What is the lifespan of a gaming laptop?

When considering buying a gaming laptop, every gamer wants to know how long it will last. Today we’ll discuss gaming laptop lifespans and how to increase them.

Well, Laptops and computers have now become an integral and necessary part of our lives. No one can imagine a life without digital devices now. Among this chaos-filled relief, we all are always in a state of wonder about the digital devices we have or are about to get. You all would agree that their life span also matters other than the speed and efficiency of a device. No one wants to get a new mobile or laptop every other year. These devices have all our data, and most of these have become comfort zones. Therefore, changing a laptop would be a big deal for many of us.

Some devices, like gaming laptops, are not only relatively more powerful and efficient than a regular laptop, but users also use them more rigorously. Thus, the lifespan of a gaming laptop may be different than the lifespan of a regular personal or business laptop.

If you have bought a gaming laptop, then you must be wondering about the longevity of your investment. Thus, here we are discussing the expected lifespan of a gaming laptop. However, before we start, let us spill some beans. The life of a gaming laptop depends on the way you use it and the material used to manufacture it. Some people are very careful and concerned when it comes to their digital devices. So it is possible that their gaming laptop might last longer than someone else’s gaming laptop, which is careless.

However, there is an average lifespan for a gaming laptop, and understanding it is necessary so that the user/buyer must know the worth of his investment.

Gaming laptop Life Span

One more thing that just came to my mind while thinking about the lifespan of gaming laptops is the reselling of gaming laptops. If your gaming laptop would last longer, then the chances are that you might be able to get a handsome amount for selling that.

Average life span

Coming towards the main answer, So the average lifespan of a gaming laptop is around 5 to 6 years. It can last longer than that in some cases, and if you take care of them, they may last for more than five years too.

Things affecting its lifespan

It would be necessary for any gaming laptop user to know which things can affect the lifespan of their gaming laptop. So let us discuss each one of them for a better understanding.

  • So the first thing on this list is the inevitable heat produced by the GPU. Each gaming laptop would come with a powerful gaming processing unit, and this heat will ultimately affect the speed and the processing power of the GPU.
  • Processors; can also become a fixed issue as you cannot upgrade them, and with time, these processors become outdated with time.

Are there any ways to increase the lifespan?

Obviously, things that are being taken care of can last longer. Therefore, some ways can make your gaming laptop last longer. Now, as you know the average lifespan of a gaming laptop, it would also be great to know the effective tips to increase the lifespan with better performance and reliability.

Increase Gaming Laptop Lifespan - infographic


One thing which is often underestimated regarding laptops and digital devices is cleaning. Maybe the reason for that is water. We often relate cleaning with water, and all our digital devices cannot be used with water.

Whatsoever, you should consider using some other solutions to keep your laptop clean. Dirt can be one of the main reasons why the processors are not working with the expected high speed. You can try using a blow dryer or blower to clean the dust off your laptop. One must do it regularly. Otherwise, the dust will damage the internal devices of your laptop.

Taking care of the battery

Your laptop’s battery plays a crucial role in powering your device and keeping it up to date. You should not charge your laptop while you are using it. Otherwise, it will damage the battery plates. Consequently, the battery will then be unable to hold a charge. Thus, your laptop will then need a battery change, which is indeed great, but the value of your gaming laptop will decrease.

For gamers, it is extremely important to act wisely while charging their laptops. They must not keep the laptop in charge all the time. The reason why gamers are more likely to make this mistake is the low battery life of gaming laptops.

Cooling of your laptop

Another important thing, which is often overlooked, is the laptop’s cooling. Even though advanced gaming laptops come with some amazing cooling systems, still, due to heavy work, it is sometimes possible that the internal devices like the processor and the GPU would produce more heat, so to cool down your device, it is advisable that you must get a cooling pad for your laptop so that you can easily keep it for a longer period.

RAM maintenance

If you feel that now you are using many applications simultaneously on your laptop, then it is time for the RAM upgrade. If you are using a gaming laptop with 8GB RAM, you must get a 16GB RAM upgrade to keep the laptop working for a longer period.

Keep the viruses away.

You must have a reliable anti-virus on your laptop so that your device can work for a long time. Many people believe that anti-viruses are of no use, but it is not like that in reality. Malware attacks can not only put all your data at risk but will also damage the device.


A gaming laptop is a must for a gamer and an editor. However, most people complain that the lifespan of gaming laptops is pretty low. It is not the case. In some situations, it is not the laptop’s life span but the latest advancement in technology that makes them think that their laptop is outdated. If it is not the case with them, then they should follow the above-discussed tips to increase the lifespan of their gaming laptop, which is already five to six years on average.

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