

Are there any disadvantages to using a touchscreen laptop?

Yes, touchscreen laptops are not always the best option. It is for the following reasons.

  • The viewing angle of touchscreen laptops is different from the standard laptops. Therefore, it gets really hard for gamers to play games properly on such a screen.
  • Secondly, the weight of touchscreen laptops is higher than a regular laptop. So even though these laptops are meant to be portable, still this weight issue remains.
  • Difficult to use when filling a form. So if you are into any such task, it would be better to prefer a non-touchscreen laptop.
  • Another reason why you might discard the idea of having a touchscreen laptop is the price. The touchscreen is an additional feature that uses some advanced technologies. Therefore, it affects the cost of the laptop. So if you do not want to spend money on unnecessary features, it would be better to spend on a non-touchscreen laptop.
  • The battery life of a touchscreen laptop is not as much as that of a standard non-touchscreen laptop. The reason for that may be the extra great display and the touch screen sensors.

What are non-touchscreen laptops?

These are quite the opposite, and you can consider these as the regular laptops we use. As the name indicates, the non-touchscreen laptops are the ones without a touchscreen, simple as that. You will need to rely on the mouse and the cursor to use these laptops.

non-touchscreen laptop

Pros of Non-TouchScreen

A non-touchscreen laptop can be any laptop. If you compare these two, you will get the following benefits for preferring a non-touchscreen laptop over a touchscreen PC.

  • It would have a great battery life as compared to the touch screen laptop. So if you are a gamer or someone who needs a laptop with more battery life, then you should choose the non-touchscreen PC.
  • Those who cannot compromise on the viewing angle of the laptop should also think about non-touchscreen laptops. These come with a reliable viewing angle from all sides. Gamers should prefer non-touchscreen laptops.
  • You cannot fill a form with a touchscreen. In that case, the all-rounder would be the non-touchscreen.
  • The non-touchscreen laptops are lighter.

Cons of Non-TouchScreen

  • Designing and crafting illustrations is very difficult on these laptops.
  • Non-touchscreen laptops do not have a great display as compared to touch screen laptops.


What is the difference between a touchscreen and a non-touchscreen laptop?

The main difference between the touchscreen and the non-touchscreen laptop is the touchscreen sensor. Along With it, the display is also slightly different, and the battery life too.

Which laptop is the best touchscreen or non-touchscreen?

The best laptop would be the one that suits your needs. However,r in my opinion, it would be better to use touchscreen laptops if you need to use the laptop only for simple tasks like writing, video editing, and designing. However, if you are a programmer or a gamer, then you should not consider touchscreen laptops. The reason for that is the poorer battery life.

Which laptop is better for you?

Both the touchscreen and the non-touchscreen laptops are great. It all depends on the usage and the tasks a user needs to do.

Commenting on Your feedback about touchscreen vs non-touchscreen laptops, if we missed any point. Thanks For Reading this Article.

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