7 The Best Virtual Assistant Courses to Enroll in (Free & Paid)

In the age of cyberspace, human resources and their benefits can easily be used just through the internet. Therefore, anyone who believes he has a skill set should search for a VA job.

However, skill is not enough to get a good and high-paid virtual assistant job. You also need to add value to it. To do that, virtual assistant courses are a must.

The Best Virtual Assistant Courses to Enroll in

Many people believe that having skills will be more than enough and they will get a good job by winning the interview. It might happen to some, but it is sheer luck.

To ensure that you get a desirable virtual assistant job, it is necessary to enroll yourself in courses and other related programs.

Currently, most students and learners want to enroll in the best program for a virtual assistant. Well, you first need to understand what criteria you must set to label any VA course the best for you.

How to find the best VA course?

Before we discuss the best VA courses, we would like you to know the criteria for selecting a VA course.

If any discussed courses have all these properties, you should consider them the best for you. However, we are afraid you will get to see a mix of it.

An Easy Refund Policy

Each student will have a different situation, regardless of how great the VA course is. Many paid VA courses to have a refund policy, but the point is clarity of terms.

If you cannot make any sense of the refund policy, or it comes with vague points, we advise you to skip such a VA course.

Any course company that assures you a safe and easy refund whenever you feel would be the best. I believe that many people who enroll themselves in a VA course need to learn everything about the refund policy.

An office

There should be an office. Unfortunately, a few companies claiming to provide VA training courses don’t have an office. Well, what would you do in the case of fraud?

There are several ways still existing that can help you create a fake profile for websites. So having only a cyberspace office or social media pages is not enough.

You need to be very careful when investing your money. Thus, it is better to check for the office. We would also urge you to visit that office if possible. Also, if you cannot visit the office, it would be great to ask any of your friends or family members to go there and check.

A team of experts

It is your right to know who will teach you. If luckily the company lets you know their name, then you must search for them on the internet. It would be easier to find them on Linkedin or Twitter; Facebook profiles are unclear about a person’s professional background.

You can also ask about the tutors for a better understanding. If a group hesitates and asks you to wait, something is wrong.


Would not it feel fishy if a company would not let you know what other people think of it? The more testimonials you read, the better it would be for you to understand whether a company is good for VA courses.

So we suggest you probe all the testimonials available on their site. Another value addition will be reading reviews published on several other sites.

Online access to lectures

It is a big red flag if you cannot watch the online lessons whenever you want. After all, you have paid for that. So there should not be any restrictions to reach those lessons.

Additional services

One more thing, a VA is supposed to handle various things. You cannot expect them to handle only a single platform. You might have heard that VA gets more salaries than all the other people working in cyberspace, mainly because they need to tackle all issues coming from all the connected platforms.

Thus, getting into a course with all the necessary learning activities, such as blog writing, web development, and social media marketing, is extremely important.

Best VA courses 2023: You can Pick

Here is a list of the best VA courses available online.

90-day VA course by Esther Inman

90-day VA course by Esther Inman

You should enroll in this course if;

  • You are new to VA.
  • You have plenty of time because some of the lessons are very long.
  • You dislike shady marketing.
  • You are deceived and comfortable with short-time refund policies.
  • You need specific niche training.
  • Your work requires light web management.
  • You want to learn about blogging too.

The Savvy system by Abbey Ashley

The Savvy system by Abbey Ashley

You must enroll in this specific course if;

  • You need a complete course exploring every side of the business.
  • You wish to pay every month.
  • You wish for a good and sound refund policy.
  • You can afford an expensive course.
  • You wish for light web management.
  • You need help creating a LinkedIn profile as a VA.

Fully booked VA course

Fully booked VA course

This VA course is for people who;

  • Wants lifetime access.
  • Wishes for group interactions.
  • Need incubation to start as a VA.
  • Can trust companies without the need for a great refund policy.

Pinterest VA course

Pinterest VA course

The Pinterest VA course is great for the following things.

  • Discounts and tiered pricing.
  • Affordable for the working class.
  • Regular updates.
  • Easy to follow UI.
  • Niche-specific VA training.

VA course by The Techie mentor

VA course by The Techie mentor

As the name shows, it is somewhat great to learn from experts. In this course, you can get the following things.

  • Lifetime access for VA learners.
  • Compressively discussed topics.
  • can cope with the shirt refund policy.
  • If you can work without reading many reviews.

10k VA bt Kayla sloan

10k VA bt Kayla sloan

It would be a great option if;

  • You cannot pay much for a VA course.
  • You want lifetime access.
  • You are okay with no refunds.
  • You don’t want to be in a community.

Free virtual assistant course Udemy

Free virtual assistant course Udemy

It is a free course, so you should not expect as many results. However, it is great if;

  • You are short on time. It is only an hour to two long.
  • You are more interested in social media marketing.
  • You want to learn about creating a social media profile for a VA.
  • You wish to work on communication skills.

Last word

The above-discussed courses are the best VA courses so far. With time there will be even better courses. However, at the end of the day, your dedication and understanding matter. So before you jump into this high-demand business, it would be better to understand all its aspects.

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