Why is my tablet not charging? [Fixing Quick Tips]

People are moving towards buying tablets and the latest Android devices as a portable and convenient option. However, it sometimes becomes variant when they face charging problems.

Usually, this happens when some issue is triggered at the charging port or with the charger’s end. There can be various reasons due to which these issues appear.

It is also a possibility that there can be some applications that are disrupting the process of charging. These can be the ones running either in the background or the ones that are leading towards some viruses.

Let’s discuss some major reasons, Why You can’t charge Your tablet.

My Tablet is plugged in but it won’t charge:

One of the most heard points of concern being noticed is when the tablet is plugged in and getting all the power required but is still not able to charge enough or charge at all.

So, What causes the tablet not to charge. If your tablet has a warranty, replace it, or else you need to check the following points to fix your tablet if it won’t charge.

1. Check Power Outlet

Check Power Outlet

One of the reasons that can cause no charging to your tablet can be the power source through which you have connected your charger for your tablet.

You must check the power outlet by getting any other device tested for charging from it. For this, take any other such machine and check for power. When it’s working fine, it means that this is not the case with your tablet’s charging.

Sometimes, the excessive power supply can also harm your chargers functionality.

2. Checking Adapter

Checking Adapter

There is a chance that the adapter you are applying for charging your tablet is not working properly or is at a fault.

It is recommended to make sure your adapter is working for you. Mostly, a cable is thoroughly examined for the issue, but it’s the charging or source adapter that is causing the entire trouble.

You attach some other cable in it and then test it, if it still does not perform then it needs replacement.

3. Charging Wire:

Charging Wire broken

An issue can arise in the wire used for charging as well. You can always go to the experts to help you find a solution when you are unable to charge the tablet properly.

Meanwhile, you need must check the charging wire as it can also be damaged or bend a lot that it has become a hurdle while charging.

It is also applicable that the wire is fine but is not properly fixed in the charging or the adapter port.

4. Clean charging port carefully

charging port

There is a 70% chance that dirt can enter the port of charging, leading to difficulty when your tablet is not charging well.

It is always recommended that you keep Airplane Mode active when such sort of situation arises to store the backup.

A notification like moisture detected is mostly shown on some tablets when the port is disturbed. You should carefully clean your port and don’t be too harsh while cleaning.

Use a toothpick for dirt eradication.

5. Damaged Charging port

Damaged Charging port

You are trying very hard, but your charging wire is slipping out again and again. You think that the charging wire is causing this issue severely.

Well, it’s not always the case, and it’s possible that the port used for charging is damaged. Yes! You heard it right. The charging port can also be at fault.

Due to this, it’s not accepting the cable properly. In this case, you will want to fix it or either change the unit completely.

6. Restart your tablet

Sometimes all you need is to restart your tablet to see whether it’s going all good for you or not. There is a possibility that a software update is needed.

In some cases, you might need to do a factory reset for your tablet so that it can get rid of all the hanging and other related problems.

By long-pressing your power button and then selecting Reboot/Restart choice available, it is near to success that your charging issue is resolved.

7. Visit Nearest Repair Shop

Repair Shop

If all the mentioned options are not for you then, of course, a Repair Shop facility is always there for you.

They will repair the adapter, cable, or port which soever needs amendment as and when needed.

There are chances that your tablet’s software is badly corrupted or needs repair as a unit. However, this will surely cost less as compared to buying a new one. You may need to wait for some time to let it fix.

Not charging and 0% Tablet Battery Problem:

Tablets can be prone to no or 0% charging issues when the battery is not used or degraded.

Yes! Now, it’s time to rush towards battery buying or replacement. There are various types of requirements for battery charging, which need to be well-aware of before buying a battery.

It is a major concern even if everything is going right. This not only creates a panicking situation while doing something important but also ruins your tablets.

Tablet battery Dies Quickly

It is often possible in certain cases where you see that your tablet is charging at a very slow speed or in the second case when after getting charged it is unable to keep that charging for a longer time.

Tablet’s battery is getting drained easily or without letting you complete your work, leading you towards disappointment.

This is also the time to ponder to change your battery or the board where you are getting your charging done.

Well, once you have checked for all the related problems that keep your charging unavailable in the tablets it is time you get it fixed.

How much does it cost to fix a charger port on a tablet?

Tablet TypeCharging Port Repair Cost
Android Tablet$60 – $110
IPad $80 – $260

If you have located the issue and it is most probably with the charger port, then getting it done will be around $60 – $110.

The cost variation depends on your specific issue, the extent of damage to the port, or the design/model of the tablet you want to get done for you.

Final Words:

In a world full of tablet purchasing, its battery charging issues are also noticeable. Instead of buying a new tablet, there are several things to test beforehand.

You can check with cable, charging port, adapter and look for any dirt present. You must also make sure that there is no hindrance through tablet accessories that charge your tablets.

Once, all discussed points fail and even after rebooting battery issue persists seek certified assistance.


 Can a tablet run without a battery?

Such batteries are big enough to easily fit and are not suitable enough. So, no, it’s not possible to use a tablet without battery power.
The sellers have not come up with such replacements however, people suggest through their experiences that by getting a USB cable in the port of charging after removing the concerned battery and boot.
But this is a hack and is no reliable solution.

Can you overcharge a tablet battery?

No, Tablets are now welcomed with some in-built circuitry that does not allow them to overcharge or overheat. You can even get your tablets to continue to charge throughout the night but there are fluctuations as some may charge fast while others may charge slowly.

Where is the battery in a tablet?

Before you check this in the tablet it is suggested that you shut the power down completely and press the power button for some time. The tablet’s battery is usually located in a tiny slit made in the case which you can easily remove through your nail. The battery will be lying on the mainboard or the case of the tablet.

How to charge tablet battery without charging port?

There also arises a question in the mind of many people out there willing to know that if there is no such charging port, how can we charge the battery of our tablets.
It is only suitable for people who have such tablets that support modern and advanced means of wireless charging.

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